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Make money as an Avon Lady

Being an Avon ‘lady’ is not just for yummy mummies now. More and more men are getting into selling cosmetics around the neighbourhood and now Avon is targeting graduates who are struggling to get jobs in the current economic climate.

If you would like to run your own business and you have an interest in cosmetics, check it out.


what do ‘avon ladies’ actually do?

Avon is a US-based company selling women’s beauty products. So-called “Avon Ladies” (although 5% of the Avon workforce is male) act as sales representatives, selling Avon products to women all over the world through Avon brochures.

They’re now doing a recruitment drive among university leavers called ‘Project Grad-preneurs’ to reach out to struggling graduates. They’re suggesting selling Avon products as a way of setting yourself up in business and making your own money, rather than waiting to get a job.Avon Daring Curves Mascara

They have a point – as we often say on this site, there are lots of ways of making cash for yourself either as a ‘bit on the side’ or as a full-time occupation. Working through Avon is just one of them.

There are two main ways you can work with Avon: as a representative or as a sales leader. A representative goes round taking Avon orders from clients directly, while a sales leader will manage a team of representatives and earn commission from their sales. It’s a type of ‘direct selling’ which can work for those who are highly motivated and persuasive. If you’re not too enthusiastic, though, it can just be a lot of work for relatively little reward – but make sure you know what you’re going into!

Being an Avon representative is good for people who only want to work part-time with flexible working hours, as the amount of work you put in is entirely up to you – some people even work as an Avon lady while holding down a full-time job. Sales leaders manage the people working under them and therefore work longer hours.

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How much can you make?

Avon works by letting its representatives buy products at a discount. The reps then sell the products on to customers at full price, and pocket the difference. Avon representatives get a 20% discount on £100-worth of sales. Your discount increases to 25% for orders over £135. So, when you sell £400 worth of products, you get £100 profit. Sales leaders earn commission from those working for them. Top sales representatives are earning a huge £284,000 a year, but the sky’s the limit.

However, as you will see from comments on this article (see below) not everyone finds the costs of running the business as low as they might seem at first.

Avon has a joining fee of £15 for representatives and £25 for sales leaders, but these fees cover the necessary training.


the pros and cons of working for avon

The working hours are very flexible and you can decide how much money you want to earn in a week. It’s a very sociable job as you’re constantly meeting new people. If you put a lot of work in you can make plenty of profit – but be aware that it’s something you do have to put a lot of energy into, at least in the beginning, in order to get enough reward.

You really do need to be good at selling, as your profits depend entirely on your ability to sell Avon products. Sales can be tricky, especially when targeting your friends is going to be your first port of call. Would you be comfortable asking your friends to buy Avon products from you?


Real life Avon lady: Megan Palmer

Megan Palmer, aged 19 from Cheshire, is an Avon Representative hoping to qualify as a Sales Leader soon. Megan is a full time student at the University of Liverpool studying Human Anatomy and Biology. She decided to start her Avon business in May this year, partly inspired by her Mum Julie who is her Sales Leader, but mainly to earn extra money to help fund the costs of university. Megan’s customers are primarily her gymnastic club and residents on her road, but she is really keen to encourage her student friends to join. Most of Megan’s earnings go towards the costs of general student living, her studies, petrol to drive to and from uni, and nights out!

Megan says “The flexibility of Avon is really great for students. My course is very full-on but with Avon I can fit it in where I can around my lectures and still earn the extra money I need.” Being an Avon rep has also given Megan a much better understanding of running her own business, as well as teaching her valuable communication skills, how to be well organized and she has even learnt the basics of accounting.


Getting started

If selling Avon products is your calling, or you just fancy making a bit on the side from it then go to the Avon website now.

Been an ‘Avon lady’? Share your tips and experiences by commenting below.

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48 thoughts on Make money as an Avon Lady

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  4. Im not quite sure where all the negativity is coming from?? I’ve been a rep a couple of times with Avon. Everytime I have quit due to the small income, however this was all down to me. You get what you give, if you are out there selling constantly and utilizing every opportunity there is no reason why you cant succeed!

    Too many people want to work minimal hours and earn millions.. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Build a strong customer base and the rewards are there.

    Just saying.

  5. I have been working as a representative for Avon for 2 years & a sales leader for just over 1 year. It is hard going but I have met some amazing people.

    My main piece of advice to anyone who wants to try Avon would be to go ahead. If you want to make serious money then you need to be really motivated and push yourself. I have had rubbish campaigns and also great campaigns. I have set up a support group on facebook as sometimes Avon is a bit lonely. Add me if you like, search [email protected] in facebook or just email me.

  6. I have thought about Avon for some time now but I have heard about a few other branded cosmetic companies offering savings and huge discounts- what to do!

  7. Hi I’m currently working for Avon while in full-time employment and have only just done 1 campaign, however I have just recieceved my order and my catalogues for the next 2 campaigns and I am slightly worried as that in the information booklet I received it says that campaign 2 I have until 26th December to place an order to be received 2 weeks later and then by 12th January I need to order to receive by the end of January, I am very confused and worried because I thaught that we’d have a lot longer than 2 weeks to collect orders. Or is it that I can order whenever in the month I please. As that the current catalogue which is the christmas one says that it is O1/2012 and then the next one is 02/2012 so do I have to wait until February then to take orders for that one. Someone please write back asap as I am very worried and don’t know what to do if I should continue or not. If it’s the case where I only have 2 weeks each time I need to know how to quit as I have just been promoted at work as a team leader which means I will be working a lot more hours and then have my house to clean and my fiance to cook for and my dog to look after lol

  8. Hi,
    I’m in Avon since campaign 16.
    now I have problem to paid cam.18
    I tried 3 time pay online and they REFUSE me!

  9. hey my names christina, Im from the US I start doing avon today and i’ll meet the lady in 4 hours, but she said I only have to pay 10$ to get started how much are all the other things you have to pay for? I called people last night and i aleady have 70$ in orders just fro talking to friends on the phone. I have a 11month old baby girl and go to school t days out of the week so i just want to make a lil money on the side for things for christmas and her birthdya and maybe just a lil extra spending money…. I read alot of neg. things about avon so im a lil worried can anyone give me some good idea on selling products?/


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