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Get paid to try perfume

Isobel Lawrance 11th Mar 2022 No Comments

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Do you have a nose for fragrance? Are people always complimenting you on your scent? You may be perfect for a job as a perfume tester. Yes, that’s right – try perfume for money!

If you enjoy smelling great and always know when someone is wearing a new fragrance, you may be just the person The Fragrance World is looking for. You may even be known as somewhat of a fragrance connoisseur in your social circle,

This is the perfect role for someone who always takes a bottle of perfume with them on the go and knows their gardenia from their daisy, their cinnamon from their spice.

Summer is approaching, and The Fragrance world need you. They need your feedback on their new fragrances. Perfumes and aftershaves smell different on everyone and change even more in the warm weather. That’s why they need feedback on their latest fragrances – they are fully aware different people enjoy different smells!

Some of these fragrances are not even on the market yet – so you would be getting an exclusive whiff of some of their newest launches. Imagine that – getting to smell an iconic and glorious scent before the rest of the world. This feedback will help The Fragrance World determine which smells are likely to sell well, and which will become summer bestsellers amongst their customers.

Within this role, you will score and give feedback on different components of the fragrances sent to you, such as how long the scent lasts, what you like and dislike about them and more. They are hiring two recruits for this role, and each Fragrance Tester role will last 6 months.

try perfume

How to apply

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply here. You must be over 18 to apply and must be open to sharing your feedback to The Fragrance World in written format. You must be a resident within the UK. Please be aware this is not full-time employment.

You will be paid £100 for your time and will be sent monthly fragrances over this time. You will be allowed to keep the fragrances you receive too!

Entries close on April 15th 2022. The lucky winners of this opportunity will be announced April 18th 2022. Any applications submitted after the given deadline will not be accepted.

Are you ready to smell like summer? Want to bring a burst of fragrance to every room you enter? Apply now! Receiving £100 to wear perfume for 6 months and being able to keep the fragrances you receive seems like a fab opportunity to us!

Apply on The Fragrance World website, here.

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