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Make money as an Avon Lady

Make money as an Avon Lady

Being an Avon ‘lady’ is not just for yummy mummies now. More and more men are getting into selling cosmetics around the neighbourhood and now Avon is targeting graduates who are struggling to get jobs in the current economic climate. If you would like to run your own business and you have an interest in cosmetics, check it out.

What’s involved?

Avon Daring Curves MascaraAvon is a US-based company selling women’s beauty products. So-called “Avon ladies” (although 5% of the Avon workforce is male) act as sales representatives, selling Avon products to women all over the world through Avon brochures.

They’re now doing a recruitment drive among university leavers called ‘Project Grad-preneurs’ to reach out to struggling graduates. They’re suggesting selling Avon products as a way of setting yourself up in business and making your own money, rather than waiting to get a job.

They have a point – as we often say on this site, there are lots of ways of making cash for yourself either as a ‘bit on the side’ or as a full-time occupation. Working through Avon is just one of them.

There are two main ways you can work with Avon: as a representative or as a sales leader. A representative goes round taking Avon orders from clients directly, while a sales leader will manage a team of representatives and earn commission from their sales. It’s a type of ‘direct selling’ which can work for those who are highly motivated and good at selling. If you’re not too enthusiastic, though, it can just be a lot of work for relatively little reward – make sure you know what you’re going into!

Being an Avon representative is good for people who only want to work part-time with flexible working hours, as the amount of work you put in is entirely up to you – some people even work as an Avon lady while holding down a full-time job. Sales leaders manage the people working under them and therefore work longer hours.

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How much can you make?

Avon works by letting its representatives buy products at a discount. The reps then sell the products on to customers at full price, and pocket the difference. Avon representatives get a 20% discount on £100-worth of sales. Your discount increases to 25% for orders over £135. So, when you sell £400 worth of products, you get £100 profit. Sales leaders earn commission from those working for them. Top sales representatives are earning a huge £284,000 a year, but the sky’s the limit.

However, as you will see from comments on this article (see below) not everyone finds the costs of running the business as low as they might seem at first.

Avon has a joining fee of £15 for representatives and £25 for sales leaders, but these fees cover the necessary training.

Pros and Cons

The working hours are very flexible and you can decide how much money you want to earn in a week. It’s a very sociable job as you’re constantly meeting new people. If you put a lot of work in you can make plenty of profit – but be aware that it’s something you do have to put a lot of energy into, at least in the beginning, in order to get enough reward.

You really do need to be good at selling, as your profits depend entirely on your ability to sell Avon products. Sales can be tricky, especially when targeting your friends is going to be your first port of call. Would you be comfortable asking your friends to buy Avon products from you?

Real life Avon lady: Megan Palmer

Megan Palmer, aged 19 from Cheshire, is an Avon Representative hoping to qualify as a Sales Leader soon. Megan is a full time student at the University of Liverpool studying Anatomy Human Biology. She decided to start her Avon business in May this year, partly inspired by her Mum Julie who is her Sales Leader, but mainly to earn extra money to help fund the costs of university. Megan’s customers are primarily her gymnastic club and residents on her road, but she is really keen to encourage her student friends to join. Most of Megan’s earnings go towards the costs of general student living, her studies, petrol to drive to and from uni, and nights out!

Megan says “The flexibility of Avon is really great for students. My course is very full-on but with Avon I can fit it in where I can around my lectures and still earn the extra money I need.” Being an Avon rep has also given Megan a much better understanding of running her own business, as well as teaching her valuable communication skills, how to be well organized and she has even learnt the basics of accounting.

Getting started

If selling Avon products is your calling, or you just fancy making a bit on the side from it then go to the Avon website now.

Been an ‘Avon lady’? Share your tips and experiences by commenting below.

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48 responses to “Make money as an Avon Lady”

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  4. Kerry Richardson says:

    Im not quite sure where all the negativity is coming from?? I’ve been a rep a couple of times with Avon. Everytime I have quit due to the small income, however this was all down to me. You get what you give, if you are out there selling constantly and utilizing every opportunity there is no reason why you cant succeed!

    Too many people want to work minimal hours and earn millions.. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Build a strong customer base and the rewards are there.

    Just saying.

  5. Alison Rogers says:

    I have been working as a representative for Avon for 2 years & a sales leader for just over 1 year. It is hard going but I have met some amazing people.

    My main piece of advice to anyone who wants to try Avon would be to go ahead. If you want to make serious money then you need to be really motivated and push yourself. I have had rubbish campaigns and also great campaigns. I have set up a support group on facebook as sometimes Avon is a bit lonely. Add me if you like, search hello@alison-rogers. in facebook or just email me.

  6. stephanie_T says:

    I have thought about Avon for some time now but I have heard about a few other branded cosmetic companies offering savings and huge discounts- what to do!

  7. Emma Roberts says:

    Hi I’m currently working for Avon while in full-time employment and have only just done 1 campaign, however I have just recieceved my order and my catalogues for the next 2 campaigns and I am slightly worried as that in the information booklet I received it says that campaign 2 I have until 26th December to place an order to be received 2 weeks later and then by 12th January I need to order to receive by the end of January, I am very confused and worried because I thaught that we’d have a lot longer than 2 weeks to collect orders. Or is it that I can order whenever in the month I please. As that the current catalogue which is the christmas one says that it is O1/2012 and then the next one is 02/2012 so do I have to wait until February then to take orders for that one. Someone please write back asap as I am very worried and don’t know what to do if I should continue or not. If it’s the case where I only have 2 weeks each time I need to know how to quit as I have just been promoted at work as a team leader which means I will be working a lot more hours and then have my house to clean and my fiance to cook for and my dog to look after lol

  8. Paulina says:

    I’m in Avon since campaign 16.
    now I have problem to paid cam.18
    I tried 3 time pay online and they REFUSE me!

  9. crissy says:

    hey my names christina, Im from the US I start doing avon today and i’ll meet the lady in 4 hours, but she said I only have to pay 10$ to get started how much are all the other things you have to pay for? I called people last night and i aleady have 70$ in orders just fro talking to friends on the phone. I have a 11month old baby girl and go to school t days out of the week so i just want to make a lil money on the side for things for christmas and her birthdya and maybe just a lil extra spending money…. I read alot of neg. things about avon so im a lil worried can anyone give me some good idea on selling products?/

  10. Asma says:

    Do I need a car to be able to work for Avon?

  11. Ron says:

    A lot of Interesting comments.

    It’s fair to say that 80% or more of these comments are negative.
    Avon is a company that’s over 100 years old. Yes you can earn money but you sure have to put the work in. Anyone who think they can join a company that is over 100 years old and earn thousands of pounds a month does not understand the business. The real big money was earned years ago before we were all born when the company was new. As current avon lady says you have to be really really lucky. Even if you do manage to get to a high income you still have to put the work in else your income will quickly fall so a lot of hard work is required which most individuals do not have.

    That said then if anyone wants information to the Best NLM Company currently on the market then drop me a mail. There is no selling involved and the income stream is 100% more attractive and profitable than Avons. This is a realative new company so the potential is huge for anyone joining.

    [email protected]

    • Michelle says:

      what a load of rubbish (sorry) I joined Avon when I was just 19 and I ended up being one of five senior exec sales leaders within the UK in 2006. Yes it was hard work but it is achievable, you can learn more about me and my team

  12. heather says:

    I have been selling avon for around 3 month now and i thought it’d help with the situation i am in. 1 im trying to make enough money to give my son a good christmas, birthday etc and thought a extra bit of cash wouldd help and 2 i have extremley low self confidence and thought this would help but i actuallyt have a fear of going to peoples doors and none of my family want to buy although i have got 3 regular orders just from posting the avon !!!!! if any1 no’s of anything i can do to get the confidence to actually get out there and sell avon id be really grateful email me on [email protected] ta xx

    • tina says:

      dont be scared but dont knock on doors leaves books in mail box (if u have some old books that r still valid)or vista print has free buisness cards……best thing i did was go to hobby lobby buy vinal stickers 1 letter pack 1 #er pack stuck :AVON….MY # AND MY WEBSITE …..everyone in my neihborhood know i sell every wher the car goes i get stoped for a book at least 2x a week…..just remember this is ur buisness go for it!u r not selling cookies for a school this is for u ….everywhere u go bring ur avon bag set it on the table when u eat out!hope this helps

  13. Vicky says:

    Hi All,

    I started with avon a few weeks back i am on the second campaign now. I have done brochure 5 2011 and currently on brochure 6 2011.

    I though it was gonig to be really hard as i work a full time job all week of 40 hours. and decided to this on top to earn from it. and make new friends etc.

    My first campaign was excellent even my sales leader was surprised – i had about 15 customers – with about 186 pound order so earning my self nearly £50.
    I know have started my second campaigjn and this is in this week and have another 12 – 13 customers with a order over £200 so earing over £50. I did not put a lto of effort in at first as was getting to grips with it but that is just through family and frinds and work colleagues. I have not even started delievering door to door as of yet!

    I feel you do spend a bit too much on catolgues and prices should be put down though! But once you buy 3 or 4 if goes to £0.48 a pack of 5! In regards to spending out loads – that is not true – with samples i do not buy a load unless on offer. i say to my good customers if theres anything they would like to sample let me know! I then supply samples.

    I also offer free gifts to people who have helped me gain a lot of customers – one friend had helped me gain 60 pound on my order so i offered them a free gift! keeps them happy and they trust you!

    I always keep people informed and tell them re new products etc. I find its a doddle! I spent 2 hours maxium on my first campaign. I ahve produced stickers for order forms – i have got brochure bags not from avon – so saved a bit of money and time!
    Paper bags for products to customers are cheap i brought bulk to last me! I always order all free things every order!

    To be honest you earn a bit – some months may be rubbish but thats the way sales go! People don’t always have the money to buy stuff. You find you need trust your customers and vice versa!

    I am gonig to start for new campaign deleivering door to door! See how that works out – but if you dont recvived orders do not give up they need to trust your gonig to stay around!

    I always have a lot of support of my team leader and sales leader! They are great!

    Any help you need or anjy more tips you could offer me let me know..

    Email me – [email protected]

    Thanks xxx

  14. Rachel says:

    I signed up to do Avon 2 years ago in June. I used to like it and was very confident going to people’s houses and collecting the brochures, however I hate it now and I seriously want to quit. I just need to find another job first, as I am a student (wish I had gone to work full time). Avon is stupid, it doesn’t give anything to its reps for doing the work and some of its products are absolute rubbish. It should pay you more comission (for example £1 for every £4 sold) instead of the whole you will earn if you’re order is over £78 rubbish. Don’t do Avon, you make a pittence (not even that) and it’s not worth your time having all these brochures and Avon boxes cluttering up your house. And another thing, sometimes their products are out of stock so you lose money there…. I’ll be glad to see the back of that money- grabbing company and I won’t encourage anyone to do it, it’s far better to get a hourly paid job than wasting your time not earning shit!

  15. clare says:

    I just signed up to sell Avon on a small scale selling to family, friends and a few work colleagues. I initially was mislead by thinking i would get £1 for every £4 sold, however, two days after i signed up, The Lady who called with me, phoned to say ‘Oh i forgot to tell you but your order has to be over £78 for you to get any commission’! I would have seriously not have signed up if i had known this was the case, as i cant guarantee il always get an order over this value! can i get out of selling as i really feel this was a mistake?? Advice from anyone appreciated.

    • Rachel says:

      Maybe give it a go see how you’re first order goes. If you don’t get over £78 then just quit.

    • Jane says:

      by law You have 14 days to cancel the contract from your date of signing, you get back any money outlaid and owe them nothing it’s written on the green contract just above the box where you signed.

    • jayne says:

      I would like to reply to anyone who is negative about Avon. Yes you have to put a bit of effort in to get the rewards, the brochures come out every 3 weeks and within 3 weeks you may do a few hours work, which I think is very reasonable for the rewards you get. In life these days people seem to want everything handed to them on a plate and we have created a lazy society and people who are not willing to put any effort in to a task. Well Avon do reward you IF you work hard, don’t forget it’s for yourself, Avon just provide you with the tools to help you. £78 is not a lot before you earm commission, they have to put some stop on as the delivery to you isn’t free! t’s free to you but not to the company. If you sell loads and be in the Presidents Club you get a free outing every year wine and dined and other very good discounts. AVON is a great company to work for, ignore all the other comments….

  16. avonsouthsea says:

    i need help with tips on how to make sure i getthe most out of it. i am becoming a sales leader too how can i get peopkle to sign up to be representatives?????

    • Michelle says:


      We have put loads of useful tips for both Avon reps and Avon sales leaders in the “agony Aunt” section of our website we update this quite often, so if you can think of anything else you need to know please let us know and we will try to support you :-)

  17. Sophie Louise says:


    I’m 15, and have been an avon rep for around 2 months now. Yes, I know you have to be over 18, but I have the account under my mums name. I have just completed my fourth campaign, and I earned £51. Yes, that may not be much, but considering I am just starting out, and I am not in the most affluent of areas (ok, its a bit of a dump), its pretty good! The best thing to do, is to just stick with it. Its well worth while, and you’ll have fun too!!

    Good luck to anyone starting out!!


  18. Kelly says:

    Avon doesnt take tons of time.Not anymore,not with the rep websites. Most all your ‘duties’ can be done online. The bonus of this is, if you get a lot of ecustomers, then LESS BUYING OF BROCHURES is needed. I spend approx. $8-$10 a campaign on my Avon supplies. Can’t beat that! People love that they can order 24/7 through your webstore and have items delivered to their door! It’s a whole new age – and it WORKS.

  19. Fragrances says:

    We are an Intl fragrance company selling top quality products at reasonable prices we are looking for Team Leaders and Distributors. Commission is excellent !!!! Their is no joining fee.
    Please visit for full details

  20. DEVONPORT AVON says:

    We are currently looking for Independant Avon Reps to cover their local area, excellent commission and bonus package available, will also have potential to progress to Sales Leader and further progression opportunies available, for more information or to get in touch, please visit devonportavon. We look forward to hearing from you :)

  21. currrent avon lady says:

    working with avon can work, but you have to be really, really lucky. and you have to have a lot of time on your hands.

    it kinds of works like a pyramid scheme in some aspects, the person who recruits you will recieve money when you make money. the ones who make the most are at the top of this pyramid and will be the ones making all the money. and it takes years to get to that level.

    its not a reliable income if you’re actually wanting to earn from avon as your sole income.

  22. Nathan says:

    Hello all….I’m a male and I’m not involved in Avon. However, I’m involved in an alternative network marketing company called natures sunshine. I have only just started but i have gathered that in order to be successful in this game, you must either follow the replicable system that is taught and persist with it or try and create your own marketing system to market the product.

    I would definitely recommend natures sunshine- we sell natural, high quality herbal supplements and health products. They are veryy effective If anyone is interested, contact me on [email protected]

  23. Jennifer says:

    I have been selling Avon for 5 months and have made a profit of over $1000. The only extra costs are the brochures and samples that you would give to your customers. I only sell Avon part time as I work full time during the day. I just hand out brochures to people that I meet, waiting for the bus, waiting in lines anywhere and I talk to them about Avon rather than just giving them the brochure. I now also have some team leaders. It seems the only people that complain about Avon are the ones that didn’t sell anything, which could be because they didn’t get out there and talk to people.

  24. Ex Avon Lady says:

    Search are “are avon careers a scam” in google.

    Avon reps are incredibly misleading, they make you feellike your going to do such a good joband make so much money.
    Even if you tellthemabout the situation you are in they will pretend you will do great.Truth of the matter is you won’t make shit.

    All the money is made on the internet for companys like that…not through broucheures and stupid partys…


    • Rachel says:

      I agree… Avon don’t bother hiring reps, just sell your products online!

      • Rachel says:

        And don’t bother with the brochures either!!

        • Sacha says:

          Unfortunately a lot of people come into AVON expecting to make thousands
          in their first few weeks, and it doesn’t work like that. Unless you are
          incredibly lucky and know a lot of people, chances are you are going to
          be making between £40 and £70 every three weeks. Yes, you have to work
          for this, and yes you have to buy your brochures. Tell me any business
          where you don’t have any ongoing costs. Your brochures are your
          marketing material, and they sell your product. You can order fewer
          books if you want, but then you have to put in more time. Or buy more
          brochures and put in less time. There is always a trade off. And if you
          want to earn more, you can always build yourself a team and show other
          people how its done. AVON is all about financial independence, and from
          experience many reps find that the confidence they get is massive as
          they develop their own business and find themselves pushing what they
          thought they could do. I think a lot of the negativity from ex-reps
          comes from either misunderstanding of the process or from having had a
          poor sales leader who has not explained how to get the very best from
          the experience. (shameless plug alert) – I like to think I give my reps
          the time and attention to make sure that they ARE happy and that they
          are making money. If you want to join AVON and learn all about the right
          way of doing this, please visit

  25. Karen says:

    Tina speak to your upliner. (the person who signed you up) they are there to help/motivate you.

  26. Lisa says:

    I just started with Avon today. I have to say, at first I was really excited but it seems it may not be as good as it sounds. Would I be wasting my time? I can’t afford to waist time, I have two young children one has special needs.

  27. Michelle says:

    I have been an Avon lady now for five years. I started after I moved to a new area and found it a great way to meet people and make new friends. I now have several regular customers and enjoy it. It is a great way to make a bit of extra money and once you have been doing it a while you don’t miss the extra that you have to pay out, as if you work it out right your costs just come out of your commission so you don’t miss it. I think it is a great way to meet new people, socialise and make money in the process!!!

  28. Vicki says:

    I used to do Avon but found too that there were lots of extra costs so now I’ve switched to a brand new cosmetics catalogue company called Kingdom Cosmetics. It’s great…no outlay and 20% on all sales and the products are such excellect value they are so easy to sell. You can see their catalogue at

    • Reen says:

      I also tried Avon without much success. I finally gave up when I went to collect my catalogues and found that not only was there another agent in the area I had been assigned, but the catalogue I was leaving was the month behind hers! To be fair though, my cousin in a different part of the country did so well that she won a holiday in America for the agent with the most sales.

    • Desta says:

      how do become a kingdom cosmetic consultant

  29. adele says:

    i am on my third campaign with avon after taking off costs i made £30 in first two campaigns over 3 weeks and in my last campaign £50. i work full time and do about 5hrs+ a week in avon fo £10 – £20 however it is quite enjoyable and i am sure there will be bigger rewards nearer xmas. i think this is quite good as i have already sold £900 in products for avon especially in a credit crisis. i agree with tina about extra costs and time but its worth trying if you have time.

    • Karen says:

      I don’t understand what extra costs? I have been a rep for 5 years and a Sales Leader for 2 with my own team of reps. The only extra costs are your brochures. The lady that has sold £900 worth of Avon should have made about £225 before her brochures. Even with the cost of her brochures and her £15 start up fee I would expect she should have made about £190! If you aren’t you should speak to your Sales Leader or Area Manager to find out what you are doing wrong – are you spending all your earnings on goods for yourself?

      • Jane says:

        extra costs
        delivery bags
        TIME your time is not an endless resource factor it in and work out how much you are earning an hour and how much that matters compared to the advantages of flexibility ect before your decide to give up / get another job / continue

      • mary says:

        What about the fee that avon charges for every order placed? The price of the samples that they suggest make sales? The price of the bags you put the products in when you drive the customer’s order to their house? Then there is the price of the brochures, yes, the more you buy the cheaper they are per brochure. But I have put out over 100 brochures and not gotten one order as a result of that investment. Who pays the postage when returning the things that customer’s are not satisfied with? Yes, Avon does guarentee it’s products, at the expense of the representative who sells their products which often do not meet, as I have found, up to the customer’s satisfaction because they are not of good quality. And how can an unconditional guarantee have conditions that limit the amount of returns that may be made?
        I started strong with $1800.00 sales in my first three campaigns and two recruits. Now, I can’t make a single sale to my initial customer’s because they have been unhappy with the quality of their purchases. I have lost money on returns, and my recruits are struggling to make sales. I wish I never began selling AVON, and now to make things worse, I owe them money that I just don’t have. The only investment that I got a return on where AVON is concerned is with my contribution to my own demise. I am worse off than when I started, and despite what you all may think, I did try very hard to make it work.


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