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Dog influencers: The pups earning thousands on social media

Isobel Lawrance 7th Apr 2022 No Comments

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We all love seeing pictures of cute dogs. We coo over puppies and endlessly scroll through pictures of our furry friends on social media. But did you know, dog influencers are on the rise? Often referred to as fur-fluencers, people are obsessing over the hashtag #dogsofinstagram and the new ‘DogTok’ genre on video sharing platform TikTok.

These doggy influencers aren’t just cute, either. They are earning the big bucks. We are talking big bucks – some even make a yearly salary with one post. Now, new research has revealed the potential earnings of our canine pals across platforms TikTok and Instagram.

The most popular type of videos are ones in which owners humanise their dogs, documenting parts of their pooches’ everyday life. People are enjoying these videos so much, that over 18.6 million search results are generated when you Google the term ‘dog influencers’.

But which pup is top-dog?

Canine Cottages, dog-friendly holiday letting specialists used HypeAuditor to tally followers across Instagram and TikTok platforms, to find out which dogs are the most pawpular on social media. They also used these stats to find out how much each of the dogs could charge on average per photo or video post.

Here are the top five doggy influencers with the highest earning potential!


1. @jiffpom

This Pomeranian has a big personality – and an even bigger bank account by the look of it! @jiffpom has a staggering 31 million followers and has the potential to earn up to £19,600 per post. Yes, you read that correctly – per post.


2. @tuckerbudzyn

 Tucker the golden retriever comes in at second place and is one of Magpie Izzy’s personal favourite social accounts. Tucker is a bouncy, joyful boy who has 12 million loyal followers across Instagram and TikTok. With this number of fans, it’s no wonder he could earn up to £12,600 per post.


3. @mayathepolarbear

Maya is not a polar bear, and is in fact a dog, we promise! She is a big, fluffy white Samoyed. She may not be from the ice caps herself, but she is earning a cool £7,350 to £11,000 per post on Instagram, thanks to her 7 million adoring fans.


4. @itsdougthepug

Not only is Doug the pug loved by 10 million people on social media, but celebrities too. Ed Sheeran, Shakira and Justin Bieber have all met and spent time with Doug. As if this didn’t make Doug a cool dude as it is, his earnings of £6,850 per post place him fourth on the list.


5. @whataboutbunny 

Bunny, a sheepadoodle shot to fame after learning to communicate with her owner through buttons which when pressed, say a word or phrase, such as ‘hungry’, ‘food’ and ‘love you’. This gorgeous girl earns around £3,900 per post and has 7.3 million TikTok followers.


Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Canine Cottages, says:

Nothing beats a cute dog on social media, and we know how many people love to watch these famous pups every day. We wanted to see how much these dogfluencers could be earning online, to show that anyone – even animals – can make it in showbiz!

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