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Feb 28

All The Welsh Funding that is Available

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All our readers across Wales (and the Welsh people living elsewhere of course) will today be donning their traditional dress, eating Welsh Cakes and Cawl and celebrating all that it is to be Welsh. Why? Because March 1 is St David’s Day. In honour of all of our beautiful countrymen we have done a round up of all the grants and funding, only available to Welsh people. Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus.

Welsh funding


There are alot of schemes in place to make studying in Wales affordable for Welsh people. To find out more click here.

Pupil Development Grant

Learners currently eligible for free school meals in Wales can apply for the grant of £125 per learner, and £200 for those learners entering year 7, recognising the increased costs associated with starting secondary school.This can be used for school uniform.

For more information click here.


The Rudbaxton Parish Education Fund aims to advance the education of children and young people under the age of 25 who live in the Parish of Rudbaxton, in Pembrokeshire.


The Seaburne Fund is a Wales wide fund with a focus on supporting people from secondary through to further or higher education who have a genuine need for financial support, and for whom the level of educational attainment they wish to achieve would not be possible without the assistance of the fund.

This is currently closed but reopens in June 2022. Read more here.


The Thomas John Jones Memorial Fund was established in 1944 in order to help young people in what was then the county of Breconshire to study and train for employment in the engineering industry. Applications will open in August.

Play Wales

Play Wales work to raise awareness of children and young people’s need and right to play and to promote good practice at every level of decision making and in every place where children might play.


The Discretionary Assistance Fund provides 2 types of grant that you do not need to pay back. For more information click here.

The most important part here is that these are emergency funds and the application process takes ten days. After that the money should be in your account. In funding terms this is one of the fastest.


As with the rest of the UK, UC has lots of additional points of support. To see what you are eligible for in Wales click here.


‘The Customer Assistance Fund is designed to help those in severe financial hardship to clear debt and get on top of their payments.

If you’re successful in your application, we’ll set up a monthly, fortnightly or weekly payment plan for your current year’s charges.Once you have made payments for 6 months, we will pay off 50% of your previous arrears.If you make payments for a further 6 months, we will then pay off the rest of your previous arrears.

THE ARTS: Future Wales Initiative

be cheerful

In partnership with Natural Resources Wales, Arts Council of Wales is inviting artists based in Wales, in particular those from under-represented backgrounds, to apply for a Future Wales Fellowship in 2022 here. 


The purpose of this arts fund is:

  • To support the development of relationships, collaborations and networks between Wales’ creative professionals and arts organisations and international partners.
  • To share experiences and skills through the arts within an international context.
  • To raise the profile of Wales and its connections through the arts internationally.

If interested click here.

Books Council Wales

The Advances/Fees to Authors and Illustrators Scheme enables publishers in Wales to commission
books of wide appeal which will help them to increase sales, target new markets and develop their
future publishing programmes as a whole
. To learn more click here.

Literature Wales: Events Funding

Literature Wales’ Inspiring Communities Fund funding scheme (formerly Writers on Tour) is a unique funding scheme for literature events.Click here for more info.

Creative Wales

Creative Wales is an agency set up within Welsh Government in early 2020.

Their mission is “to drive growth across the creative industries, build on existing success and develop new talent and skills – positioning Wales as one of the best places for creative businesses to locate and thrive.”For funding oppurtunities in all creative sectors click the link here.

Ffilm Cymru

Ffilm Cymru offer funding and training supports emerging and established filmmakers to realise their creative ambitions, gives audiences across Wales access to exciting cinematic experiences, and inspires people of all ages and abilities to participate in film education. For more info click here.


To read a similar round-up for our Scottish readers then click here.


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