Helsinki Finland, Summertime Fun in the Land of the Midnight Sun

Reading Time: 9 mins While Helsinki may be one of the coldest destinations in the world in winter, summertime with its long days of sunshine,  brings out the crowds to this Finnish city located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. With 150 miles of coastline, more than 300 islands, trendy shops and restaurants, as well as loads of … read more

Cheap and yummy recipes – ingredients from the garden

Reading Time: 7 mins Why spend money when you can source delicious ingredients from your garden or the nearby countryside – check out Sarah Locketts recipes from the garden.   A windfall of apples What do you do when you suddenly come into lots of…apples? Bake Apple Tart of course! 1kg store-bought shortcrust pastry costs £2.48 in Tesco/Waitrose. If … read more

How to buy a bicycle for the best price

Reading Time: 7 mins What’s not to love about cycling? It’s good for the environment, your wallet and, of course, your health. But before you rush out and spend hundreds on a state-of-the-art bike, or even just a cheap second-hand one, here are a few things you should consider. What to look for Where to buy Optional extras Government … read more

16 Ways to Find Cheap Designer Clothes

Reading Time: 9 mins Ever commented on a beautiful outfit to be told it came from a supermarket, discount store or charity shop? Did it make you wonder if you know the best places to shop for cheap designer clothes? We’ve put together this essential guide to saving money on your wardrobe – without compromising on style. There’s a whole … read more

10 ways to eat for free – recipes for food from the hedgerows

Reading Time: 9 mins Even in the city there’s loads of free food growing: nettles, dandelion leaves (and flowers), blackberries, linden leaves etc. Get foraging. Here are my top ten free food recipes.

How decluttering enables families to stay together – really

Reading Time: 3 mins Clearing clutter might sound like something that’s just a ‘nice have’ and not exactly something that is a matter of life or death. Well, you’d be surprised. For a start, decluttering has been proven to help people lose weight and get healthy as you can see here. But I also know from my work with … read more

7 ways to revamp your Wardrobe for Under a Tenner!

Reading Time: 8 mins Most of us love to buy new clothes, but not so many of us can afford to all the time, so we’ve put together some fantastic ways for you to revamp your wardrobe for next to nothing. With lockdown easing, we’re starting to think about going out a bit more and want the outfits to match. … read more

Why digital downloads are a rip-off

Reading Time: 5 mins The digital world is taking over our lives. We download music rather than buy CDs, we choose Netflix over DVDs and we can even give up our yoga classes at the gym for free videos on YouTube. Over half of Brits were given ‘virtual gifts’ at Christmas! But have you stopped to question whether this digital … read more

Got beetroot growing in the garden? Great Beetroot Soup Recipe

Reading Time: 2 mins If you have beetroot growing in your garden this is great money saving recipe – Try my beetroot leaf soup. I sadly don’t so I bought raw beetroots at the market this weekend (I love grated beetroot and carrot in salads). They came complete with long stalks and leaves. I was about to cut off … read more

Will the new Consumer Ombudsman end up creating an ‘omni-shambles’ for customers?

Reading Time: 8 mins From next month, UK consumers will be protected by a new bill of rights designed to resolve disputes with retailers and service providers, including the introduction of a dedicated ‘consumer ombudsman’ to handle small claims (anything under £10,000 in value). It is being hailed by the British Government as “the biggest overhaul of consumer rights … read more

Reasons to be cheerful: 62 things to make you smile in 2021

Reading Time: 16 mins Feeling the lockdown blues…even when it’s not supposed to be lockdown? It still feels like there is a lot to be gloomy about – the government and SAGE certainly seem to want to keep us that way! But we truly don’t have to accept that. We can rebel and demand the goodness, happiness and light … read more

How to make money and save money in 2015

Reading Time: 9 mins Make money and save money every month this year. Look through these tips and you can make some notes in your diary to help you get ahead of the game and rake in the cash each month this year! January February March April  May June July August September October November December

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