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How to Switch Careers at Any Age

23rd Sep 2020

You might think switching careers is a young person’s game. After all, those in their 20s or 30s might be less likely to have families, mortgages or other responsibilities that could make it harder to switch careers to something completely new.  In reality though, there are a lot of ways you could switch careers later…

The Best Part-Time Freelance Jobs You Can Start Now

23rd Sep 2020

Got a taste of the work from home life and want to start working for yourself? Looking for new freelance work this autumn? Part-time freelance work has become increasingly popular, especially amongst young people, over the past few years. You’re definitely not alone in wanting a slice of the freelance pie for yourself!  The flexibility…

7 Tips to Manage a Freelance Work/Life Balance

21st Sep 2020

As a freelancer, one of the biggest challenges you face is maintaining boundaries between your work and personal life. Keeping them separate and finding time for yourself can be hard work but is vitally important to avoiding burnout, staying healthy, and maximising your productivity. More and more people are turning to portfolio careers and freelancing…

Turn £25 a Month Into THOUSANDS for Retirement

14th Sep 2020

When you’re younger, retirement can seem a long way off. Especially when you’re on a lower salary, there’s always more pressing costs to spend your money on and your pension tends to take a back seat. If you’re in your twenties now you may not want to be locking your hard-earned cash away for the…

Is an Apprenticeship Right For You?

14th Sep 2020

Apprenticeships haven’t always been popular, but they’re growing in popularity again. Fewer people are opting for traditional higher education routes, like university, and turning to apprenticeships as another option instead. The growth in available apprenticeships is particularly welcome in such an unstable job market. Apprenticeships provide support, income, and a more secure working future. They…

What’s the Difference Between a Credit and Debit Card?

7th Sep 2020

Although a credit card and a debit card look the same and have similar functionalities, they are fundamentally different. They are both convenient to use and are accepted in most places, yet the core distinction is where the money is drawn from. Particularly when owning multiple cards, it can get a little confusing. This blog…

How to Balance a Full-Time Job and Your New Side Hustle

5th Sep 2020

In the past few years we’ve seen a massive rise in the popularity of the side hustle. More and more people are ditching the traditional 9-5 and taking on portfolio careers. Although the side hustle originally started as a way to earn a little extra money on the side, it’s now turned into a whole…

What Is a Bridging Loan?

3rd Sep 2020

With the housing market picking up again, many are considering a change of scenery. However, there’s always the risk that something goes awry with your buying plans. To avoid getting stuck in a failing chain, or to buy un-mortgageable properties, you could try a bridging loan. But what is a bridging loan – and how…

Yes, You SHOULD Apply for That Job

3rd Sep 2020

With such a vast number of recent changes in the world of work, the job market is tougher than ever. Unemployment rates have increased dramatically, and every job is receiving large numbers of applicants. But don’t let this put you off! Although the majority of us jump at any opportunity to second guess ourselves, thinking…

Prepare Your Business for Brexit (As Much As You Can)

3rd Sep 2020

Brexit: remember that? The B-word might not have been at the forefront of our minds this year (albeit for a brief period in January, as the country geared up to begin 2020’s transition period). But it is still happening at the end of this year, coronavirus or no coronavirus. If you’re a business owner it’s…

How to Negotiate a Pay Rise

3rd Sep 2020

As a nation, we’re notoriously bad at talking about money. In fact, we’d almost always rather talk about anything else – sex, politics, and religion included! In particular, one of the topics that makes us the most uncomfortable is asking for a pay rise. For some reason we shy away from it. But with almost…

Things to Cheer You Up in 2020

20th Aug 2020

It’s probably safe to say that for most of us 2020 isn’t exactly going as expected. No one could have foreseen spending 3 months at home and putting on hold all of our plans! The good news is there’s plenty to cheer you up, from free stuff to having more time on your hands. Keep…