Passive Income Ideas: Making Your Money Work for Your Financial Goals

Reading Time: 3 mins It’s enticing to hear about earning money without having to work for it full time. That’s what passive income is. You don’t need to go to the office and do a nine-to-five routine to make money. You simply invest your money and let it work for you.  However, passive income is not about zero work … read more

Most popular funds, shares and investment trusts of 2021

Reading Time: 6 mins What were the most popular funds, shares and investment trusts of 2021 according to three of the main investment platforms? I asked AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown which investments were the most popular among their users and got some pretty similar answers. Growth funds (a fund that is looking to increase its price rather than … read more

How to invest with just a tenner

Join Jasmine Birtles, personal finance expert and founder of MoneyMagpie.com, for an exclusive, 2-HOUR training session on how to start investing. This is investing 101 – the real beginner’s guide to investing in the stock market and elsewhere. No questions too dumb, come along with your queries and concerns and we will address them all. … read more

Help! How do I set up a self-select ISA?

Reading Time: 10 mins A lady called Maureen who attended one of Jasmine’s investing workshops wrote in asking for help to set up a self-select ISA. She wrote: “I was on your investment workshop last night and it was great. Thank you. After the workshop I tried to open a stocks and shares ISA with Vanguard. It looks like … read more

Make Your Investment Precious

Reading Time: 4 mins Few investments have the beauty and timeless appeal of gold. Its periodic symbol, Au, is taken from the name ‘Aurora’, the Roman goddess of the shining dawn. Since its discovery more than 5,000 years ago, civilisations have traded and treasured this most precious of metals. From the tombs of the pharaohs to the mythical city … read more

How to work out what to invest in, using the ‘Factor Investing’ strategy

Reading Time: 7 mins Have you heard of factor investing, or systematic investing, where you use a predefined rule which works out the best products for you to invest in? It’s becoming more popular as a method of picking ‘winners’ on the stock market as you just ‘follow the science’ – or at least the numbers. Using factors to … read more

How do you know if your fund is genuinely green…and not doing harm?

Reading Time: 8 mins Everywhere you go people are talking about green investing – why it’s important, how it’s the ‘in’ thing and how many more ‘green funds’ are coming on the market. But how do you know that the fund you’re interested in is genuinely green and not just a ‘green-washed’ old fund or something that invests in … read more

Is it a good idea to invest in care homes?

Reading Time: 8 mins Has it ever occurred to you that you could invest in care homes? Care homes are not the first places that come to mind when thinking about investing in property but it’s an area that is growing – thanks to our ageing population – and where there’s a need, there’s a need for money to … read more

How to invest in commodities…and why you should right now

Reading Time: 9 mins Even if you are only a casual investor you will likely have heard of people who invest in commodities. The word ‘commodities’ immediately brings to mind Wall Street bankers urgently making trades in steel, corn and pork bellies in front of huge computer screens. However, the truth is far simpler. A commodity is a raw … read more

How to Make Money on Steam – a 4 Step Plan

Reading Time: 5 mins Most people head to Steam after a long day to wind down with a game of PUBG or catch up with their friends. You may think that only professional game developers can tap into the platform as a revenue stream, but there are a few legit methods with which the average player can make money … read more

How to invest in silver

Reading Time: 10 mins When it comes to investing in precious metals, silver has always lived in the shadow of its glitzier, more eye-catching cousin: gold. The latter is seen by many as the ultimate safe-haven asset, holding its value when stock markets struggle. However, for savvy investors who know what they are doing, silver can be an equally … read more

Are Cheap FTSE Shares Worth the Risk?

Reading Time: 5 mins If you’ve got some cash to invest, you might be considering adding some cheap FTSE shares to your portfolio. But what are they, and what are the risks and advantages involved? And how do you know when to take the plunge and invest in them?  Here, we’ll explain what cheap FTSE shares are and why … read more

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