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All The Welsh Funding that is Available

Vicky Parry 1st Mar 2023 No Comments

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All our readers across Wales (and the Welsh people living elsewhere of course), will today be donning their traditional dress, eating Welsh Cakes and Cawl and celebrating all that it is to be Welsh. Why? Because it’s St David’s Day!

In honour of all of our beautiful countrymen we have done a round up of all the grants and funding, only available to Welsh people. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus.



welsh funding - education

University fees

There are alot of schemes in place to make studying in Wales affordable for Welsh people.

Undergraduates from Wales have a generous package of student living cost support. For 2023, maintenance support has increased by 9.4% – in line with the National Living Wage. When you begin to repay your student loan, you can get up to £1,500 knocked off your debt.

To find out more click here.

Pupil Development Grant

School children from lower-income families who are eligible for free school meals in Wales are eligible for this grant. You could receive a grant of £225 per learner, and £300 for those entering Year 7. This is due to the costs associated with starting secondary school, such as new uniform costs.

All compulsory school years are now eligible for this grant. This means families who qualify for certain benefits can submit a claim if they have a child in primary school from reception to Year 6, or secondary school, in Year 7 to Year 11.

All looked after children qualify for the grant, whether they receive free school meals or not. Pupils who receive free school meals due to transitional protection arrangements do not qualify for this funding.

Families are only entitled to claim once per child, per school year. The 2022 to 2023 scheme is now open and will close on 30 June 2023.

For more information click here.


The Rudbaxton Education Fund gives grants to individuals under the age of 25 who live in the parish of Rudbuxton in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Grants are available to support students with the costs of materials, equipments, activities and trips, as well as the general costs of higher education. Some of the grants given may include bursaries, travel costs to your place of education and in some circumstances, course fees.

Find out more here.

Student finance

Thinking of going to University? Don’t let money get in the way of your goals. You may be eligible for student finance to support you through your studies.

Find out more here.



welsh funding support


The Discretionary Assistance Fund provides 2 types of grant that you do not need to pay back. These 2 types are:

  1. Emergency Assistance Payment (EAP) – helps to pay for essential costs such as food, gas, electricity, clothing or emergency travel.
  2. Individual Assistance Payment (IAP) – helping you or someone you care for to live independently in their home or a property you or they are moving into.

For more information, click here.

cost of living support

Local authorities are giving residents a range of support as the cost of living continues to increase. It differs geographically, so you will need to use the Welsh Government’s website to search your postcode or select your local authority from a list.

Find out more here.


If you are on Universal Credit, you can also get other forms of support. You may be able to get a budgeting advance, if you have been receiving UC for 6 months or more. This is to help pay for emergency household costs, however you will be required to pay this back through deductions on your regular UC payments.

You will also be able to receive support from food banks, and emergency top-ups from your energy supplier should you not be able to pay for energy. However, any emergency top ups will need to be paid back through your meter.

Find out more here and here.


The Customer Assistance Fund is designed to help those in severe financial hardship to clear debt and get on top of their payments. If you are in arrears with Welsh Water, this could help you.

If you’re successful in your application, Welsh Water will set up a monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment plan for your current year’s charges. Once you have made payments for 6 months, they could pay off 50% of your previous arrears! If you make payments for a further 6 months, they will then pay off the rest of your previous arrears.
Find out more and how to apply here. You can also find out more information here.

fuel support scheme

Find out if you can get a one-off, fuel support payment of £200 on your local authority’s website. Or, you can search your postcode and local authority from a list. Check it out here.




If you are homeless, or fear you may become homeless, you can find lots of support and information to help you. Local authorities must help people who could lose their home or are homeless. They can help you find a home. They work with other support organisations that can help people keep their homes or find a new one.

Find out about the support in your area here.

adapting your home

If you are an older person or have a disability, you may be eligible for the ENABLE scheme, which gives support to those living independently. You can receive small, medium and large adaptations to your home, depending on your level of need.

Small adaptations include small ramps, stair rails and accessible taps. Medium adaptations may be those such as walk-in showers or chair lifts. If you need a building extension or moving bathroom or kitchen, this would count as a large adaptation.

Find out more about this support here.


be cheerful


The purpose of this arts fund is to:

  • Support the development of relationships, collaborations and networks between Wales’ creative professionals and arts organisations and international partners.
  • Share experiences and skills through the arts within an international context.
  • Raise the profile of Wales and its connections through the arts internationally.

Hurry, applications close 15th March 2023. If interested, click here.

Books Council Wales

The Advances/Fees to Authors and Illustrators Scheme enables publishers in Wales to commission
books of wide appeal which will help them to increase sales, target new markets and develop their
future publishing programmes as a whole

To learn more click here.

Literature Wales Events Funding

Literature Wales’ Inspiring Communities Fund funding scheme (formerly Writers on Tour) is a unique funding scheme for literature events.

The scheme offers financial support of up to 50% of the fees paid to writers for events including talks, lectures, creative writing workshops and more. These events can take place anywhere in Wales, in community halls, pubs, libraries, schools, youth clubs – and even on virtual platforms for groups who are meeting online.

Click here for more info.

Creative Wales

Creative Wales is an agency set up within Welsh Government in early 2020.

Their mission is “to drive growth across the creative industries, build on existing success and develop new talent and skills – positioning Wales as one of the best places for creative businesses to locate and thrive.”

For funding opportunities in all creative sectors click here.

Ffilm Cymru

Ffilm Cymru offer funding and training supports emerging and established filmmakers to realise their creative ambitions, gives audiences across Wales access to exciting cinematic experiences, and inspires people of all ages and abilities to participate in film education.

For more info click here.

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