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Mega Media Week for Jasmine – Talk Money Week

Annie 9th Nov 2020 No Comments

Jasmine’s always popping up on your TV screens and radio stations to bring you the latest money-making and money-saving tips.

But this week, there’s an extra reason for her dedication to money awareness: it’s Talk Money Week. The campaign brings together leading figures from across the financial world to help bring normality to talking openly about money. We often hide our money worries or troubles, but talking openly about it – including teaching your children about money – is so important to improving your financial (and mental) health.

20th October

Monday 26th October

  • BBC Radio Berkshire – ATMs
  • Times Radio – Track and Trace

Tuesday 27th October

  • BBC Radio London – Money Round-up
    LBC – HSBC

Wednesday 28th October

  • BBC 2CR – Death of Cash

Wednesday 29th October

BBC Hereford and Worcester – Death of Cash

Friday 30th October

  • BBC Radio London – End of Furlough
  • BBC Radio Wales – Furlough
  • LBC – Marks and Spencer

Saturday 31st October

  • Talk Radio – Lockdown

Monday 2nd November

  • BBC Radio London – Financial Round-up
  • Times Radio – Business Round-up

Thursday 5th November

  • BBC Radio Wales – Money Hour with Eleri Sion
  • BBC Radio Berkshire – Interest Rates
  • BBC Radio London – Talk Money Week
  • BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey – Talk Money Week
  • WCR FM – Talk Money Week
  • SFM Radio – Talk Money Week
  • Radio Hillingdon – Talk Money Week
  • Siren FM – Talk Money Week
  • Radio Reverb – Talk Money Week
  • Ujima Radio – Talk Money Week
  • UK Health Radio – Talk Money Week
  • Radio Tyneside – Talk Money Week
  • BBC Radio Gloucestershire – Talk Money Week
  • K107 FM – Talk Money Week
  • Nova Radio – Talk Money Week
  • Radio Plus – Talk Money Week
  • Gateway FM – Talk Money Week
  • UK Local TV – Talk Money Week
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Jasmine Birtles

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