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Brits changing energy usage habits to offset rising bills, energy savers report finds

Reading Time: 3 mins MoneyMagpie have co-authored the energy savers report as part of a ... read more

Almost half of children in the UK worried about money

Reading Time: 3 mins Are your children worried about money? New research has shown that ... read more

Are we facing a global financial apocalypse?

Reading Time: 4 mins Are we facing a global financial apocalypse? Our founder and CEO ... read more

Top Tip: Take your Energy Meter Reading By March 31

Reading Time: 2 mins Take that energy meter reading now! Bill payers are being warned ... read more

The Danger of Buy Now Pay Later Schemes

Reading Time: 2 mins Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is offered at many checkouts now ... read more

Interest Rates Rise for the third time in months

Reading Time: 4 mins Interest rates rise. The Bank of England has announced raised interest ... read more

Global Recession and Austerity on the Horizon

Reading Time: 4 mins Global recession is coming. At the moment we are all inundated ... read more

Council Tax Increase Across the UK

Reading Time: 2 mins How much is the Council Tax Hike? The council tax bill ... read more

Experts suggest when to turn your heating off

Reading Time: 4 mins With energy bills increasing and many of us worrying about the ... read more

All the things you can do if you can’t pay your energy bill

Reading Time: 4 mins In the current financial climate many people can’t pay their energy ... read more

Opinion Piece: Why as a Society we need to try harder at understanding poverty

Reading Time: 4 mins Understanding poverty is clearly not something we have been taught properly ... read more

All The Welsh Funding that is Available

Reading Time: 4 mins All our readers across Wales (and the Welsh people living elsewhere ... read more

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