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10 Everyday Items in your home that are worth a fortune

Moneymagpie Team 13th Mar 2019 2 Comments

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In the run up to Clear Your Clutter Day on Friday, 3rd May, it’s time to turn our attention back to the treasures lying under our nose.

As we’ve always said in previous years, most people are sitting on items which they can turn into something far more useful – extra cash! And there will always be a lucky few who have a few treasures in their home that they’re not aware of. Wondering if it could be you? Well, you’re in luck. Collectables expert Tracy Martin has put together a handy list of everyday items which are worth a whole lot of money. She said:

“Many of the items included on my list might already be in your home, attic or are easily found online, so it’s time to get searching for those unassuming gems as they could be worth a small fortune in future!

“If you’re a first-time collector seeking items that could be tomorrow’s investment pieces, heading to sites like Gumtree is always a sensible place to start as you can easily search for and pick up goods at great prices which will stand you in best stead to make money in the future. Statement pieces or items typical of the era likely to evoke nostalgia in years to come are often the safest bets.”

See the list below to find out if you have any of these tucked away somewhere.

Top 10 Valuable Everyday Items

Top 10 Collectables for 2019
Current Price Predicted Future Price*
Radley Signature Handbags

(the A/W 07 ‘Walk in the Woods’ is already a collector’s piece commanding a premium, so invest wisely in the new Radley signature bags such as ‘Radley and Friends’ collections)
£249 for ‘Radley and Friends Grab Bag’ £350-£450
Kids’ trading game cards
(especially Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Pokémon blind bags start at £3.99 with special trading sets £13.49 upwards It all depends on the cards – some can sell for hundreds or even thousands of pounds each
Nintendo Switch
(especially limited edition designed consoles like Pokémon and the 32GB Grey Joy-Con and Fortnite)
£279.99 for Fortnite Bundle (incl. 1000 V-Bucks & Double Helix Bundle) £800
Moschino for H&M 2018 collection
(especially the thigh-high boots and biker jacket)
Cropped leather biker jacket –£229.99
Thigh-high boots –£399
Jacket –£400-£500

Boots –£400-£500
Limited edition food packaging
(such as the 2018 Marmite jars with gold plated lids)
Various – gold-topped Marmite jar retailed at £145 Currently selling for £200-£250
Vintage and limited-edition bracelet charms
(especially by brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pandora and Links of London, and vintage Horn of Plenty and Eagle Claw charms)
Pandora Disney charms from £40
Thomas Sabo from £24
Double or treble, depending on design –£80-£200
Special edition shoes
(especially Dr Martens and Converse plus Irregular Choice licensed designs such as Star Wars, Toy Story, Muppets, Disney Bambi)
Irregular Choice shoes from £110

Dr. Martens glitter from £120 for adults
Double in price
Collectable ceramics
(especially Dennis Chinaworks – who have a great fashion range at the moment worth investing in, Moorcroft and Emma Bridgewater)
Varied Emma Bridgewater mugs from £14.95
Dennis Chinaworks varied but a 10” Spill Double D dress vase £180
Double in price for Bridgewater – £40
Dennis Chinaworks and Moorcroft probably around 50% more, so £250 for Double D dress vase
Alessi kitchen gadgets
(especially items from their special range e.g. the Bulla bottle opener, Furbo bowl and Michael Graves kettle and from The Alessi Circle range by Marcel Wanders)
Michael Graves Kettle Tea Rex –£115
Kitchen Box Circus collection from £26
Kettle –£200-£250
Circus set –£40each upwards
Corgi die-cast collectors model cars
(especially the Harry Potter range)


Harry Potter range starts at £27.99
Ford Anglia –£100
Purple Triple Decker Knight Bus –£100-£150


  • Judging by social media we definitely think there’ll be a few Nintendo switch bundles hiding away from last Christmas. In fact we think we’ve got at least 3 of these items stashed away in our office… Don’t get us started on Pokemon cards.
  • Kids’ trading game cards are highly collectable, with Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards some of the most sought-after. Tracy highlights:“In 2016 the ‘Pikachu Illustrator’ card sold for $54,970 – approximately £45,000! Obviously, First Editions are rare, but it’s still worth investing in new cards as you might discover you have a real gem.”
  • Corgi die-cast collectors model cars are likely to hit the jackpot in terms of investment reward, as Tracy points out, “Corgi has always been a respected brand, with their iconic ranges capturing the hearts of collectors.The vintage versions can easily sell for hundreds so it’s worth looking ahead and investing in their new ranges now.”
  • When scouring for home products that will provide funds in the future, Tracy advises tracking down collectable ceramics – including pottery from Dennis Chinaworks, Emma Bridgewater and Moorcroft.“These types of British, hand-crafted pieces are sure to hold and increase their value in years to come.”

Tracy’s Six tips

  1. Buy into reputable brands – a designer name or well-known manufacturer will always stand the test of time
  2. Go for quality over quantity – investing in quality pieces is a good start as these are more likely to increase in value
  3. Tap into nostalgia – search for items which represent the era in which we’re living in. Memories play a big part in making something appealing, especially when it comes to toys and games
  4. Maintain mint condition as much as possible – store possessions safely to avoid unnecessary damage. Keep original packaging – and ideally paperwork and receipts showing original price paid – as being able to prove provenance will only add value
  5. Hunt down items from your home – sites like Gumtree offer a great way to simply search for items without having to spend time trawling vintage and charity shops. Use key words such as ‘original’ and ‘limited edition’ and you could find a winner right on your doorstep
  6. Buy it because you love it – this is my fundamental rule of thumb. Never buy an item if it’s something that you cannot live with and gain enjoyment from. That way, if it increases in value, it’s a bonus
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Will definitely keep an eye out for these.

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