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Latest Media Appearances – Week of 19th October 2020

Jasmine’s been a busy bee again this week, with a mix of TV and radio appearances:   Wednesday 21st October BBC Radio London – ... read more

Jasmine’s Media Appearances Week of 12th October 2020

Jasmine continues her crusade of bringing vital money-making and saving tips to the masses with these media appearances this week: Tuesday 13th October BBC ... read more

Jasmine’s Media – Week of 5th October 2020

From green living to pensions and young people’s financial struggles, Jasmine’s been popping up in the media again this week! Saturday 3rd October – ... read more

Latest Media Appearances – Week of 28th September

Jasmine’s been chatting away on the radio and popping up on some TV appearances in the last week! In the week of 28th September, ... read more

Car Insurance: Your Profession Affects Your Premium!

Back in the 80s, the comedian Jasper Carrott used to read verbatim some of the daft excuses people put on their car insurance claims ... read more

Get Revenge on Cold Calling Scammers

Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “Hell is other people”. Pretty prescient of him considering he said it some time before the invention of that truly ... read more

How to Make Money from Misery

‘Where there’s muck there’s brass’, the saying goes but what about ‘where there’s misery there’s moolah’? Has anyone noticed that one? Well quite a ... read more

How to Haggle – And When You Should

I’m supposed to be good at haggling. If you put my name and ‘haggling’ into Google you will find me quoted all over national ... read more

Encouraging Under 18s to Earn Money

If you’re a parent, you’re probably not surprised that, nearly 50% of adults still rely on their parents for money. Setting up your kids ... read more

Bank Robbery!

Times were that when you got robbed you knew very well that it had happened. It was a weapon in your face and threats ... read more

Tease and Seize

What do you think is the biggest lie in the world? Would it be “Am I really that late? Heavens, doesn’t time fly when ... read more

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