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Five reasons you should start your new years resolutions now

Why wait until New Years to set yourself some goals? It doesn’t make any sense.

Be different, don’t follow the herd and think outside the box to get the best results.

Starting now will give you a head start, help you have a better and more relaxed Christmas, and if you fall off the wagon it won’t be a big deal – you’re ahead of the curve.


Five reasons you should start your New Years resolutions now

1. Frankly, is there a more ridiculous time to decide to make a radical change to your life than New Years Day? Chances are you’d stayed up late, drank more than you usually would and come New Years morning you’re feeling awful. It’s hardly the best start to your new way of life!

2. Beginning now will give you a head start on everyone else and will allow you to more naturally implement the changes in your life.

3. After ‘Stoptober’ and ‘Go Sober for October’ it makes no sense to get back into bad habits only to try and give them up again in a few months time. Let the good habits become part of your everyday life.

4. When it comes to dieting, how good would it feel to approach the Christmas period in good shape? You’ll be able to relax, enjoy the Christmas food without too much worry and go back to your diet after Christmas. Normally we gorge ourselves silly and then try to use our New Years resolution to atone for it (and fail), whereas cutting back now will simply make Christmas an allowed ‘blip’ in your otherwise healthy life.

5. Starting now means that even if you do fall off the wagon and eat a little more than you should or have forgotten to go on one of your morning jogs then it’s no big deal, you’ve already started earlier than everyone else so cut yourself some slack!

Below are our top tips on starting early and achieving the goals you set for yourself:


Lose weight

Woman measuring her waist

Starting to lose weight now will mean you’ll approach Christmas healthy so you won’t have to feel so guilty for pigging out a little. Plus it’ll stop you from putting on the normal Christmas timber and feeling all lethargic and unsightly over the festivities.

There are some great health and fitness bargains out there if you’re looking for some inspiration. Groupon has a whole load of fitness offers no-matter where you live, from discounted gym members to money off Pilates classes. Or if it’s a healthy diet you’re looking for, they have a wide range of diet offers.

Red Letter Days have some fun ways for you to lose weight as well. For example you can get 50% off a full day fitness session for two if you fancy getting fit together,  or if you’re feeling really intense then why not try out a military survival boot camp… it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you want to work out but find gym memberships too expensive, could be the new love of your fitness life – and not just because it knocks up to 60% off normal gym pricesLike a pay-as-you-go phone, you only pay for what you use. So there are NO expensive monthly fees to get locked into, and NO joining or induction charges. Plus, you’re not limited to only one gym – lets you use hundreds of fitness centres across the UK (so you can use one close to work during the week and one near home at weekends).

For more information read our 12 ways to cut the cost of your gym membership. 



Drink less alcohol

Woman with headache after drinking too much

Following on from ‘Go Sober for October’, why not try and keep your good spell going?  It would be silly to get back into bad habits again.

We’re not saying you should never drink alcohol again (although it can’t hurt – not drinking can save you £1,000’s a year! and make life a lot easier) but you can try and cut back which should save you money and improve your health.

Why not set give yourself an incentive to do it – say going out with friends on a Sunday and using the money you have saved from not going out the night before, or putting the money towards classes in something you’ve always wanted to learn whether it be salsa, a musical instrument or another language.


Quit smoking

snapping a cigarette

October is ‘Stoptober’ so if you took part in that then well done and keep it up! If not then start now.

Giving up smoking might not be easy but the benefits to your health and your wallet are undeniable (we’ve estimated you can save £3,000 a year by stopping smoking.)

Why not find a good saving account using our comparison tool, put the money you save each week from smoking into it and save up for a big trip away in one or two years time. Imagine what an incentive that would be!

If you’re struggling then check out the NHS’s Smoke free site and the No Smoking Day website. Boots sell a lot of cheap ‘stop smoking’ aids so it’s well worth finding out which one might work for you.


Get your finances in order

Couple sorting through bills and finances

Traditionally a lot of people are in debt when they hit January. Don’t leave it until then to find out you’re in trouble, take control of your finances now and avoid going into the red.

It’s easy to talk about ‘spending less’ and ‘saving more’ but without a goal and a plan of actions it’s difficult to stick to it (in fact two thirds of people who save with a goal in mind actually reach their target!)

If you’re trying to pay off debt then begin by cutting up your credit cards and store cards and moving to a 0% credit card. The best card on the market is currently the Barclaycard Platinum Card which gives you a whopping 34 months 0% interestOther good cards include the Halifax Balance Transfer Credit Card which gives you 33 months 0% interest and the Nationwide Balance Transfer Credit Card which gives you 0% for 26 months.

Once you have one of these cards, set up an automatic payment to be debt-free by the time the 0% period runs out.

Use our credit card comparison tool to find the best card for you.

If you’re looking to save money then come up with and stick to a family budget so you can set a target in mind. Use our utilities comparison serve to see if you can find a better deal (98.8% of customers can save money switching their energy bills) and if you need some saving ideas then read our 26 painless ways to save money.


What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the curve and starting your resolutions now!

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