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Transform your life by clearing your clutter

Would you like… More money, to feel less stressed, more free time, be healthier? Of course you would, who ... read more

How to make £2,000 before summer

Would you like to make £2,000 before summer? Of course you would – we all would! Maybe you could ... read more

How to be rich – The magic formula!

Easy steps to get rich? Really? Well, yes! Follow the straightforward rules in this eBook and you will surprise ... read more

How to make £1,000 before Christmas

Christmas is a costly time of year but you don’t have to let it beat you. We’ve got a ... read more

I’m not made of money! Budgeting tips for stressed parents

Sainsbury’s Bank has commissioned MoneyMagpie to put together an eBook based on the findings of their family finance report. ... read more

Things to Think of When Renting Out a Room – eBook

This eBook will tell you everything you need to think about when renting out a room on a long-term basis. Chapter ... read more

Don’t want to work forever? Here’s how – eBook

If you don’t want to work forever, read our eBook to find out how, it explains what you need do now ... read more

Easy Ways for Mums to Make Money – eBook

  There are a lot of making money ideas for mums in this eBook, even if you’re looking after children ... read more

How To Make Money Mystery Shopping

Shop owners need undercover agents to visit their shops to report back on how friendly and helpful their staff are ... read more

Become a Freelancer. Self-Employment, Is It For You? eBook

So you think you might like to go self-employed (or become a ‘freelancer’) but you’re just not sure? This ... read more

101 Tips to Save Money in Your Home – eBook

We are all looking for ways to save money in our daily life, but did you know there is big ... read more

Clear Your Clutter, Get Living! eBook

This eBook will tell you everything you need to know about making money from your clutter. Your peaceful, organised, ... read more


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