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Online surveys: easy cash for paid surveys

Online surveys: easy cash for paid surveys

Paid online surveys can help you make money while you’re in front of the computer. If you have some free time in your lunch break or a spare half an hour in the evenings, why not fill in a few online surveys for cash? Paid surveys are simple, effective ways to make money and some online surveys even let you win cash prizes every now and then.

Online surveys

These are the kind of paid surveys we are discussing and that we think are worth your time.

Jasmine says...

Quote 1

Nielsen Online Panel is one of our favourites because you don’t have to really do anything. All you have to do is download their app onto your home computer and you’re automatically entered into a prize draw of up to £30,000. 

Quote 2

Are online surveys really worth the hassle?

Whilst doing online surveys for money won’t provide you with a steady, substantial income, paid surveys are a great way to make cash for very little effort. Lots of our readers put the money they make from online surveys towards paying for their summer holiday – not bad coming from the odd half an hour in front of a computer.

Online surveys could be right for you if:

You’d like to make in excess of £50 a month for very little effort

You’d like the chance to win large cash prizes, vouchers and holidays

You spend a lot of time in front of your computer anyway

You’d like a fun and flexible way to make money from home

“I earn about £50 a month from paid surveys, and get lots of free products to test – not bad!” 

A Moneymagpie online survey fan!


Moneymagpie’s three golden rules for online surveys

Rule 1: NEVER pay to join online surveys. Use our list of recommended sites below, and let us know immediately if you come across any paid surveys that ask you to pay to join them (you can leave a post at the bottom of this page).

Rule 2: Set up a separate email account just for emails from online surveys. That way your personal account won’t be flooded with online survey related emails (which can get frustrating!).

Rule 3: Be aware that you won’t qualify for all online surveys. Companies that offer paid surveys are often after a ‘sample group’, which means they only look for a particular number of people within a specific age range or area, or who use a certain product. This means you won’t be able to complete some online surveys simply because you’re too young, too old or simply the wrong sex! So don’t take it personally, but do sign up to lots of online surveys to increase your chances of being selected.

How to get started with paid online surveys

Step 1: Register with several online survey companies 

You can sign up to as many sites offering online surveys as you like. In fact, the more sites that offer paid surveys you sign up to, the more money you’ll make. See our list below of recommended online survey companies.

Step 2: Check your inbox in your free time

Most paid surveys are sent to you via email at random times. If you have online surveys waiting for you, keep in mind that some will close by a specified date or when enough people have taken part so get your skates on or you’ll miss out!

Paid surveys can take anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to complete. When you receive the email it’ll tell you roughly how long the online survey will take and give you a link to a new window where the survey will begin.

Step 3: Trade your points for cash or vouchers 

With most online survey companies you earn reward points as you go. Obviously the more active you are the more points you will earn. Depending on the site, you can convert your points into vouchers or cash. You may also get entered into prize draws as well.

Step 4:  Start enjoying your little pot of extra cash and goodies each month!

Our recommended paid online survey companies

Here are the sites offering online surveys we approve of. They’ve all received a thumbs-up from online survey users, but if for any reason these paid surveys fail to impress you then please do let us know at the bottom of this article. And always remember our number one golden rule: NEVER PAY TO JOIN AN ONLINE SURVEY SITE!

Online survey sites


…and on the subject of mystery shopping…

Garnier Hand CreamGet free goodies to test out for Toluna. They have loads of products they need to have tested so if you sign up for the testing side you can get new things every month. Right now, for example, they’re getting people to test out Garnier Hand Cream and pots of caviar…yes seriously! So you can see the kind of things you could get to try for nothing.  Click here to join up now and get all these great freebies.

Make money from your smartphone or tablet

Iphone and moneyMobileXpression provides one of the easiest ways possible to make money. All you have to do is download their software onto your phone/tablet and you’ll immediately start earning points you can redeem for a reward. In fact, you will get a £5 Amazon gift card just for having the software on your phone for a week!

The goal of MobileXpression is to get a better idea of how people use the mobile internet and determine the rank of certain websites, much like TV uses ratings.

If you fancy getting easy rewards, then sign up for MobileXpression here now.

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307 Responses to “Online surveys: easy cash for paid surveys”

  1. tarun says:

    Is there any website to make money while survey in india

  2. Mary says:

    thanks for this useful articles , i really start to learn how to
    Make money online

  3. Hazel Rea says:

    Some surveys are incredibly repetitive, boring and very long so really not worth it. Others, however, are short and relatively interesting. It varies incredibly and the only way to find if it is for you is to give it a go.

  4. victoria thurgood says:

    I use to do them and it was a waste of time some are far to long and boring for 20p

  5. Lindsay Seels says:

    I always find them to time consuming for little reward.

  6. Hannah Whitling says:

    I tried it a few years ago and found most og them ended up being long-winded and took too much time for what reward I got back. If that part of it changed then for those at home a lot it’s something worth trying

  7. karen T says:

    I really enjoy online surveys and have made some money in the past from them. I got fed up though as so many times I would answer about 75% of the survey only to be told that I didn’t meet the criteria and kicked out without payment!

  8. Stuart says:

    A lot of work for little return in my opinion, but a usefool tool for the marketers.

  9. Sally W says:

    I have always thought they expect a bit too much ‘time’ for your reward – great if you’re whiling away the day or are in need of a distraction to get you away from doing something more important – I enjoy them, just think many of them are a bit much.

  10. They can be time consuming if you do more than one site .
    Nowadays I just stick with the ones that are linked to the cash back site Quidco.

  11. sarah says:

    I have done some and they are fine but others go on forever and i give up before i get to the end.

  12. Gemma Aktekin says:

    I find with survey sites there is a lot of effort for a little reward.

  13. Selina says:

    I’ve never really got involved with online surveys but going to look into it!

  14. sandra says:

    I’ve tried various sites on and off over the years, most take a long time to earn a decent amount. Thing it depends how interested you are in those sorts of things as I quickly find my mind wandering !

  15. Susan Race says:

    I do a few online surveys, I’m registered with 3 or 4 different sites. It doesn’t make a fortune but I would say I’ve made about £100 in 12 months, in cash and vouchers, so well worth it! I’m sure it would be possible to make much more as well as I probably do less than half the surveys I’m invited to as I don’t have time.

  16. Jenny Rogers says:

    I do quite a few online surveys from different sites. It doesn’t make a lot, but it is a nice little bonus.

  17. I have completed lots of online surveys (to be entered for a prize draw) but had no idea (until reading this article) that it is possible to do so for a payment. This has opened my eyes.

  18. Ali Thorpe says:

    I’m registered with a few of these sites and it is trial and error finding the ones which are worthwhile. The main two I use send me several surveys a week and the payments are small but they mount up, and are very useful as Amazon credit. I only complete a fraction of the surveys I receive so I could make more but it is still only pocket money … although useful if you store it up for buying gifts!

  19. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    I’ve done loads of these, they are a good way to fill in time while watching TV. I like the ones that pay Amazon vouchers best.

  20. Linda Sallie Guest says:

    I’m on an online survey site and ‘earn’ about £100 a year in Amazon vouchers. It’s a fun way of giving your opinions and hopefully helping market research.

  21. Claire B says:

    I dont like them when i do a profile i always put hubby works in retail. But every survey same redundant questions age, sex , location, marital status earnings etc….like why did i bother filling a profile??? Plus usually 10th question in they ask about work hubby in retail and i get told sorry you dont meet our criteria. But they knew that from profile before they invited me

  22. claire haskins says:

    i do, do them now and again, but find them very time consuming! dont mind the ones that pay you tho!

  23. Kirsty Greer says:

    I have been using survey sites for years. Valued opinions and my survey are the best for me and add up quick xx

  24. louise mcnicol says:

    I don’t like survey sites, they generate too much extra junk mail, take too much time and I have put too much effort into quite a few only to be told I am not suitable after completing lots of information.

  25. Miriam KRUTSKA says:

    Im member of few survey sites . They are some i prefer to others . Some surveys can be time consuming . My favourite are the one which they send you sample to try it and then you give your opinion

  26. Em S says:

    I think surveys take too much time for a little reward, I’m not convinced even after reading the article…

  27. Lorraine says:

    I have joined several online survey companies but I find that the surveys always take much longer to complete than one imagines and I become ether bored or frustrated.

  28. Sally Carter says:

    I find online surveys frustrating at times. They ask loads of qualifying questions and then say I’m not suitable!

  29. Jamie Millard says:

    I’ve tried in the past It’s a very slow burner. Either I keep starting surveys only to be kicked off saying ‘based on your first few answers, this survey probably isn’t for you’ so it takes ages to get anywhere, or the rewards are tiny meaning it takes ages to get anywhere, especially if you are getting kicked off a large percentage of them.

    There’s more profitable ways to spend your time from my experience.

  30. kimberley ryan says:

    online surveys are a great way to earn a little extra cash, or other reward.

  31. Emma Nixon says:

    I can’t be bothered with surveys..

  32. Paul says:

    Online surveys are a good way to earn a bit of cash if you’ve got the time to spare but don’t expect too much.

  33. Lisa J says:

    I do some online surveys but not enough to make me rich. I actually prefer the short ones for a few pence than the 30 minute ones. They seem so repetitive.

  34. helen newton says:

    Online Surveys may fill longwinded and frustrating , but if you have time on your hands see it as a little part time job in the comfort of your own home …

  35. Lynda S says:

    I haven’t bothered once I saw how detailed the questions were about me rather than the product

  36. Sharon Griffin says:

    i do alot of online surveys and have had some little prizes back and small amount of cash, some are a bit long and i don`t like those ones too much

  37. Rebecca Mateille says:

    I have tried these surveys in the past, but always found that they take so long to do that it’s not really worth the rewards. It is also very frustrating when you go through endless questions, only to be told right at the end that your form isn’t needed as they have enough information from your demographic already. I expect you would have to do a LOT for it to be worthwhile.

  38. Cherryl says:

    I get emails from them everyday but must admit I find them very time consuming and often they throw you out saying they’ve filled their quota or that you are not suitable for the survey. Other people seem to be a bit more positive about them so maybe its a case of perseverance!!

  39. tamalyn roberts says:

    online surveys are great if you enjoy doing them, the money does add up slowly and its free! but personally i hate them x

  40. Mary Heald says:

    When I was hard up I used to do online surveys. However although you can sit at home and do them easily they are very time consuming for very little reward

  41. Louise M says:

    Although I don’t have the time now I have completed online surveys in the past for cash and have had a good experience with them. Most were quite fast to do and I found it rewarding.

  42. Lesley Walsh says:

    I honestly can’t be bothered. Too much effort, I have done some that put you into a draw to win money etc but have never won.

  43. Honeybee says:

    I am familiar with these online surveys as I investigated them when I was looking for ways to earn a little extra money. However, after researching them and trialling a few, I found them a bit exhaustive to be honest. I think if I had a trusted friend or colleague ‘personally recommend’ a specific site, I would re-try them. Otherwise, like others have commented, I find the input seems to far outweigh the benefits.

  44. Cathryn Bowen says:

    I do many of these in my spare time – aiming to pay as much for xmas during the year as I can to help our family budget for the big man ( santa ) pressie. Anything I get helps

  45. Maggie Coates says:

    I have done a couple some time ago.

  46. I do them from time to time but annoying when you’ve completed 99% of a long and boring survey, them the survey tells you it’s reached it’s quota or you don’t meet the criteria!!

  47. Bryn says:

    I do enough anyway, may as well get paid for it

  48. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    I have tried lots of different survey companies over the years but have now settled to just three that I like. Their surveys are varied, interesting and I am rarely screened out. My biggest gripe is the companies that ask half the survey before screening you out and paying nothing! Surveys are time consuming so attempting to do them all is, for me, not an option. The rewards I get are either cash or Amazon credit. Both are welcome as little extras :-)

  49. Graeme says:

    I’ve done a few and they seemed like a lot of work for very little return.

  50. Dawn Canning says:

    I did these when I was ‘betweee jobs’ and I found the rewards well worth it. I still do them during quiet periods, lunch hours etc and it’s nice to feel that your opinion has some effect.

  51. Lucy Walker says:

    I do them but its not something you can really make a lot of money from, unless you are very dedicated and do them all the time

  52. israr baig says:

    Great way to make afew pounds during lunch times…thx

  53. Sue D says:

    I have though about doing surveys and tried to register for a few but was always told that they didn’t have any for me at the moment so gave up!

  54. jen english says:

    I’ve been doing surveys for years now. They’re ok but it gets very annoying when you do half the survey then are told you’ve been filtered out. Toluna are the worst for that. It really puts me off.

  55. Vivien Taylor says:

    Have done a few, but it gets very repetitive and tedious .

  56. Janet Dring says:

    I enjoy doing the short ones and the not too personal ones

  57. Becky Duffy says:

    I like them aslong as they are not too long, 10 minutes is enough time to spend on a survey, any longer than that I lose interest. I do enjoy some of them especially if they have a different layout to the norm or if they relate to one if my interests

  58. Anthony Harrington says:

    I have entered a lot of surveys for prize draws but I have never won from them, I have never done surveys for payment as they seem too long and specialized to be worth the small return.

  59. Lisa Rhodes says:

    I enjoy doing them, some sites are better than others

  60. Jackie Foster says:

    Have entered quite a few and have never won a bean , but you do hear of people winning so I live in hope

  61. Charlotte Foy says:

    I used them for quite a few years and earned some money, but I think the amount of time I put in wasn’t really paid enough. I also wasted a lot of time on websites which didn’t pay out or give enough surveys. I currently only participate in 2 survey websites now which pay out often and give regular surveys.

  62. Lisa Everaert says:

    For the amount of time spent thinking about the responses and information that you have to supply its really not worth it. You could earn 4 x as much putting the time into something else. All they are really for is data mining and making the survey pay for the company, not you. In order to make any difference at all to your bank balance takes hours of filling in forms and even then hitting £50 a month is a huge task….avoid and work 1 more hour at work for the week and itll be about the same.

  63. Lea says:

    I have did surveys which enter you into a prize draw but haven’t tried others yet, but I might now look into it.

  64. Jenny says:

    I find them so repetitive that it’s a painful way to make money. You have to pay enough attention to do it that you can’t even daydream.

  65. hannonle says:

    I honestly don’t think you can earn an income from them but as a bit of fun they are good. The odd £5 or £10 here and there allows for a nice little treat but if you’re hoping to earn £50 a day then forget it!

  66. Aimee Swift says:

    I use valued opinions and ipsos, found them the best, also use mysurvey but fine them a little long for the reward.

  67. sue hodges says:

    tried them but some were a lot of effort. really irritating when kept getting that I didn’t fit their criteria or surveys were too long

  68. Edward Guerreiro says:

    I can’t say that I am a fan of online surveys. The worst ones are when you spend 5 mins completing it, only then to be told that due to your age, sex etc. you are not eligible. Also, they tend to require too much personal info.

  69. Kate Loader says:

    I’ve used survey sites in the past, however found it was a lot of effort for very little reward.

  70. Fiona S says:

    My favourite is one poll as they have lots of little surveys that are quick and easy to do. Yougov ones are interesting but take an age to reach the payout level (or at least it used to, gave up on them).

  71. CJ Smith says:

    Most online survey sites just aren’t worth the time as you literally get paid pence for a half hour of work.

  72. jennifer thorpe says:

    I use pinecone to get a few extra pounds, the rest of them seem to generate an awful lot of spam emails

  73. Paul Wilson says:

    I considered doing this. The article was very helpful.

  74. Lesley Stevens says:

    I haven’t really got into the completing of surveys as I am concerned that I will be hassled by unwanted calls but having read through your article I might give it a try

  75. Joanne Blunt says:

    I am signed up for a few survey accounts but I find most of them just too long and boring. I should start doing more as it can be a good way of earning a bit of extra cash.

  76. Alice Baines says:

    I don’t use survey sites, i signed up for one once, i then was getting lots of spam emails and phone calls, it got that bad i had to change my phone number, and close my email account, it was a bad experience and it put me off ever doing them again..

  77. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I use Pinecone Research and Valued Opinions and find my rewards build up very quickly and the surveys aren’t too long or tedious to complete. I especially love the freebies to test out with pinecone research as the freebies they send out are full sized! I would defo recommend these two survey sites for making an extra bit of cash.

  78. Caroline Clarke says:

    Most online survey sites just aren’t worth the time as you literally get paid pence for a half hour of work. That being said, the main survey site I use is pineconeresearch because they pay £3 per survey and send out test items, which you get to keep and get paid another £3 for filling out a survey regaring the item that was tested. Perfect!

  79. liz denial says:

    I don’t enter surveys which pay a small amount but sometimes enter ones which offer a larger amount in a prize draw

  80. Sue Obrien says:

    I find them too time consuming for little reward. I also feel I am giving away too much personal information which makes me feel uncomfortable.

  81. Ncornfo says:

    I joined several survey sites a few months ago. Global test market, iPsos isay and yougov are my favourites. I don’t think the money stacks up that quickly tho!

  82. Cash4Survey says:

    I try most all survey sites and finaly i find the best one!
    Do not hesitate to visit.

  83. IOANNA says:

    I really like the surveys. I could take them for free. Of course paid is better.
    What I hate is that the do not leave much space to people over 50 to have a say. It is a huge sample and growing although.

  84. Tracey Belcher says:

    I have thought about doing online surveys but do get put off by the ones that seem to take forever and ask you repeated questions. I am going to make an effort to enter more online survey competitions as I am sure they do not get as many entries but finding time is difficult.

  85. Krystina Smith says:

    Some of them are fun, like the product tests, the YouGov political surveys or the ones where you watch TV programmes and comment on them. But most are incredibly tedious. The cash and vouchers you earn make it worth it though!

  86. Kathrine B says:

    I don’t like them- I just don’t have the attention span to continually keep answering the questions and find most of them are too long. Multiple choice surveys are a bit better, but the ones with loads of free-text questions to answer I can never think of anything to say on the spot.

  87. read online Worldwide Newspaper, Cricket, Health, Sports, Celebrity, Life Style and different type of Magazine which is sorted by Country

  88. wendy jamieson-price says:

    Dislike them, if I had the spare time I would consider doing them but at present my computer time is better spent on financial and travel matters that save the family money on the annual budget

  89. Carrie Talbot-Ashby says:

    Hiya. I don’t mind doing surveys, just hate when they’re too long! I used to always fill them out and lie, always stating the product was better than it was etc simply because I thought I would upset people if I didn’t lol, but now I am very honest, as its how we get such great products today, from doing the surveys they find out what works for Joe Public & the companies and manufacturers start to get it right, so I’m always happy to fill out a survey or three, especially if there is a prize draw connected too! x

  90. Alexandra Blue says:

    this is a very time consuming thing – i found i had time to do this when i was feeding babies but now the kids are older i have better things to do with my time

  91. pete c says:

    dislike them. Unless you`ve bags of spare time there`s far better things to do

  92. Arabella Bazley says:

    I’m not a fan, I got lots of spam from signing up to surveys, followed by phone calls on my landline which went on until I gave a lady calling for the umpteenth time at 10.00 am on a Sunday some very choice words.

    I’ve done the odd one and generally get annoyed when they ask questions without a suitable answer so you have to lie to proceed and then they ask you to say how you feel about that service or product you have not purchased and it becomes farcical.

    If there was a legal requirement for them to guarantee no spam and no sales calls I might take them seriously.

  93. Tanya Vincent says:

    I’ve done a few surveys but sometimes find that they take longer than expected but on the whole I love a survey for which I get paid and (occasionally get to test a product).

  94. MARK HOPKINS says:

    Not a fan as they take far too long for the potential rewards.

  95. Leanne B says:

    Most surveys are ok but some of them are just too long & repetitive making you wonder if they’ve tested them properly & whether they really know what they’re looking for?

  96. Emma Farrell says:

    I don’t mind doing surveys, even if it takes time to hit thresholds. I really dislike the ones that enter you into a prize draw as I feel I’m sharing my views for nothing. My favourite was a book publishers who in early days would send you a free book just for giving your views on book covers

  97. Sharon Wormald says:

    Ive done a few online surveys but get put off when the companies then send far too many emails afterwards..bombarded by them!So it would be worth considering if you are a company to limit the emails..I would have responded to them if I didnt feel hassled…the ones to make money ive done the odd one but enthusiasm dwindled

  98. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    I’ve tried a lot of online survey companies and been put off as often the rewards aren’t as they seem or the time taken is excessive. Now I only complete surveys through pinecone research as the pay and amount of time taken is standard.

  99. Ali Thorpe says:

    I am member of a small number of survey sites which pay in vouchers or via Paypal. It is trial and error and I have tried some in the past which definitely weren’t worth the effort. The ones I use now I have been with for years and the payments cover presents and such. Definitely worthwhile if you find the right sites and don’t have unrealistic expectations.

  100. Sam says:

    I like them in theory but it is hard to get a decent reward out of them and time consuming as some of the surveys are very lengthy…I think you’d have to be extremely dedicated to make any money out of them

  101. Petra says:

    I sometimes do surveys but often find them boring and tedious, and the money return is often very small. I especially hate it when they say “this survey takes 10 minutes” and half an hour later I am still ploughing through questions. I still throw the odd survey into my personal mix, together with cashback sites and competitions, but I wouldn’t do just surveys.

  102. Colette Sheeran says:

    I have tried loads of survey sites and have never made much money because a lot of the time I am not eligible or they have reached their quota. After a long time the points add up and I have had a few £2, £5 and £10 vouchers for High street Stores. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

  103. Aaron says:

    Most seem fine – you will soon weed out those that don’t suit you

  104. Ian Summerscales says:

    I am broadly an anti survey person as i find that you can do a lot of surveys and get little recompense due to not qualifying part way through. They also tend to be boring to complete even if you do qualify. Yes you get guaranteed recompense but the hourly rate is dire!

  105. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    My advice is to choose a survey company that suits you. I have tried many survey companies over the years but have now settled on two or three that suit me. I like the style of their surveys, the remuneration offered and the frequency of the surveys. My pet hate is the survey companies that take you through a screening process each time that is nearly as long as a survey itself and then screen you out!

  106. I used to do a lot of surveys when I was at home full time, don’t tend to do them now as got fed up of getting 10 minutes into one and then being told I wasn’t suitable – don’t mind being told as soon as I click a couple of questions

  107. Danielle Graves says:

    I used to do a lot of surveys but now I prefer to use sites like GiftHulk and Swagbucks, I also have the MobileXpression app on my phone

  108. steph says:

    i am a member of pinecone research, i enjoy their surveys and am credited with 300 points for each survey completed, usually takes about 10/15 mins. Every 1000 points earned gives me a £10 Amazon voucher. This feeds my kindle!

  109. Matthew Fuller says:

    They tend to be long and you don’t know if people receive the prize all the time (if offered)

  110. Kathy says:

    Surveys are too long and take up too much time for the reward, I would rather take my chance with a competition than a survey. I have tried the consumer research, however never seem to get chosen

  111. Erica Price says:

    I do find them a bit dull and some sites will screen you out after a few minutes which feels like a rip off of your time.

  112. LYN JONES says:

    Surveys are a great way of making money. BUT, often result in a deluge of spam; however, still worth the effort.

  113. Anthea Holloway says:

    I have completed so many long and laborious surveys and been honest with every answer and yet I have won absolutely nothing. I begin to wonder if it is just a crafty way to get people’s details. Who are the winners? Are there any?

  114. Fran H says:

    Surveys can be great or can be really REALLY tedious. I don’t mind a combination but when its tedious with the same questions repeated over and over I tend to avoid the site completely.

  115. Máire Woodhurst says:

    I feel that surveys are a good way to earn some money in your spare time but they can get rather boring.

  116. I personally hate surveys, in my experience with a lot of surveys, I have spent valuable time going through them only to be told halfway or near the end that I am not eligible and I get thrown out, so all that time is wasted with absolutely no recompense.

    A lot of surveys are long-winded and boring and seem to ask the same question, and the one with tick boxes take forever, you could end up spending 30 minutes on a survey and if you do manage to complete it, get 50p for your trouble. Time is too valuable to waste on filling in pages of surveys for pennies.

  117. Natalie says:

    I absolutely love survey the more the merrier

  118. Jane Willis says:

    I’ve given up on surveys. I’m thoroughly fed up with getting 10-15 minutes into one and only then being told I don’t fit the profile. They’ve wasted far too much of my time


    I don’t mind doing surveys, it depends on the length and why i am doing it. If I am entering the survey for a cause I believe in or for a good prize I would enter regardless of the length.

  120. Angie Hoggett says:

    some can be good, others just long winded and time consuming for what you get back

  121. Christine Bray says:

    I don’t mind the odd one or two but I hate it if they spam you afterwards. Obviously I pref the short and sweet ones that don’t want all your financial details etc! Plus I like to view customers reviews of products so that sort of survey is a great help!

  122. Iris Raile says:

    I participate in a number of survey sites, some pay better than others. You say “Nielsen Panel” are one of the best but I beg to differ as I have tried to sign up several times and never get accepted. I go through spurts of answering surveys as they can get tedious but I save all my points/incentives until October/November time when I cash them in in time for Christmas which is a great help. You can get gift cards, e-vouchers or cash into a paypal account. My favourites surveys are the ones where you get to try out new products.

  123. david cavender says:

    tried doing surveys in the past-found them too boring and time consuming

  124. Mike Landon says:

    I always complete surveys if you will be entered in a prize draw upon completion, otherwise I only complete the ones for the sites I use regularly. Hope that helps!

  125. thekiwibex says:

    I do online surveys, but some are far too long or ask the same kind of questions over and over – I usually give up on those ones, unless I’m personally interested in the topic. I like YouGov – always quite topical surveys, and generally not ridiculously long!

  126. Paul Witney says:

    I’ve done a few, but I always wonder how accurate the results can be if people are being paid or given some other incentive for completing it.

  127. Paula Phillips says:

    I have done several online surveys and find most of them quite boring as they always seem to ask the same things.

  128. Charlotte Ingham says:

    I don’t mind short ones, but them are so tedious – they go on and on for page after page of mind numbing questions and often for such a small reward it’s not even worth it

  129. John says:

    Good incentive to answer questions by the prizes they offer and with good feedback hopefully will make that product better in the future

  130. Julie says:

    I love doing surveys, Ive won quite a few vouchers and my most recent win in the prize draw was a Bose mini speaker worth 170 quid – well pleased.

  131. Babs M says:

    I find most surveys laborious and tedious. Many say they will take, for example, 20 minutes….but I find they take much longer. Then the progress bar is so inaccurate (saying maybe 5% complete after 30 minutes!!), so I start to lose the will to live, resulting in me not really caring about my answers anymore. If I was a company who was paying a survey designer I would be VERY unhappy with the inaccuracy of the results of a badly designed survey!

  132. Naomi Harrison says:

    I signed up to a few site, but they would make you me through several minutes of answering questions, then tell me I did not meet the criteria. I could not be bothered & stopped doing them.

  133. Sheri Darby says:

    I’m afraid I get bored long before finishing them – maybe if I didn’t have a job taking up my time I would try doing some

  134. Phillip says:

    Yes …. If You Are Not Constrained For Time …

    Because They Are Terribly Time Consuming

    It Is Worth Doing Competition Surveys …

    But Surveys That Pay You 5 Pence Each One …

    I Don’t Believe Are Worth It At All

  135. Susie M says:

    I do some. I don’t go out of my way to seek them out as it is quite a minimal return for the effort but it’s a handy way for me to get an extra £100 or so in cash and vouchers for Christmas. Just remember to put in your redemption claim early (think two months before) to make sure you get the rewards in time.

  136. Ali Mckenzie says:

    I love doing surveys, best to sign up to all of them and the rewards soon build up

  137. Helen Swales says:

    I do online surveys very occasionally and I feel they are worthwhile for the time I put in. I wouldn’t like to think I’d earn an income from them though.

  138. Anne Thompson (@AnneThompson10) says:

    I am signed up to two survey companies and hate it when you spend 5-10 mins filling it in, to then get screened out and paid no money.

  139. Greig spencer says:


  140. Muhammad Ehsan says:

    I done loads few years ago and earn about £50 in one year then stop doing it because can’t find enough time to do it.

  141. Karen Lloyd says:

    I’ve tried earning money by doing on line surveys but I never seem to earn much on them. I quite like the ones that enter you into a prize draw though as long as it’s a decent prize.

  142. Joan Furlong says:

    Love doing surveys but some are them are so long I sometimes give up on them

  143. Kirsty W says:

    I’ve been doing them for quite a while now, earned a few vouchers with Valued Opinions and cash with others but I’ve become more selective about the ones I do because some of them are quite boring, especially the ones about finances, and they always take longer than they say they will. I also get really annoyed when you answer lots of questions then they screen you out and say you don’t qualify – if you answer their questions then you should at least get something.

  144. stephen wilson-leach says:

    The most boring way i have ever tried to earn money is by doing surveys

  145. Therese Pastore says:

    The time spent is not worth the small gain in my opinion, I suppose it all depends on how much you need the money.

  146. Louise Middleton says:

    I’ve completed surveys for competitions when invited by email to do so and have won a couple. I don’t really have the time otherwise. I think for those with the time to do them, it could be worthwhile.

  147. sarah birkett says:

    I have done these in the past and you have to be quite selective bu they can be worthwhile

  148. Gilla01 says:

    I’ve tried a few survey sites, but many surveys are very time consuming and I hardly earned anything from them.

    I’ve also tried the ‘scan your shopping’ site, and it took forever and I didn’t make anything from it.

  149. Victoria says:

    I’ve had mixed experiences with survey sites. But overall I think they’re great. You get to vent your opinion and get paid for it!

  150. Judith Leadbetter says:

    I’ve done online surveys but I find some of them very intrusive so I’m not sure if tis is something I’d like.

  151. Christine Goodall says:

    I used to do a few surveys, but they became very frustrating, at times I would answer numerous questions, then be told i didn’t qualify. one company did not pay out on the money I had earnt, and they did not respond to emails. I still do surveys for one particular organisation which is very good and well known, i find the questions interesting. So mostly a lot of effort for very little reward. yougov is the one i still do,

  152. Bob Clark says:

    My experience is similar to most others – joined a reputable survey scheme – spent a lot of time for little reward and got frustrated by the way that I was sent surveys “for which I didn’t fit the profile” despite them having that info from my sign up info. Dont do them any more

  153. Barbara Stephenson says:

    I have completed some surveys but find it frustrating when you have to answer questions that are not applicable, so I tend not to complete them now.

  154. Christine Northrop says:

    I’ve done a few surveys online but really only do the ones that give shopping vouchers as I find they help me out with my shopping and the added bonus is they are usually short ones. The ones I detest are those that get you to answer several questions then say you don’t fit the profile

  155. Isabell Stewart says:

    I’ve done online surveys but I find some of them very intrusive so I’m not sure if tis is something I’d like.

  156. Pamela Cook says:

    I have been doing online surveys for quite a while now and agree that it seems to take absolutely ages to earn enough to be able to claim payment. My pet hate is those surveys which let me begin, go on for several pages and then tell me they have had enough replies from my demographic profile or that I am not eligible to go any further! I consider these a real waste of time. I also do not like those which have a prize draw for respondants (probably because I never win these) and would much prefer cash, however small

    It’s a good idea to earn some pin money if you have lots of time to spare – otherwise I wouldn’t bother!

  157. Karen Davey says:


  158. lesley says:

    I enjoy doing on line surveys to me its a hobby that pays for itself,I find they help keep the grey matter active,any rewards may seem small but they do add up I gain enough to cover my broadband costs plus a bit extra so I’m happy

  159. Vicky says:

    I do some online surveys but they are by no means easy or quick money. They usually set the threshold for payout at £40-£50 and it takes a very long time to get there.
    Additionally, some sites such as Onepoll do frustrate me as they keep sending me survey links then telling me that I am not the demographic that they are looking for – despite only asking me for information that they already hold on me. Why not check before sending me the email?!

  160. Paul Rogers says:

    Yes I have done some – many years ago I won £300 for one survey

  161. smiles says:

    I have done a few, I joined up to a few thinking I could make £50- £100 per month, like you hear about. but the incentives are to small for the time, or you do most of it, then get screened out saying you don’t fit the profile. and they never take the time they say, always longer. they are good if you have lots of time.

  162. lynn lewer says:

    Yes i do surveys, earn about £400 a year which i save for christmas,Really most of the are quite boring

  163. sue mc says:

    I do quite a lot of surveys & have just used all the vouchers as Christmas presents. Also won a couple of prize draws in the past year, Amazon vouchers & John Lewis vouchers so I’ll keep at it.

  164. Alexia E says:

    I was signed up with a few online survey companies, but after I while I stuck to just one of two. I don’t agree that you can make £50 a month for just a few hours – you’d need to enter a significant number of surveys and they can end up being quite time consuming. Some are really fun but the majority can be quite tedious after a while.

  165. Kate Loader says:

    Some of them are so boring and long I get easily put off completing them. There never seems to be enough of an incentive to complete them.

  166. Jessica Powell says:

    I used to do them a few years ago, but it takes so much time to get anywhere I don’t really bother anymore.

  167. Angela Sandhu says:

    I did online surveys a few years ago and eventually got bored of them

  168. Celia says:

    I do online surveys and am happy to spend time and effort in completing them properly – I do both paid and unpaid ones. However, what seems to increasingly happen is that you can go through quite a series of questions (which give them a significant amount of usable data) and then you are told you are not suitable / have been screened out or their quota has been reached for that survey! Am I being cynical in thinking that it’s a sneaky free way to get data?!

  169. louise mcnicol says:

    I dislike them, I joined up with one that was an offshoot of (Toluna i think). The surveys are repetitive, time consuming and it wasn’t made clear at the beginning how you would be rewarded. They have now set up their rewards which is entry into a prize draw for love to shop vouchers. All that work for nothing. I also haven’t had all the points due to me and despite repeated queries, nobody from the company has answered. They also promised product testing, it seems some members are being chosen for every trial while others not at all. I should say the name of this survey site is Mrs curiosity.

  170. samantha schofield says:

    ive tried several times to make money online via filling in surveys or writing stories each have lead to very bad experiences in money loss and mis belief which has caused stress and heart ache would stay away

  171. Lorraine Partyn says:

    I use YouGov for payments in cash and Consumer Pulse for high street vouchers. Both take very little of my time and have had no problem claiming.

  172. david rodhouse says:

    I don’t fill in surveys for money. It seems like quite a time consuming process for minimal returns.

  173. Emilia says:

    I occasionally do online surveys, I like how you can sometimes get vouchers for completing them or get entry into competitions and I find some surveys are actually quite interesting.

  174. Janice says:

    I have never done online surveys for payment, I don’t think I would have the time.

  175. Barbara Handley says:

    I do surveys for several companies.My favourite reward is to receive Argos vouchers or any they accept as I am saving up for something from them. I have not done any during Christmas as I was too busy but will start again in the new year.

  176. glenn hutton says:

    Filled in lots of survey’s for Valued Opinions and had a number of vouchers but my time is now more of a premium these days so not as much of late…

    Have won a number of prizes with GFK but have become a little disappointed with them as they recentley stopped issuing love2shop rewards… but they have introduced a points based draw section which is nice…

    I like Springboard UK the most, you simply build up cash amounts and you can either donate to charity or take a cheque…

  177. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I do Pinecone Research which I find really, really good. I get a survey, do it and exchange it for PayPal cash, which builds up really fast.

  178. Carole Cambridge says:

    Online surveys are a great way of earning some extra money, and can be fun and interesting to complete. Once you’ve given it a try, it’s easy to become hooked!

  179. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I did start doing them at one point but quickly tired, maybe I was doing the wring type but I was getting halfway through them and was told I didn’t fit the right criteria for the survey

  180. Donna says:

    I find them worthwhile, as I can really do with the extra vouchers / points etc. But if I was well-off I wouldn’t have the patience for it.

  181. Lesley Bain says:

    Reading down these comments it seems most have had the same experience as me.

    In my opinion surveys are a waste of time and unlikely to generate more than pennies in income, if anything.

    I was a member of quite a few survey sites, the big well known ones…..and persevered for a couple of months before giving up. One of their tricks is (and this happened to me a LOT) to have you fill out a long laborious survey giving them lots of information, then when you get to the end they tell you that you didn’t qualify for the survey and therefore will not be paid! Why not ask qualifying questions on first page?!

    Soul destroying waste of time.

  182. Ray Fielding says:

    I have never tried paid online surveys. However I get really peeved when I go to a site and within 10secs they are asking me to fill in a survey with my opinion of it!!

  183. Jo Young says:

    I have been with one company for many years and find they pay very well for the length of survey and are reliable.

  184. Justine Hughes says:

    I started doing surveys but found that some of them can be very boring. In fairness it wasn’t long before I’d earned the first £10 without doing that many.

  185. Anna says:

    I have done on-line surveys and find some easy and quick but others feel intrusive and take up misleading amounts of time

  186. san says:

    they are good to do but they do take a while to build up any extra money. Good hobbie.

  187. claire woods says:

    It takes a while to build up enough points to exchange for vouchers/cash but I don’t mind.

  188. Teresa Lee says:

    I tried online surveys a few years ago but quit after a couple of months as I found a lot of the time they never paid out, the same with paid to click sites.

  189. Amelia Kennedy says:

    I frequently do online surveys and have registered with 5 online companies. Whether or not it’s worth it is debatable as you don’t get much monetary return for your valuable time (they often take some time to complete). However, if you have lots of spare time, the money does eventually mount up and it’s possible to make a few hundred quid in a year – it you’re prepared to put the time in.

  190. Alana Walker says:

    I do a few surveys which get me Tesco points, it all adds up!x

  191. Mary L says:

    I dislike surveys as I find most of them are not relevent to me

  192. Carys Jones says:

    I’ve registered for paid survey sites but because I live by myself I’m not eligible for many so it doesn’t pay well for me.

  193. Helen says:

    Didn’t realise you could get paid for doing them. Will have a look into it.

  194. sharon mead says:

    suits some people but not for me, I just find them tedious to fill in

  195. David says:

    Sounds like a scam

  196. sue southurst says:

    tried these before, wasted loads of time for little in return

  197. sian hallewell says:

    Gave this a go last year, maybe I used the wrong sites because I was being offered pennies for surveys taking 15 – 30mins. I value my time higher than that. Might sign up for a few of these and see if theya re any better.

  198. Paula Lavender says:

    I’ve done a few and have earned useful vouchers etc. Not much effort is required so why not!

  199. Lynne O'Connor says:

    Surveys can be a great earner if you fit key demographics – main family shopper, employed, under 45 with a child under 5 – but much harder otherwise. I prefer sites like Yougov and Pinecone that almost never screen you out.

  200. Susan B says:

    I’ve tried some online surveys in competitions but have never won anything. I particularly dislike the ones that ask for your full details on page 1 then go on to ask you questions you’d rather not answer on the following pages.

  201. Christine Dodd says:

    I’ve never tried surveys but it sounds like a good idea

  202. Karen S says:

    Have done surveys for a few years now, some sites are better than others but they can be dull and long winded though… but it’s useful extra vouchers that can be used in supermarkets. I would say it’s possible to get a few hundred from a year but £50 p/m is a bit optimistic.

  203. jen english says:

    Surveys can be a good way to make a little extra money but so often I find I get half way through only to be told I’m not part of the demographic. It’s sooooooo annoying and such a waste of time.

  204. Jackie ONeill says:

    I like them as as long as questions are relevant as to what is being surveyed. Some surverys are long winded and could be condensed more.

  205. Caroline Clarke says:

    I have tried LOADS of survey sites. My favourites so far are pinecone research (who pay £3 per survey and also send out items to test, which then incurs another survey that you get paid £3 for!) and Populuslive (who pay £1 for every 5 minutes and when you bank £50 worth you receive a cheque without having to do anything!).

  206. sue h says:

    I have tried some but gave up as too often spend time answering questions only to be told I’m not suitable or the questions/answers are badly worded ,meaning you have to enter an answer that doesn’t actually reflect what you think just to get past the question

  207. Suzanne says:

    Interesting reading about advantages and disadvantages. Having weighed this up, may give surveys a go.

  208. Joanne Mapp says:

    I am happy to complete surveys, but I do get frustrated sometimes when my only option is to tick a box and none of the suggested answers apply.

  209. Julie Guy says:

    I really don’t think it’s worth the time and hassle. Surveys take far too much of my time, and they don’t pay out enough to warrant the effort.

  210. Hannahpp says:

    I filled out online surveys (although not for money, but competition entry)
    Sadly they sometimes presume too much like you automatically buy certain things! I understand that often that what the survey is for but surely they would also like input from people who don’t buy the product & why!

  211. David Prince says:

    I have better things to do with my time than filling in surveys that at the end of the day will land you with tons of junk mail.

  212. MARY HEALD says:

    I have done surveys in the past and it is a lot of work for little money. However if you do it when you have a few spare minutes it can add up. The most frustrating thing is when you get part way through a particular survey and it finishes early because you are not in the bracket of people they need.

  213. Lucy Robinson says:

    I used to do surveys all the time. Stopped because you spend ages answering questions only to be told you don’t fit the criteria. Then they award you 5p.

  214. Ellie B says:

    I have tried the surveys in the past, but i found that I really like the no effort involved like the ones where they monitor your internet use and where you visit and pay by paypal, its not a lot of money but if you dont touch it until christmas your paypal balance has quite a bit for those stocking fillers!

  215. liz denial says:

    I’ve never entered surveys for guaranteed cash but I have done surveys to be entered for a prize draw when I receive an email asking me to do so but only if it’s a short survey

  216. Mandi Davison says:

    I used to do the YouGov surveys but it takes a long time to get your money as you have to accumulate £50 before you can cash so got disheartened in the end!

  217. Hazel Wright says:

    I occasionally do surveys, usually quick ones with competition entrys. I have done some of the others in the past but I haven’t got the patience, I don’t fit into enough of the categorys they’re looking for alot of the time and I just think my time is better spent elsewhere. I think the rate of return is just not worth the effort. Good luck to anyone who is making it work for them though!

  218. Claire W says:

    For not much effort you can build Paypal credits, cash and vouchers. They can be time consuming so rather than doing them all I stick to three – Pinecone which reward me with Paypal credits,YouGov and GFK media view (which I’ve been doing for years now)

  219. rupert summerton says:

    Never tried surveys before,but after reading this article will investigate more

  220. Ian Beckham says:

    Yes you can make small amounts of money by undertaking on-line surveys and although it works for some people, to me it just seems that you send too long doing the on-line survey’s for the rewards on offer.

  221. Mie says:

    Dog walking! #competition

  222. Angel Fingers says:

    You forgot YouGov.

  223. Jonny Bravo says:

    I like those that pay cash like this one: paidviewpoint I don’t do anything for discount coupons or a chance to participate in a prize draw

  224. Anaebella says:

    Hi everyone …. Did anyone know about the best website from which u got the money ??? If anyone know please share it….

  225. Pure Money Making says:

    This is great list.

    Can you please give us some more home income options?

  226. BenH says:

    Onepoll are good for surveys! Add-able to the list? I’ve had pretty good experience with them, and the surveys are oddly fun.

  227. Mike Cross says:

    Has anyone used the Grapevine before? I was looking at their website the other day and it looked pretty good.

  228. andy says:

    What a waste of time! It really would have been useful if you stated from the outset that my opinions don’t count or I cannot take part in any of these because I live in Spain. I’m English.

  229. Milo says:

    Hi I have found a website called Swagbucks. I have just started and have made 4 pounds in the last 5 days. It’s a great site, you can money from surveys, games, special offers and even watching videos. To sign up please click on my link:
    I really suggest that anyone who has 5 minites of their day free to try this out. Thanks

  230. chloe says:

    Hi all, I do this all the time, I am also looking at turning this into a second part time income make quite a bit from paid surveys

  231. Carolc106 says:

    I do surveys, you wont get rich but I signed with a few different companies, But only one is really to earn cash, I receive an email everyday with about 6 surveys to complete, some you dont match with, but I do 2 or 3 a day and they pay out when you have earnt £20. I have earned £40 in a month with
    Good luck.

  232. mary says:

    is my personal favourite..have already received payment twice.

  233. Carol45 says:

    I have been doing surveys for a couple of months now. However before I register with any I check them beforehand with

  234. naz says:

    The above mentioned list is fine apart from the survey head. survey head is the worst paying company which do not even respond when you ask them they owe you incentives. its about 6 months now since I had claimed my £10 but never got it.

  235. johnboy says:

    Hi all, I do this all the time, I am also looking at turning this into a second part time income, I think if you put enough effort in you could make it work.

    • naz says:

      john boy ………here is a list keep it simple and real you will earn enough stick to them. Opinion outpost, Global test market, My surveys, Vivatic, Toluna . Join only these leave the rest normal person has only this amount of time.

      • johnboy says:

        Hi there, ok great, thanks for that, I am amemeber of all those mentioned apart from Vivatic, I am going to sign up today. Are they any good?
        Thanks for the info

  236. Here is another one to add to your list. This is a great survey sight to earn a little extra cash. I just got 105.86! I can email proof if you want it.

    • naz says:

      I have joined survey savy since last eight months or even more there are no surveys available. I assure you all the figure shown above 105.86 could be the hot temperature of the user not any £ or $. dont use survey savy waste of time.

  237. Anna says:

    I’m trying to earn money for a school trip to India and thought this would be a little help, however do all sites want people over 16 as I’m only 15? Thanks

    • naz says:

      Often we get surveys where it has to be filled by my child. Your guardian/ parent can assist you opening the account. once your data is registered then you will get the regular surveys that reflect your biodata.

  238. Jeree Petrie says:

    I’m thinking of having a go at paid surveys, but I’m not sure what the rules are regarding earning while you’re on benefits. I’m on long term Incapacity Benefit with Invalidity Allowance and this seems a great way to make a little money for myself, but I’m not sure it would be worth the possible difficulties it might cause with tax and benefits issues.

    • Jeree Petrie says:

      Having read what ‘Alan’ said about benefit claimants (apparently he has no concept of anyone being too ill to work) I would like to withdraw my question. I was looking for advice about a chance do something I can manage so that I could earn at least something that isn’t charity. I wasn’t looking for abuse.

  239. Amena says:

    Not sure what some people are on about i paid to join a site that had a group of sites that i could easyly sign up with and started getting paid id say it was alot better then searching the internet for hours and doing surveys that got me nothing.

    • Kenn Lett says:

      Would you be willing to share the sites? Like you, I DEFINITELY don’t want to waste my time – I’d rather know I’m getting something vs NOTHING…

      • Jasmine says:

        You don’t need to pay to join a site full of online surveys. We have the best ones in this one article. Also if you sign up to our newsletter we will keep sending you new ones as we find out about them.

  240. Car Finance Brisbane says:

    I was searching online business for long time, but I can’t get it. Now I am very happy to get it. thanks for sharing this great information for me.

  241. Maria says:

    Found this website – not a bad find! Surveys work well, interesting topics and Ive just received my first pay out. Definitely recommend it to any UK people looking for survey sites

  242. vanessa says:

    i dont know to make her can somebody help me her

  243. Dalia says:

    i’m from UAE and guess what im a teen there is none much we teens could do here so i tried the surveys and stuffs but they are not available in here so can u help me out im trying to make some bucks of my own !!


  244. mousa says:

    Dear ,
    I’m looking for a partime job ( working from home) as an online surveyor,
    If this working system is practiced in your company please send me i’m from Egypt.


  245. David Wisdom says:

    Since downloading your e-book,I registered with as many as I could and now have regular ‘assignments’ from 3 of them. As a retired person they are ideal for me, because they can take a fair amount of time to complete, what with having to download the briefing notes and fill in the questionnaire online afterwards. I only accept those that I can get to with my bus pass! A good way to earn a bit of ‘pin money’, and I treat them as a bit of a day out, not a ‘good little earner’, don’t expect to earn a fortune, but look on them as a good way to get out of the house for a while.

  246. Tina Webster says:

    There’s nothing more interesting and helpful than reading actual real experiences, and with on-line surveys this is definitely no different. Anyone who has been completing surveys for a while ‘gets a feel’ for the better companies, but it is deinitely a case of trial and error. I recently cut back on the amount of companies I’m registered with in favour of a select few. Panelbase, Valued Opinions have a low payout of £10.00 and Pinecone pay out in Luncheon Vouchers immediately. Any one of these are excellent. I am always on the look out for new survey opportunities and there are some new ones I will look into after reading the posts in this feature!

  247. Titadex says:

    Nice information, thanks. Quite helpful

  248. Titadex says:

    Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion, but I believe that paid survey is a good online business that is worth given a trial. Thanks for the information it is quite helpful.

  249. Spencer says:

    Cool article Joanna! I think it’s REALLY important that you tell people to watch out for scam survey sites that ask for a credit card. Unfortunately, shady survey sites are often someone’s first exposure to survey sites and they give up on them simple because they had one bad experience.

  250. Jamie says:

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience of ? They allow you to earn points for doing surveys & trials then exchange them for gift cards…

  251. sydney says:

    Making money online isn`t so simple as everyone thinks. CPA is one of the most often choices, but not the easiest ones . One of the easiest ways, maybe not so profitable as CPA is Google AdSense websites, there are a thousands of great website themes optimized for this , promotion of niche keywords in Google is very simple.I know exactly what you mean. I would just like to add that in my experience once you have found a survey site that actually does pay money & not “reward” you with trial offers at a discounted rate or an entry to a prize draw you will find that, if you are lucky, you may get a couple of £1.50 surveys a month & will have to wait a year or longer for a payout by which time you will have unsubscribed, recieved nothing & the survay site will have got a dozen surveys from you for free which they will have been payed for & what they are hoping you will do.

    • Chris says:

      You sound very sceptical, so obviously you haven’t had the same ‘luck’ as myself. £100 a year from Newvista, £80 p.a. from Onepoll, £50ish from Pinecone and all with very little effort. I’m easily making £50 p.m. – not bad as a hobby with just a bit of effort each evening. Try harder and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded.

      Still can’t believe that there are so many excellent survey sites not referred to on here, and Lightspeed is still referred to, a long while after it was taken over by MySurvey.

      • ellia says:

        How do they tell whether you’re making stuff up?
        Like, you could just do any survey, even ones that weren’t relevant to you, like ones for kids.

  252. sam says:

    the last survey website… survey federation my computer said it was maleware/ wasn’t safe just fort id share.

  253. Kerri Poll says:

    Good article, certainly covers the main survey companies! Would perhaps also add Ipsos to the list. Kerri x

  254. It is very good to get money. I will also join in these online sueveys

  255. Sammy says:

    Awesome stuff…

  256. Hasan Khan says:

    Paid Surveys are indeed a good way to make money online if you’ve got a few extra minutes every day and don’t mind sharing your opinion. I find some surveys very annoying (along with some sites) but I haven’t tested some of the ones you’ve listed. Thanks for the suggestions.

  257. laura says:

    i took this advice and within 24horours all my personal info had been removed from my phone i was useing for it. i have never had a problem with it before and i now i have lost pics ,calander info and contacts.
    wish i had never joined any of the obove sites

  258. Lee says:

    I recently joined the QRS Research Panel and got invited to a focus group where I was paid £50 in cash for 2 hours, I have just been invited to a second one to!

  259. Sharon Re says:

    There is nothing known as easy money. It does not exist. I can understand if one falls for something like this out of sheer desperation. Most of the country is living well below the poverty line. You need any statistics for that. You just need to leave the house.

  260. neelam says:

    i would like to participate in online surveys

    • dave says:


      I am a member of Toluna and Valued Opinions, which are good websites, but there is no mention of

      I would definitely recommend these three sites as well for genuine websites which pay good money!!

      Good Luck


      • Fredrick Francis says:

        I wanted to join but after clicking the link, it said The service is not available in my country! wat shall i do??
        My country is Tanzania, but i am in india for my first Bachelor of commerce in international busness.
        I am also a holder of diploma in computer application

  261. Ilona Acors says:

    Hey Jason, thanks for including Twitter Image in your list.

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    • Palal says:

      What is it that you said, Craig?
      craig says:
      May 12, 2011 at 2:45 pm
      hello al try it

      What are you trying to say?

  264. Ray says:

    I completed several surveys for for someone called Emma. I saved quite a few ‘points’ which can be used for a variety of things. In my case I completed these surveys to earn points to be transferred to my Nectar points account. Well after several emails to this Emma about the transfer, all I got was “they will be transferred soon”…….they never were transferred after all and I am talking about several emails in a period of several months.
    So for all out there looking for a decent ‘Earn points/cash for surveys, beware of this useless Emma and her attitude which stinks!

  265. Bev says:

    Hi guys. I’ve read all your comments with great interest. All very informative, thanks. Personally, I would rate and Panelbase, since I started “surveying” as a boost to my income, 4 months ago. Both were quick to pay out and it didn’t take too long to reach their £10 and £15 min payout targets.
    Not sure why anyone recommends Toluna or Ciao… I found them to be rubbish so I cancelled. I agree also that Lightspeed seems to be pretty good. Ok, so we’re never gonna get rich on this, but not a bad little earner if you have some “online” time to spare when at home in front of the TV!

  266. Chris says:

    Very out of date. Can’t believe New Vista and Pinecone aren’t mentioned. These are easily the best sites out there. Certainly Globaltestmarket should be a must too.

  267. Emmanuel says:

    As its said ‘different folks different strokes’ its seems there are no genuine survey site that pay cash, because so far i have read all the comments and some are saying this survey site is good while on the otherhand some are condeming it. I ve not seen/read of any site everyone is applauding and i’m getting confused. Pls can someone tell me of an online survey site dat is really good and pays cash. I’m new to survey business and ì dont live in UK

  268. Alan says:

    BIG MONEY……………….. NEVER!
    I have tried this online survey stuff for a few months now & have reached this conclusion:
    There are companies out there who will pay for online surveys but don’t be fooled by what most blogs are SELLING (…or being paid to refer you on to survey companies = same thing!)
    In order to get a reasonable amount of surveys you have to join lots & lots (& lots & lots!) of sites. Most will pay out when you hit a minimum target of between $20 – 50. In reality this means you will be completing a lot of surveys on a lot of survey sites but it will take months before you recieve any payment from any of them. Inspite of what they will all tell you at the registration stage, most surveys pay less than $1 & often you will spend time & effort completing a survey to then, & only then be told you have been entered into a prize draw as payment! Surveys paying $30 – $50 do not exist. You can get this sort of money if you “take advantage” of an offer that all survey sites are riddled with like signing up to a credit card or subscribing to a trail offer which will involve you paying a discounted rate for the first months services & even if you cancel the subscription within the first month you may (& often will!) find that they will still take $30 from your account for the next month by “mistake” & then you have to battle it out with the refunds department!!
    Like many UK residents I also joined CashCrate, completed dozens of surveys, got sucked into taking quite a few offers only to find my account was not credited with a significant proportion of my work & I never recieved payment even when I, eventually, hit their payout target!!
    To conclude; if you have lots of time & are in no hurry whatsoever to receive small payments for your efforts you will not be disappointed but if you are looking for a decent spare time money earner pop down to yor local Tesco’s, get a job filling shelves at 6.50 per hour for a few hours per week & enjoy their staff discount on your groceries. I appreciate this concept may interfere with the state benefits that most online surveyers are claiming & if this applies to anyone who may be reading this why not go out there, earn your keep & make a real contribution like the rest of us!!

    • Steve says:

      Well said Alan.
      I know exactly what you mean. I would just like to add that in my experience once you have found a survey site that actually does pay money & not “reward” you with trial offers at a discounted rate or an entry to a prize draw you will find that, if you are lucky, you may get a couple of £1.50 surveys a month & will have to wait a year or longer for a payout by which time you will have unsubscribed, recieved nothing & the survay site will have got a dozen surveys from you for free which they will have been payed for & what they are hoping you will do.
      Also AVOID the survey sites that tell you you can make $100’s a day by paying them a subscription. All you get is a list of survey sites which you have to join, for which they recieve a commission & you will find yourself in the same scenario that you have expained; completing a lot of survays for a lot of survey sites for peanuts & waiting 18 months for a £20 payout! Lets be honest if anyone hit on an idea that genuinely did payout +$2000 a month would they really be willing to cut you in for “one off payment of $49?” or would they keep it to themselves & earn a fortune!

      • Steve says:

        PS. I was also ripped off by cashcrate!

        • Steve says:

          PPS. ALSO you will often find that on survey sites tha actually do pay something for your efforts when you get close to your payout target paid surveys will dry up or you will be told that “your details do not currently match their search criterea” OR you will find yourself only being sent surveys that offer “rewards” other than cash………………….need I say more!!!!

      • mike says:

        huh?? r u serious?? it will take 18months just for £20 payout??

  269. Michael says:

    waste of time, would be fine if you got several surveys a day, but with most you’re lucky to get more than 1 or 2 a month, takes far to long to earn any money.

    Just not worth it IMO.

  270. Marta says:

    Good list,

    I use some of them + more
    Surveyfriends for vouchers:
    PanelOpinion for cash:

  271. MISS KAPOW says:

    I joined Valued Opinions a couple of months ago and have already got myself £20 of Argos vouchers and well on my way to getting my next £10 voucher! Had some surveys that have paid £2.50 for about 15 mins work! plus, the surveys 99% of the time are fun to do on subjects such as new sweets, stella! lottery, etc! very varied and interesting… even got my mum wanting to join to start earning some pocket money!!!

  272. 50 side businesses to set up from home | says:

    […] Opinions are all pukka,” she says. “You make between 50p and £5 per survey. Click here for more information and a list of genuine survey […]

  273. srmsofttech28 says:

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  274. Dino says:

    Seriously? You guys prefer to waste your time filling out survey for a pitiful 30-40-50 bucks? In the space of a year? Really?
    With all the hype i thought people would be earning like minimum a couple of hundred dollars a month as a ‘suplement’ to their already existing salary.

    This is a scam pure and simple. Anyway you look at it they are giving you peanuts in order for them to make millions.

  275. lisamfc says:

    I am a serial surveyer!! I have made over £300 in the last 14 months plus had products to test and redeemed points on ipoints(now maximiles) for a ds game. Although Toluna is slow in paying out the vouchers they do eventually arrive (usually about 8 weeks after ordering them), also would recommend Valued opinions and lightspeed.

  276. Robin Kingston says:

    Been with valued opinions for 12 months.
    no problems,have been paid regularly when requested
    earned £55 so far.

  277. smile says:

    Sorry! but I want to know if these kinds of surveys are also available for other countries like Thailand. If can then I would like to apply for these surveys.

  278. shasha says:

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