Make money as a mobile manicurist

Reading Time: 8 mins Let’s just face it: we live in a world where spending hours at the beauty parlour is no longer an option. With jobs, kids, pets and social activities to attend to, we simply don’t have time. Enter woman’s new best friend: beauty treatments on the go! With an exciting range of nail treatments to choose … read more

Make money shopping around

Reading Time: 6 mins When it comes to beauty products, are you a Boots card collector or a Superdrug stasher? Many of us are, but research shows you should be neither as the best way to get a bang for your buck is to shop around and mix and match prices. Voucherbox.co.uk have identified 65% of women as being at risk … read more

Top ten ways to make summer cash quick

Reading Time: 16 mins Fancy making extra cash this summer? Here are a host of great ideas for seasonal work that you can fit around your current lifestyle. We’ve covered everything from working at events (get free tickets to sport and music festivals as well as lining your pocket) right through to looking after someone else’s house whilst they’re … read more

25 wonderful ways to make money and save money this Summer

Reading Time: 8 mins Whether you’re planning a cheap getaway this summer or simply want to spruce up the garden we are showing you 25 wonderful ways to make money and save money along the way. Summer is here and the sun’s out… so lets get going!   June – Be happy and make money 1. Be happy this month. … read more

7 easy ways to make money at home doing household chores

Reading Time: 9 mins You can make money at home while you’re doing the things you usually do. It’s actually not that hard. While some of these things are hard work, others can see you earning cash for things you love doing like walking the dog or doing the gardening. Read our  top tips for making cash from home day … read more

5 Ways To Make Money By Renting Your Stuff

Reading Time: 4 mins Most people have things they could rent out for some extra cash. Here are our top 5 things you could be renting out:  1. Rent your house on Airbnb without the hassle Though anyone can put their home on Airbnb, increased competition amongst millions of homeowners and the constant need to look after guests and their needs … read more

The importance of setting goals – and how you can win £5,000 for sharing yours!

Reading Time: 4 mins One of the best ways to begin clearing your clutter, whether it be sorting out your physical clutter room-by-room or de-cluttering your financial life, is to set yourself goals. That’s part of the reason we set up our 14 Day Decluttering Challenge, without setting ourselves goals it’s easy to keep putting off tasks to ‘another day’ … read more

Simple savings to clear your clutter

Reading Time: 3 mins Someone once said ‘a little goes a long way’, and when it comes to feeling smarter about being in control of your finances, even the simplest of savings can be a good thing. Try out these simple savings and start decluttering your life.   What don’t you need? If your wardrobes and cupboards are bursting … read more

Clear Your Clutter Day Campaign

The Clear Your Clutter Campaign is a year-round push to get us all to make money, save money and gain freedom by de-cluttering our lives on every level. It has been set up by Jasmine Birtles, TV money guru and founder of MoneyMagpie.com. Jasmine says, “we lose millions every year by buying stuff we don’t … read more

Fellowes’ Guide To De-cluttering Your Home

Reading Time: 3 mins Ever feel like you’re drowning in too much ‘stuff’? Thanks to busy lifestyles, it’s all too easy to let clutter build up around the home. Keeping on top of everything can almost feel like an impossible task. De-cluttering Your Home If it’s time to salvage your home from the chaos, Fellowes® – experts in all … read more

How families can cut mobile phone costs

Reading Time: 5 mins Mobile phone costs are one of the biggest day-to-day expenses of having children, particularly as they become teenagers and want to use social media apps and talk to friends for hours. But there are a few ways you can cut the costs, particularly by buying secondhand, reconditioned phones as we show you below. You can also … read more

The A-Z of saving money: 26 ways to save

Reading Time: 9 mins When it comes to saving money it’s all about cutting costs and finding the right discounts, offers, vouchers and sometimes even freebies. From saving on the cost of your gym membership and kids entertainment to paying attention to your spending habits and saving money with travel, insurance and bills, we have 26 ways for you … read more

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