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How to sell your gold

20 February 2020
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Want to sell your gold? You don’t need to have solid bars of bullion lying around in order to make a profit, just items you no longer need that could be sold. There are companies out there who are more than happy to pay cash for your unused gold jewellery. They will even pay you for silver and platinum too.

But always remember, cash for gold companies are out to make a profit, they don’t do what they do out of the goodness of their hearts. You need to be savvy and aware when trying to sell your items. You can still earn plenty of cash for by selling your gold, but always do your research and be aware of how much an item is worth so you don’t get ripped off.

What gold items can I sell?

Sell your gold to make cash

Gold comes in all shapes and sizes, its value depends on how it’s been used and its condition.

Postal gold sites, which exchange gold for cash, then melt the gold down to turn it into bullion. The following could be classed as scrap gold which would not fetch much money from a cash for gold company:

  • Gold teeth
  • Broken jewellery
  • Gold buttons
  • Electrical wiring

Delicate bracelets and rings set with precious stones, however, will be of more value to a jeweller than a scrap merchant, as the stones, design and brand will be valued alongside the metal itself.

Coins and bullion are also good to sell, but the best prices can be found at specialist sites such as The Gold Bullion Company or the stock exchange.

who will buy my gold?

There are quite a few gold trading websites out there. But most high street jewellers will also buy second-hand gold.


Jewellers might buy your gold jewellery

Before you rush into any deal, the best thing to do is to get your gold to a few local jewellers to get it valued. They will be able to tell you the carat of your item and its weight. But remember if they want to buy it off you then they’re unlikely to tell you the full value.

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