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Make £60 an hour while getting fit by dog walking

Make £60 an hour while getting fit by dog walking Cogdogblog/Flickr


Dog walking is a great way to make money on the side and get fit at the same time.

In cities, particularly, there is a lot of call for dog walking services, and it’s well-paid.

Some people even have given up their day job to set up a full-time dog-walking business by joining sites such as Tailster.

Here’s how you can make easy money as a dog walker.



Dog walking is becoming a very popular way to make money on the side in the UK and it’s not surprising.

  • You make really good money (£10-15 per dog per hour or part of the hour)
  • It’s fantastic exercise
  • It’s pretty flexible
  • and (I’m told) a great way to meet a new partner. Imagine – you make money and you meet the love of your life while getting fit!

In London and the South particularly people are willing to pay £10-15 per dog, per hour or part of an hour. So if you walk four at a time you could make £60 an hour! Of course, there are other aspects to this work, so you need to know what the potential costs and downsides are before you dive in.


Dog walking – What’s involved?

Being a dog walker is as simple as it sounds. You arrange to pick up the animals, take them for a walk and then return them home. You might need to do it twice a day for each dog and a good walk means a minimum of half an hour – ideally an hour.

Dog walkers charge per dog, per hour. Rates range from about £10-15 per dog, per hour (or half hour in some cases). If you’re able to take several dogs at once that means you can earn significant amounts per day.Bid Dog and Little Dog

However, to start off with you need to be careful not to take on too many dogs for one walking slot. If you have not done this type of work before it might be best to start off with just one dog but you should be able to cope with about three or four dogs depending on their size, speed and levels of obedience early on.

Then, as you get to know their characters, you can organise them into groups that will get on well together. There are no current legal limits on how many dogs you can take out at once but local councils say the worst problems they have are with dog walkers who take out more animals than they can cope with at any one time.

The main problems are:

  • Dogs running away and not coming back – dangerous and bad for business!
  • Not being able to clean up after them all – illegal and a health hazard.

National guidelines suggest that six is the maximum number of dogs that walkers should be able to cope with at one time. However, some local councils have introduced their own rules and in North Lincolnshire, for example, the maximum is four dogs at once. Make sure you are aware of, and abide by, the rules in your area or you could face a fine.  Your local council can answer any queries you may have so give them a call before you get started.


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Getting work as a dog walker

Firstly, you will have to decide whether you want to work for an agency or go at it alone. Both methods have their advantages. You’re more likely to get initial work if you’re registered with an agency but they may charge for taking you on their books and take a cut of your earnings.

Try typing ‘dog walking jobs’ and the name of your local area (say, ‘dog walking London’) into a search engine to see what is on offer or you could register with the national agency Animal Aunts.

A good reputation is often key to getting work so if you want to be professionally vetted then sign up with the National Association of Registered Petsitters. Be warned, however, that membership doesn’t come cheap so if you’re just looking for the odd job, I wouldn’t recommend it.manwalking dog If you choose to be self-employed, you’ll need to think about how you can promote your business.

Putting an advert in a pet shop, vet surgery or on is a great first step, or why not do some trial dog-walking sessions for friends and ask them to spread the word.

If you’re feeling confident, speak to people walking their dogs in the park. Again, if you walk your own dog already they will trust you more.

Another good starting point is to get business cards printed, be sure to log on to Vistaprint where they offer a set of 100 for £4.99!

Having a good reputation is key for this type of job. You could consider registering with a national association or organisation for dog walkers.

dogFor example, is an online website that can help you get set up as a dog walker or dog boarder for free.

Thousands of dog owners a month come to tailster looking for help when it comes to their dogs – this could be for daily walks, one off dog boarding or regular sitting.

Once you are live, you are able to provide quotes to hundreds of dog owners a week with your own prices – the site offers full insurance for all bookings on the platform and is a great way for any dog lover to earn some extra cash per month, or indeed grow their walking business.

A typical daily walk can allow you to earn £200 per month per dog, and is a great way to keep fit whilst earning money looking after someone’s furry friend so sign-up here.



What will the dog walking business cost me?

money2Running this sort of business shouldn’t involve much in the way of set-up or running costs.

  • It helps to have a car to reach people, so petrol could be a factor.
  • Also, you should have a ready supply of pooper-scoopers and poops bags and perhaps extra collars or leashes in case the originals fray ( you could ask the owner whether they have a spare set before purchasing your own).
  • You might also like to get gloves and/or antibacterial gel for keeping your hands hygienic.
  • Apart from the that, the biggest expense will probably be insurance. You should speak first to the dog owner to find out what insurance they already have.

Consider Pet Business Insurance as they offer a total package; public liability – if the dog runs out into the road and causes a pile up, or bites someone.  Care, custody and control cover – looks after the pet itself, if it gets injured while under your care and Key replacement cover – if you lose your employers keys they’ll pay to change the locks. All three together will cost around £128.40 for one person starting out in their first year or £110.40 if you have been operating for over a year.



Offer an unbeatable deal

In tough economic times like these, you might have to sweeten the deal for clients to fight off the competition. Offering both dog walking and pet minding services together will make you very useful, increasing your level of custom.

It’s also a good way of making extra money on top of your dog walking activities. Additional services you might offer are pet feeding, washing pet clothes and bedding, and watering indoor and garden plants if your clients are away for a long weekend in the summer. Equally, vets are happy to see a patient who arrives with their pet sitter as long as payment is pre arranged with the owner.

Routine vet visits for annual vaccinations, flea and worming treatments means a pet can be seen by a vet during the week, which tend to be less busy and therefore less stressful for the pet concerned.

You could also offer a pet B&B to take a dog or small pet, such as a hamster, home with you for a few days, offering full-time company to a pining pooch, or moving in for short periods of time, especially with cats.  Best only to do this if you’re experienced at full time pet care. See how to set up a pet sitting operation in our article here.



Important: Laws that will affect you

dog fineUnder the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 if you lose control of a dog in your care it is your legal responsibility, not the responsibility of the owner.

Under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 or the Animals Act 1971 a dog mustn’t worry livestock on agricultural land.

The person in charge of the dog at the time will be charged with the offence, not the owner. So be aware when walking on downs or farmland, especially in Spring around lambing time. If a dog fouls you have to clean it up by law and dispose of it properly.

Your local council may well give biodegradable poo bags away free, ask for the environmental health department. Check the rules of your local park, these are usually posted at the entrance. It is also useful to have the details of your nearest Dog Warden – contact your local council for details.

You may also want the vet details for each of your charges in case of illness or accidents. You don’t need any training for this work but you could consider a canine first-aid course. Look up local ones in the search engine.

FindExtraWork recommends signing an agreement with any new customers in order to protect yourself from liabilities.

The best idea is a dog walking consent form in which you can include clauses such as who is responsible for the cost of emergency treatment when the dog is in your care, and also an agreement by the owner that the dog will have an annual vaccination and regular worming in to stop the possible spread of disease to other dogs in your care.

You should speak to a solicitor for advice about drawing up a consent form and the conditions you should include.

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If you’re looking for work as a dog-walker, or you want someone to walk your lovely pooch, tell everyone about it by commenting below!


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  1. As a dog walker myself, there has been some very interesting information here. Just like any other business, it needs to be taken seriously if you want to make money at dog walking, it can be challenging and rewarding – but it goes without saying, you have to love dogs! If you’re interested in becoming a dog walker then it might be worth having a look at

  2. Shelley Jessup says:

    The day before a dramatic event happened in my life Hudson my dog who was just a pup decided to eat my mail & it was multi coloured glitter. Something happened & I had to show the police a route I had taken which the police were filming, I took Hudson out with me too & we were doing this walk when he stopped & started having a toilet, I suddenly remembered Id ran out of poo bags & said to the police I promise I’ll come back & pick it up but the police was hilariously laughing & pointing at Hudson’s mess he only had multi coloured glittery sparking poo from eating the glitters the day before!!

  3. victoria thurgood says:

    my dog a big German Shepard ran into the back doors twice when i was a kid and knocked it straight out the run lucky my mum was there both times to catch it Emma just ran so fast she dint know it was shut. our fault for having to big dogs and a glass door

  4. karen T says:

    I’ve started dog walking for my Aunt as she has lost nearly all of her eyesight and has physical problems walking, but I’m doing it for free!! When I was walking the dog with my daughter and husband, my husband accidentally elbowed my daughter in the face which made her cry. As he comforted her, the dog ran and jumped up at her to comfort her too, or so we thought, and then locked on to her and started humping her!

  5. Stuart says:

    Apparently my wife’s family had a poodle when they were children. The poodle always knew when my mother in law was on her way home as she must have been tuned into the car (somehow) and always started barking by the door about 5 minutes before she arrived – bizarre!

  6. Sally W says:

    Shopping at Tesco once with a friend, who had tied the dog outside (in the days when it was unlikely to be stolen!). We were at the checkouts when all of a sudden the supermarket was going quiet bit by bit and heads were turning – sure enough, my friends dog had slipped her lead and was tootling up and down the aisles and checkouts looking for her dad! She did eventually find him and everyone cheered :-)

  7. sarah says:

    was looking after a friends dog years ago and he went out the back for a wee, the wind must have blown the door shut (its a full glass door) and when he came bounding back to come in hit the door, poor little thing, but he was absolutly fine.

  8. sandra says:

    In our previous house we had a dog flap fitted for our dog. The only problem was everytime she used it our 1 year old son would try to follow her and usually get stuck half way!

  9. Sarah Parker says:

    I’m scarred of dogs so would not be able to do this!

  10. Kristy Brown says:

    Wow – what a fantastic idea! Especially for those of us with teens who are looking for something to do!

  11. Rebecca Barnes says:

    Funny dog experiences… Well during a year living at home with my parents, my mum would often tell me that our dog and I had spent too much time together.

    She came home one day to find us at opposite ends of the sofa looking in different directions. We’d fallen out on the walk that day after I “unreasonably” got annoyed about chasing him around our local park for 15 minutes. Mum wouldn’t believe that he was sulking until he spent a further hour staring at the wall 12 inches away..!

  12. Ali Thorpe says:

    To give a viewpoint as a dog owner, if I wanted to use such a service, the first thing I would do is ask my dog-owning friends and the rest of the dog-walking community locally about their experiences and who they recommend. I wouldn’t want a dog walker who, for example, doesn’t own their own dog or have extensive experience of dogs. I would also want someone with all the relevant insurance and where necessary background checks have taken place. I wouldn’t consider it without this info, she’s far too important to me.

  13. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Now this is something I’d like to do. I miss long walks with my dog. I wonder though if anyone would pay me to walk their dog for three hours?

  14. Linda Sallie Guest says:

    I used to have a whippet called Jaz who was terrified of the postman and used to watch for him through the window. When the postman walked up the path Jaz would hide his head under our old cat Pepsi. He looked like he had a furry hat on! Pepsi was used to it and licked Jazzies ears until it was safe for him to come out

  15. Claire B says:

    Not a dog lover . I was about 5 leaving local park with Mum and best friend and small dog ran out of house and bit my friend right next to me scarred me for life

  16. Jo Young says:

    I had a crazy dog as a kid, it ate everything including a bottle of bleach and gravel, it still lived too :)

  17. Trudee Hartley says:

    My Springer Spaniel Scratch has had a thing for opening the washing machine since he was a pup. I would find socks, bras & knickers scattered all over the house. The little monkey had bee in the washing machine! Last Christmas I invited several people for Christmas Dinner, including my Sister in law, she was staying with us over the christmas period. We were all sat in the living room after lunch chilling after our big dinner. When from out of nowhere in trots my dog with a pair of “big” knickers & drops them on the lounge floor. My Sister in law went a redder shade of red, they were hers! The kids were dying with laughter, it was so funny! Scratch had gotten into my sister in laws bag and had nabbed himself a pair of knickers. He sat there looking real proud of himself! A moment I don’t think any of us will forget!

  18. Louise M says:

    I had never thought of dog walking for extra cash but am seriously considering it now. I live in a rural area with lots of dogs and parks around and with people being so busy nowadays I’m sure there are a lot of them requiring this service. Thanks, I’m going to do some research in my local area.

  19. Neil says:

    I have seen people doing this, but aren’t you at a bit of disadvantage if you haven’t got your own transport to get to open spaces like parks?

  20. Sally Carter says:

    my friend walks dogs and has dropped 2 dress sizes already, after only a couple of months! She says it’s great for lifting your mood as well.

  21. sandy says:

    on a sunny day like today I love the idea of a dog walking job but other days less so LOL.

    When I was a teenager our cats used to follow me when I took the dog for a walk. It looked like the pied piper of Hamlyn – one big dog with three cats following behind. And they were *our* cats so any other passing dogs had better not try to chase them, our usually peaceable Alsatian would go nuts if they tried!

  22. Jamie Millard says:

    Barry was looking after my dog while I was on holiday. His dad forgot and let the rabbit out to run around the garden. Benji (my dog) saw the rabbit and chased it. To be fair to the rabbit, he was pretty fast and ran away but exerted a bit too much and died soon after.

    Not a funny story, but something to bear in mind.

  23. Mary Heald says:

    This is certainly something I have considered and will look into further. Pet Business insurance sounds like a good deal, too.

  24. Victoria Prince says:

    I was walking my youngest on a cold day – there were puddles that had iced over. She insists on walking through all puddles, so had been happily padding across them all – and then she found a thin bit, ice broke and she fell in! It was only an inch or two deep so perfectly safe, but the expression on her face was priceless, it was very funny.

  25. George Worboys Wright says:

    My dog rolled in fox poo when we were out for a walk in the country. 2 baths & then 1 with a special product later… The car had to be cleaned we had 2 showers each, clothes, bedding, towels, harness/lead/collar etc all had to be washed. Nightmare!

  26. Mary Martin says:

    I am not looking to do any dog walking just want to win the Varta package thanks. But a nasty dog story someone had taken their dog into our local B&Q it was not a guide dog. The dog duly did its business in the shop. The owner went to leave the store and when challenged by the staff about what his dog had done became abusive. Some people are not fit to own a dog how irresponsible was that?

  27. Jenny says:

    No funny dog stories for me, but this has certainly made me want to hang out with some doggies!

  28. Lynda S says:

    I have a huge problem with ‘dog walking’, as I’m frightened of dogs, so it would not work.

  29. Sarah Griffiths says:

    I was pulled over and dragged along by a chocolate lab I was looking after, what a shame no one had a camera as I could have earnt 250 quid of you’ve been framed!

  30. Fiona S says:

    I think it can be a good way to earn money but it needs to be professional too, it’s not just as easy as walking a dog = easy money. Our dog walker has insurance, a van, trains the dogs as well as exercising them and so on. Also, she does it in all weathers, even heavy snow..

  31. ann hill says:

    Our dog is very quiet very rarely barks so having been looking for her in the garden for ages( and we have a huge garden)! We couldn’t find her anywhere! After about an hour of walking round and round and up and down the street my Granddaughter found her behind the garage tangled up in a goal net!

  32. Sharon Griffin says:

    i used to walk my friends dog that looked a bit like a gargoyle, bless him he used to frighten little children and was a bit embarrassing at times, also i looked after him over night and he snored very loudly and had flatulence problems, he was still adorable though x

  33. Graeme says:

    While walking in the park, my dog put her head in a rucksack that was on the ground and promptly ate someone’s packed lunch.

  34. emily omara says:

    I have researched into this, its harder than you think to make money this way, but if its something you enjoy then its worth pursuing

  35. israr baig says:

    Thx for the comp

  36. Diane Goulding says:

    A funny story about our bright as a button boxer. Over the cold rainy months he would go outside to do his business but then he’d start mucking about. The only way we could get him back in was to say ‘come in for a biscuit’. Now, he won’t come in at all, no matter what we do, he’d sit at the step all night until we rattle his tin and say that magic word ‘biscuit’, it’s like he’s trained us – not the other way round.

  37. Dawn F says:

    My dog always insists on carrying two toys in her mouth and swinging them about wildly. They have often swooshed past my face and once landed on top of the lamp. :)

  38. helen newton says:

    I once saw a woman holding a carrier bag behind the dogs bottom , whilst the dog was toileting… Very odd did make me laugh .

  39. Pm liu says:

    I used to have a dog but not anymore, unfortuneyly he passed away. When I used to take our dog for a walk he used to try and hump every dog in sight, inc male dogs, it was so embarrassing.

  40. Krystyna Hodson says:

    Very interesting article but dog walking is not for everyone. By offering flexible hours you will have to adjust you lifestyle.

  41. Jen english says:

    Interesting article. My friend was doing a bit of dog walking and was making quite a good wage from it until the dog owners moved away. Worth thinking about though.

    When I was in my teens my parents had a Rottweiler cross GS. One day I was sitting eating beans on toast. Max came up, snatched a slice of toast off my plate and ran off. It was like something from a cartoon, toast flat against his face with beans trailing off in all directions as he ran away. It was so funny I couldn’t be cross with him.

  42. Anna says:

    I do a bit of dog walking by walking my own dog and one other, I then bring the dog back to me for a while as it’s owners are out at work. I take the dogs on lots of different walks and on one occasion they both spotted three Roe deers and instantly took chase. Anyone with a working breed dog knows that their obedience goes out of the window when they are switched into chasing mode. I am glad I was out in the sticks as I ran at my top speed chasing the dogs and shouting in vain for them to return. Luckily after a few minutes the deer lost the dogs and we returned home for a well earned breakfast all round

  43. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I was once left gobsmacked when I say this ‘posh’ woman pick up her pug’s poop using a poop bag and then put it in her pink Radley bag!!!! EEKKK!!! I think she looked too embarassed to be seen swinging a poop bag!

  44. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    A great idea and I am amazed at the money that can be made. Insurance is vital for the responsibility of caring for someone else’s pet and I would imagine this could be expensive. Certainly one for a dog lover with lots of time to spare.

  45. claire nutman says:

    I often run into dog walkers when out with my own doggie, the people are great that seem to do this, and its great fun bumping into a posse of excited dogs, they play chase with my Ruby, and last summer they chased her into the sea, which was hilarious as she is only one and hadn’t been swimming before. I have been made redundant and have thought of this as a new dream stress free job but not sure if im brave enough!!

  46. cathyj says:

    very interesting article, something to ponder on

  47. liz denial says:

    It’s a great idea for people who can’t afford their own dog or for people who live in properties that won’t allow pets. Not a money making idea but my friend volunteers with the RSPCA & she walks the dogs that are waiting to be rehomed

  48. glenn hutton says:

    What a great idea, I do hope people treat the animals well with lots of affection…

  49. Sue Obrien says:

    I don’t own a dog myself but I have seen the funniest clip online of a dog that had raided the kitchen bin whilst his owner was out. His head had got caught in the flip lid! When his owner got home, the dog tried to look all innocent about the mess he had made with all the rubbish from the bin, not realizing the evidence around his neck (the bin lid) gave him away!

  50. Cathryn Bowen says:

    I offered to walk a friends dog, whilst walking along kids were playing and the dog picked up a little girl toy and ran off with it and wouldn’t give it back. The little girl was screaming and crying her eyes out….. by the time she got it back it was a drowl covered dirty dog toy – how embassing

  51. Ncornfo says:

    This Must be a fun way to earn money if there is a demand! I used to have a lovely dog, she would get in bed with me in the morning and then literally kick me out! Bless her :-)

  52. hi everyone :)

    i am a thirteen year old girl trying to earn i bit of pocket money, i live near northumberland heath. i charged £3 for a walk per dog or £5 for two dogs. i own a dog myself so i know how to take care of them while on a walk.

    please contact me on 07468157790


  53. Marta says:


    I’m Marta and I’m 34yo. I just started a errands service and dog walking/jogging makes part of my services.

    Since I was a child I was surrounded by dogs, big, small, medium, they among with my cousins were my best friends. But the adulthood came to fast and I had to start a 9-6 job taking my time out of my beloved friends.

    Since my 16 that I work for others, and I thought that is enough and that I want to do what I love, help others.

    So… I am a self-learner and energetic person. I love the nature and to walk around, your dog will have the time of his life.

    Check my website and get in touch:

    Have a lovely day!

  54. Ellen says:

    Hi! My name is Ellen and im 21 years old. I live in Sweden but Im thinking about moving to London in april. If you need help with walking your dog or if you’re going away for a few days and need a sitter. Then im the right person! I had a dog for 12 years and when she passed away i started walking the dogs on our street. Ive also been in Malaga in Spain volunteer working at a dog shelter twice. So i have a lot of experience with puppies and dogs that can be hard to handle. Send me an email if you’re looking for someone to take care of your fur baby!

  55. Donita Ferati says:

    Hello I’m Donita, I’m 14 years old, 15 in July. I am a very keen and an energetic person. I love to run around with dogs so they can have the time of their lives. I might seem a bit young but believe me I’m capable of anything, I am wise and protective, and a huge dog lover. I hope I hear from you soon.

    Yours Sincerely

  56. David says:

    I would trust an animal loving teenager with a decent reference a lot quicker than someone starting up an easy money business, just as long as I knew it wasn’t interfering with their education.

  57. Emmy says:

    Hi I’m Emmy,
    I’m 11 years old and looking for a small after school job as a dog walker – 4 till 6.
    I may seen young but I make a great deal for dog walking – £5 an hour per dog!
    I hope to get some replies, if not phone me on 07477601522 for an appointment.
    I am also in a well starting business called weekend dog Walkies!

  58. leanne says:

    Hi, I’m Leanne and I’m 21 years old, i live in Portsmouth and have a dog of my own I’m free all the time and was wondering how i can make a job walking dogs. could anyone help me please.

  59. Naseem says:

    Hi, Im 14 years old and I LOVE dogs and everything to do with them. I live in in Central London and would love to do walk dogs on the weekend. Im really not doing it for the money but rather because I just enjoy being around dogs, looking after them and just going for a good walk.

    If you live in london and would like for your dog to be walked on the weekend i would love to do it. We can negotiate a price if you contact me on my email!

  60. Claire says:

    Hi, I am currently looking for good dog sitters, 18+ years old, with experience and someone who won´t be managing lots of dogs at the same time. If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact me.

    • Claire says:

      Looking for dog sitters in the London area.

      • Sabrina says:

        Hi Claire,

        I am a student in London, it’s my second semester so I just moved here. I grew up with dogs and used to voluntarily walk dogs from a shelter in Slovakia when I was very young. I have a dog myself, but had to leave her with my parents back home, so that’s one reason why I’m interested in doing this. Also I have a lot of free time. I am looking for taking care of only one or two dogs, so this might be what you are looking for. If you’re interested please email me : ch-sabrina@hotmail,com

    • Eva says:


      My name is Eva, I am 22 years old. I live in central London (near Camden). I am familiar with animals, I’ve had everything from dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, even saved, raised and safely released a bird that was caught in the attic. My pets have always been treated like family members, friends. I’ve walked other people’s dogs and looked after cats before,so I am very familiar with the responsibility.

      Please contact me ( ), I am free almost every day.

      Kind regards,
      Eva Solinc

    • Szilvia says:

      Hi Clair,
      Iam doing dog walking and personal training In london.
      Iam happy to look after many dogs too.
      Please contact me:

    • Katherine Courtenay-Roe says:

      Hi Claire
      I can pet sit in the owners house, very interested needing a part time job asap. I reside in New Barnet but I can travel to anywhere in london if need be. I am a Kiwi girl that has grown up with Rough collies and shelties all my life so I know how to handle large and small dogs. Email is: Phone number is: 07479833289

      Katherine Courtenay-Roe

  61. Poppie says:

    All pets looked after dog walk seven pound an hour blackpool 07716 618099

  62. Sengq says:


    I am utterly disgusted with the comments on here, and so untrue, dog walking or dog boarding is a hard job, you don’t make £60 an hour if you do your lying and putting the dogs in your care at great risk, I do both of these job and run my own business, I walk 3 dogs each walk and pick them specifically by temperament, to join each walk, and I love my job, I spend 5 hours a day walking dogs in the rain, snow and gale force winds, I then have to dry them all and take them back home as they came out, it is not a job for young kids looking for extra money to buy I phones, as you have to keep the dogs under control when other dogs and animals pass you by, and should anything happen you are liable, not the owner unless you have drafted up a legal agreement, I would never let a child walk my dog or any other, what I suggest to the kids is contact a local dog walker and ask if you can join the walks with them and ask if you could possibly help out and hopefully you will see this is not easy money, get a paper round or wash cars or cut grass, in your summer holidays but anyone who loves there dog will not allow a child to walk their precious dog !!!! And to Deb you really are a disgusting human being, what kind of person calls there clients muppets, hope you be found out!!!!!

  63. If you need your dog walked and you are in Carlisle, Cumbria then please check out my website or find me on Facebook facebook.walkwoofwag

  64. amanda says:

    we love pets! me and my friend sylvia would like to join a agency we both love animals and would like to spend our free time taking care of them if we need to start a dog walki.g bussiness what would we need to do?

  65. Brooke Hurst says:

    i have two dogs which I walke twice a day. But still seem to have time on my hands which I could be spending wisely. I am 15 years of age and would love to be a dog walker, as I also have a strong love for dogs and are my favourite type of pets. I am a trustworthy person as I have babysat for neighbours and friends of a friends children. Even new borne which wasn’t a struggle as I have siblings younger than me which gained me skills on working and helping with younger children. Considering that I am 15 I personally think I am capable of dog walking as I have lots of experience when it comes to having a responsibility and looking after people and pets. I am also eager to get a job as a dog walker as it would be great to state I have had more work experience on my CV and goes towards my Duke of Edinburgh award I am participating in school. E- mail me if you’re interested

  66. Alexis says:

    I would love to walk dogs I never had any bribe with my dog before I pick up his waste and %100 good with dogs

    If you need a dog walker email me

  67. Deb says:

    I make £280 a day feeding cats for their owners who are out working for a living. It’s proper easy. I just pop in, feed it, stroke it and leave. I also feed rabbits and other animals. I charge £10 a visit and people are happy to pay that! Hahahaaaa I love it. Proper easy. I don’t live in London either so there are plenty of muppets out there willing to pay.

    • Wow – well done Deb! That’s amazing. We’d like to hear more about that.

    • Terry says:

      Wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t actually sound like your doing this for the love of animals, hope your clients don’t see your post. In fact thinking about it..Let’s hope they do!

    • Jules says:

      Your comments have reinforced my suspicions that money is way more important than the animals people have entrusted to you.
      All you folk out there, do not let your pets be visited by anyone called Deb.
      Very disappointing.

    • Sengq says:

      You really are a complete joke and you give people in this industry a bad name , shame on you

    • Katherine Courtenay-Roe says:

      Hi Deb
      I would love to know how you do this. Whats your secret? Where do you advertise?


  68. Sandra says:

    As a dog walker I find the headline very misleading.
    People want their dogs walked during the middle of the day whilst they are out at work, therefore there are a limited amount of hours in the day to earn money from dog walking. Most people want a regular dog walker so this job is not suitable as holiday work for young people.
    Advertising walking multiple dogs at once is irresponsible. It would be extremely difficult to be in control of that many dogs, either on or off lead.

    The expenses that need to be costed in mean that this is a minimum wage job!

  69. Katy says:

    I’m 14 and I want to get into sign up with an agency, are there any agencies that take on people my age?

  70. marcelina says:

    I’m 13 years old and I would love to be a dog walker as I literally love dogs I’ve never had any problems with my dog. I pick up her waste and I’m 100% sure that I can be trustworthy.

    Please if you are looking for a dog walker email me
    Only in London.

  71. Caz says:

    Can you tell me how much it is to go in and feed the dog?

  72. Caz says:

    Can you tell me how much it is to go in and feed the dog?

  73. paige says:

    where would this dog walking be

  74. The Shoestring Investor says:

    I think £60 an hour is a little bit of an exaggeration, especially if you’re only an amateur getting into it. But it is a pretty easy field to break into, and once you build a few clients then it is a good, steady income source for work that is not necessarily easy, but often enjoyable. To prove the point (inspired by this article) I started up from scratch and now am making decent money from it and explain the process here: theshoestringinvestor

  75. says:

    This is a great article – it demonstrates how there are lots of people out there that are making decent money looking after dogs whether that is through dog boarding or dog walking. The issue normally is that in order to make that sort of money, you have to spend a lot of time flyering and generating business which eats into your time. Without plugging ourselves too much, we recommend signing up to our business Dogstay and creating a profile. We have lots of dog lovers looking for people offering these services, in particular dog boarders as an option rather than taking the dog to the kennel before a holiday!

  76. lolster says:

    hi im 11 neerly 12 and i want to try dog walking is it fun! lol.also i think it should be more than £60 poung because i want a iphone 5so is it good?

  77. Leslie says:

    Hi i don’t know about making £60 an hour but it possible to make good money. Yes it has to be treated like a business if you want it to work well, we found some great advice here


    Leslie and Eliane

  78. shahin says:

    look what just i found… all in one :d

  79. Caitlin says:

    I am 13 and I don’t aggree with saying make £60 an hour, as it is irrsonsible to take 6 different dogs from 6 different homes out on a walk together, it would be acceptible if they are from the same house, with the same owner and very simular dogs.
    I am looking to start dog walking buisness so I can pay for my loan horse, my animals and save up to go to Unervisitity to become to Vet, I am extremily responsible and expericened with diffuilct dogs, but even then I wouln’t take more then 3 out at a time or even less.

  80. Kate says:

    OK everyone, calm down!

    A dog walking business is just that, a business. So I’d say a 13 year old wanting to do it in the summer holidays is going to have to be fairly industrious to make good money and have the common sense and entrepreneurial skills to make it work. And that’s probably not going to happen as anyone letting their dog go to a 13 year old is probably going to be known to them. So I don’t see the need to slate this site for the article as it’s others comments you’re disagreeing with.

    Alison is right, there are many hidden costs, as with all businesses and any responsible pet owner is going to know that, plus they know they’re paying for diligence, responsibility and care. Most councils restrict the number of dogs which can be walked by one person at any one time to cut down on the risk of losing control of them.

    As for walking dogs for £15 an hour I’d say that’s not unheard of, I live in West Sussex and would say that anything between £10 – £15 and hour would be about right. Dogs cost money, lots of money, and if you can’t afford it then get a cat. They cost about half that of a dog to keep. If you don’t believe me look at the latest Euromonitor report.

  81. alison says:

    I have been a dog walker for several years having worked with animals for previous 15.I would say its irresponsible to state that dog walking is as simple as it sounds…its not!
    Logistics generally mean that dogs are scattered around and those close together usually need walked at different times.
    There has been a big rise in inexprienced people wanting to make a quick buck…if you have worked with (and I dont mean your own!!) you should not take out more than 2 dogs together until you have gained some experience.Dogs operate differently in a pack situation.
    Advertising that we “make” £60 is also irresponsible…in the past I have have people shriek “£10 to walk a dog!!” what they fail to remember and articles like yours promote, are the hidden expenses!
    As I said dogs tend to be scattered about and even when close may have different walk times. This has lead me to spending around the same number of hours driving in a day as walking…this time is UNPAID!My van is also costing me in region of £10k a year to run due to high fuel costs,spares/repairs and depreicaiation of vechicle. So the £10 an hour does not I assure you just get pocketed!!
    In addition to make it a full time option a reasonable amount of cash neesds spent on advertising.
    There are other “unpaid” activities involved in running the business such as spending an hour on the phone on a sat night to a prospective client who then never uses you, visiting clients and pets for the first time and making up bills/keeping tax records.
    So again headlining your article as earning £60 is grossly inaccurate and serves to make prospective clients think we are on a racket!

    • John says:

      Alison, Well said. You only have to look at somke of the previous responses to this article to see the type of youngster this is attracting. I certsinly wouldn’t trust my precious dog to an inexperienced teenager. The operator of this website should be ashamed of themselves but understandably will probably delete this comment

      • Martin Bosh says:

        Exactly, being a dog photographer for six yers for me it is obvious. But for ocasional reader it may start a stupid thought: I should be a dog walker in christmas time, and earn some money with it. Irresponsible.

  82. John says:

    £60 per hour? You must be joking! It is irresponsible to promote such high returns especially to vulnerable teenagers. I live in a fairly affulent part of the country and the most you would be expected to pay would be £5 per hour! Tryng to persuade people to take out 3 or 4 dogs at a time is irresponsible. This article clearly not written by anyone who owns or cares about dogs.

    • I don’t know any dog-walkers who charge less than £10 an hour. In fact Gabby Logan told me she was quoted £25 an hour for her dog! I also know a lady in Winchester who runs a dog-walking company – she gave up her day job to do it – and her walkers charge upwards of £10 per hour, so no I disagree that it is irresponsible. These are amounts that we have heard from walkers in different parts of the country.

      • Victoria says:

        I want become dog walker but can’t get paid for it till september so I think become dog walker volunteer only in staffordshire.

  83. Emelia says:

    I’m only 16 and I just want to take up dog walking for some extra cash for the holidays.
    Do I really need insurance if I’m just doing it for a few weeks/ months?

    • Moneymagpie says:

      Hi Emelia,

      Getting insurance is optional – it’s not required by law.

      Insurance usually covers two main things:

      1) Vet costs if a dog gets injured in your care
      2) Legal costs (in case your dog causes an accident/bites someone etc. and you get sued!)

      But if you:

      – Are only doing a bit of dog walking
      – Are experienced in handling dogs, and are familiar with the dogs you will be walking
      – Know the dog owners well

      …then you might feel that you don’t need insurance.

      Ultimately it’s up to you. (We’d advise checking with your parents to see what they think).

  84. lewis says:

    iam 14 and live in a in taunton somerset and do i advertise
    my age ???

  85. Kiraaa says:

    I have wanted an iPhone 4s for a while and i thought that this wold be a good idea, i need to raise £200 within about a month .. i am only 13 so i don’t have many options avalible to me. Advertising sounds easy, making a few posters to post around my estate? Maybe i should give this a go?

    • Elise says:

      I am in the same situation as you. I’m 12 (nearly 13) and I really want a new phone because the one I have at the moment is rubbish. Mt village is very small, however lots of people have dogs. So I’m thinking of dog walking to earn some money. Advertising is a great way to start off and it’s a good idea to put up posters on notice boards and in shop windows. Whatever you do though, make sure that you state you don’t want to walk dogs out of your area because you might get calls from people miles away!

  86. miaods says:

    cool article :))

  87. Kelly says:

    Narpsuk are fantastic and worth every penny for registration.
    Maralyn who owns/ runs it has been brilliant in helping me expand my pet sitting business.
    Its money well spent and customers tap in their post code and find you in their area.
    In my opinion its worth signing upto them.

  88. Simon Willmore says:

    HI ayi

    You do not need to register – there is no agency or licence required, you just have to start getting yourself out there!

    Speak to local residents, make some business cards, leave flyers. A CRB check will help but there is no fixed certificate you need!

    • amanda says:

      Hi me and my friend would like to walk dogs if we started a business how would we getting paid go? How we taxed? Would it be easier to join a agancy? Any advice be greatfull

  89. Janet says:

    Thanks for the great advice!

  90. Tony says:

    I’ve been cosidering doing this for some time now(as I lost my job a few months ago) but just haven’t managed to take the plunge because of this god forsaken recession. If anyone has anymore advice on this it would be well aprieciated.

  91. Sylvy says:

    Yes, Some good points. I’m just starting out too, I already contacted Pet Ins Business before I read this acticle and I spent more than a day’s worth of time talking to various brokers, insurance companies and getting online quotes. No one can match Pet Ins Bus cover and they do the direct debit option.


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