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Help, I have no retirement savings – What do I do?

Moneymagpie Team 6th Dec 2021 No Comments

Paying into a pension can be easy to put off. You’ll do it later. Next year.

When you’re older.

And then, suddenly, you’re older – and you have no pension savings!

The first thing to do is not panic.

This guide will help you understand why pensions are essential – and what action to take each decade of your life to make sure you’re not left in the financial lurch when it’s time to retire.

In this eBook we explain:

  • Why the earlier you save into your pension, the better
  • Retirement investing at each stage of your life
  • Self employed pensions
  • How to top up your pension even if you’re only a few years from retirement
  • Investing in line with your beliefs
  • Savvy pension choices when it’s time to draw down

To download your FREE eBook simply fill in the form below (or log in and click the DOWNLOAD link):


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Jasmine Birtles

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