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The best dog for your lifestyle and budget

Isobel Lawrance 6th Dec 2021 No Comments

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Christmas and New Year are the two most popular times of the year to buy a dog, so if you are thinking of adding a new addition Perfect-Pets has some useful tips to help you choose the right dog for your family’s lifestyle and budget.


The Covid Effect

There have been many ups and downs in our lives due to Covid. Yet, if there is one thing we can say for certain it’s that Brits are a nation of pet lovers. It seems isolation and uncertainty drive us to seek out companionship and love. That’s why since the pandemic pet ownership in the UK and across the globe has soared to new heights.

One of the most popular pandemic pets to buy or adopt has been the dog, man’s best friend. Lovable and dependable many households appreciate a loyal dog but sometimes we forget just how much responsibility and expense comes with taking care of one.

Like us humans, dogs are individuals. The choice of breeds out there is more than enough to fit with the lifestyle and personality of just about any individual and or family.


Choosing the right breed of dog for your lifestyle

So, if you’ve been thinking about buying or adopting a dog, read on. Here you’ll find the top 5 international dog breeds, and the reasons for their enduring popularity. With the right commitment, you should be able to find one or more canine companions who will truly enhance your life and can fit in with your lifestyle and budget.


Yorkshire Terrier

a yorkshire terrier dog

The Yorkshire Terrier is very easy to care for; so much so that some owners never quite get round to house training them. This is because their faeces are very small and easy to clean up; this can lead to owners letting their dogs get away with it. This is a terrible mistake, and will mean your Yorkie never becomes house trained.

Apart from that, the Yorkie is the perfect dog for people who live in apartments; they can be exercised in the home, are agile and clever, and like to do tricks for their families.

Grooming a Yorkshire Terrier takes quite a lot of dedication. For such small dogs, their coats are high maintenance, and can become matted or tangled very quickly. Overall, the Yorkshire Terrier is loved for its aesthetic nature and warm personality. In terms of affordability, these dogs are small and easy to take care of with an occasional visit to the dog boutique needed. So certainly, worth a look at for a family with children or a young single person in need of companionship.


The Beagle

The Beagle has been described as a “nose with feet”; you will always find a Beagle with its nose to the ground, even in the home. It literally follows its nose around, and is a very inquisitive animal. It likes to point out new things to its owners, thanks to its amazing sense of smell.

Beagles are outgoing and friendly dogs who like to be part of the family by being useful. They are, at their heart, still hounds, however; once they have a scent they will want to follow it. Be prepared to follow your Beagle to some strange places when you’re out and about.

A main part of caring for a Beagle is to try to keep him or her near enough to control, or at least order to heel. A fenced area at home is essential, as these dogs need space to explore, propelled by their noses.

Beagles are family-oriented dogs, who have a particular fondness for children. This may be because kids are small, as are the dogs themselves; it’s also likely that Beagles like to play with children because both like to have fun. It is important to remember that beagles are pack dogs who thrive on company, of any sort. You’ll need a home with space and the time to give to ensure your Beagle gets the love and attention he deserves.


Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever, usually known as the Lab, is consistently the most popular breed of dog in the UK, USA, and around the world. A medium to large size breed, the Lab has a short, silky coat, which comes in black, yellow, and chocolate.

The Lab is famous worldwide as one of the sweetest, good-natured dogs there is; this reputation is well deserved. Labrador Retrievers just love to please, whether that’s two or four legged animals. They are also intelligent dogs, and their desire to please makes them excellent trainers.

You’ll need to train your Lab properly, as these are working dogs who need to stay active, which means they need to be controllable. Some Labs are more boisterous than others, but all need physical and mental exercise.

Labrador Retrievers need human company, probably more than any other dog of similar size. They are perfect for families and will enjoy bonding with each member. If left alone for any length of time, your Lab will become distressed, meaning it will cry, yelp, bark and eventually start to chew anything it can get its jaws on. So, if you have a busy lifestyle with little time spent at home this is not the type of dog that will be content to be left idle.

Labs don’t take too long to groom, although they do shed quite a lot. They need brushing every day and you’ll need to be prepared to keep your home vacuumed and swept regularly. All in all, these dogs make great companions. If you are prepared to give them lots of love, they will return that love to you fourfold.


French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a small to medium sized dog breed with a sunny personality. They have surged in popularity in recent years due to celebs such as Lady Gaga. Perfect for families or those single, Frenchies, as they are lovingly known, are superb companion dogs, because they simply love human company.

This could mean playing with the kids, or just lounging around on the sofa or hanging out with you while you have a coffee. French Bulldogs are actually quite human, and a bit like teenagers in many ways. They are free spirited dogs, who don’t necessarily like being told what to do; this can make them seem stubborn in some people’s eyes.

What’s certain is that Frenchies don’t like being left alone; they will get bored and probably do some damage to your home. They are mischievous and have a good sense of humour, which means you as an owner will have to be consistent and confident in your abilities as a trainer.

French Bulldogs are not high energy dogs, and do not require a great deal of exercise in terms of long walks or physically demanding games. They are prone to obesity (like every dog), so they must be exercised.

The Frenchie loves to be part of the family and will expect to be treated like a fully fledged member of that family. They can also be territorial around their group so be aware. These dogs will see themselves as your equal and will expect constant attention. if you have a sociable lifestyle this is the dog for you.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

corgi dog

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a small dog with big ideas. Tenacious, protective dogs, the Pembroke is one of two Welsh dogs (the other being the Cardigan Welsh Corgi) bred to herd much larger animals than itself, like cattle, horses and sheep.

The Pembroke is a fiercely intelligent dog, and very protective of its family. As a herding breed, its instinct is to keep people close; it likes to know where everyone is, and will become defensive if the family unit is approached by strangers.

Pembrokes are also very loving dogs, who like to make everyone happy. They are generally happy dogs themselves, although they are known to have a stubborn streak. They are great to train, as they like to please their owners. They’re especially easy to train if you use food as a tool.

The most important aspect of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s care is their exercise. These are very high energy dogs, who can run all day in short bursts; this is testament to their herding ancestry. They are also very adaptable and can live happily in the city or country; they are also small enough to do well inside a flat. Be aware that they are also surprisingly muscular, heavy dogs, who can easily break things and injure themselves in confined spaces.

The Pembroke loves to feel like part of the family, so you should make sure you give it the time and attention it needs.



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