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How to Get Work as a Mechanic

2nd Jul 2020

Choosing to learn a trade or a specific skill set is always recommended as no matter what state the economy is in, certain industries will always need workers, and mechanics and auto repairs is one of them. Your chances of always finding work are high but also once you are fully qualified you have skills…

The Best Reward Credit Cards in 2020

2nd Jul 2020

We love products and services that make your money work for you. In particular, reward credit cards are great for this as whether you’re using your card for your day-to-day spending or to make a big purchase, all the points add up to a reward. The points you earn with these credit cards can be…

The Highest Earning Virtual Jobs in 2020 (And How to Get Them)

29th Jun 2020

The onset of coronavirus has seen many of us starting to work from home and take on virtual jobs. Statistics quoted in Business Leader state that prior to the pandemic only 5% of the country worked from home. This has changed massively and now approximately 70%, or 23.9 million people, have been working from home….

Anybody Can Make Money With These Work From Home Jobs

29th Jun 2020

The concept of “working from home” is all well and good. Sometimes, though, you need the guarantee that your remote role really is just that. You don’t want to end up being asked to pop into the office for a meeting or to “put a face to a name” at a moment’s notice. True flexibility…

5 Unusual Ways to Make Money Writing Online

28th Jun 2020

If you’ve got skills in writing and want to think outside the box when it comes to your freelance work, there could be a whole host of niche ways for you to pull in some extra cash. From writing subtitles to translation, the online world is built on “content” – and that means there are…

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing CV

25th Jun 2020

An attention-grabbing CV is vital any time – but now, it’s even more essential as the job market gets more competitive. Research suggests that you have less than 9 seconds to make an impact with your CV on a potential employer. With such a short amount of time to make an impression you need to…

How to Find a Job After Parental Leave

22nd Jun 2020

Finding a job after taking parental leave seems very daunting, regardless of how much experience you have under your belt. Coming back to work and a new way of managing the work/life balance is challenging at best, so it’s important you take the right steps to ease into this new stage of your career as…

How to Get Work as a Beauty or Massage Therapist

20th Jun 2020

If you’re interested in the health and beauty sector, then working as a beauty or massage therapist could be a good option for you. There is a large variety in roles as well as the option to work for a salon or spa or set up your own business. Its flexibility means it’s a great…

Useful Resources for Freelancers of All Experience Levels

19th Jun 2020

More people than ever are turning their hand to freelancing and self-employment. However, running a freelance business takes a lot of effort! We’ve compiled these resources for freelancers to help. Most of them are free – or very cheap – and all will help you run a smooth business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a…

15 Frugal Living Tips to Save £5000 a Year

18th Jun 2020

Frugal living tips sound like a lot of sacrifice needs to be made. It’s not true! But it could be very necessary. As a nation we overspend massively and often beyond our budgets. More than a third of all Brits spent more than they received in income in April 2019. Continuing spending habits like this…

Pensions for the Self-Employed Explained

16th Jun 2020

When you’re on a fluctuating income – and already have to save 30% for taxes – a pension is the last thing on the list. However, pensions for the self-employed are vital for future financial security. Here’s how to set up a pension for the self-employed, and how to make sure you’re contributing regularly! When…

Surviving on a fluctuating income

16th Jun 2020

Are you trying to manage your expenses and get by, whilst not having a steady or reliable income stream? You’re not alone. With the rise of the gig economy in recent years and more people in unstable work, thousands are finding themselves with fluctuating incomes in a way that would have been unthinkable a generation…