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Get Paid to Taste Test Garlic Bread

Moneymagpie Team 28th Sep 2019 2 Comments

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Okay, this is another dream job opportunity especially for those who love themselves a nice loaf of garlicky goodness…

The Job

Domino’s Australia has just put out an advertisement for this truly key role. They are looking for a chief garlic bread taste tester. In their own words:

‘You butter believe it! We’re looking for someone a little bit crunchy, but mostly warm and soft on the inside, to help taste test our World-Famous Garlic Breads at Domino’s Headquarters in Brisbane.’

Okay sounds good so far! So it’s a one day role, but because the pay is $30 an hour for the day, over the whole shift that means a cheeky $225. Not bad for a day of bread eating…

Ideal candidate

  • Never met a carb they didn’t like
  • Does not identify as a vampire
  • Understands the perfect ‘crunch to softness’ ratio
  • Is passionate about food, innovation and having fun.


Experience and qualifications:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in garlic bread consumption
  • Has a detailed understanding of the pizza and garlic bread relationship
  • Has working taste buds
  • Has burned their fingers at least once not being able to wait for the garlic bread to cool down
  • Has a history of reviewing other people’s food choices (solicited and/or unsolicited).

Pay and perks

You’ll take home $30 an hour. But the real bonus is that if you don’t live in Brisbane you’ll get return domestic flights if successful applicant is not within driving distance of Brisbane and one night’s accommodation if same day return flight is not available.

How to apply

Complete the survey and tell them in 200 words OR in a 30 second video why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Applications close Monday 7th October. You can apply by clicking the button below:

Apply Now

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Karen Allen
Karen Allen
4 years ago

Great opportunity for those who live in Australia or nearby but what about those who live in the u.k…do dominoes not have the same opportunities here ?

4 years ago

A yummy opportunity but I’m not prepared to travel to Oz!

Jasmine Birtles

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Jasmine Birtles

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