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Let them eat sarnies: Pay your respects forward by donating a marmalade sandwich

Isobel Lawrance 21st Sep 2022 No Comments

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Let Them Eat Sarnies!

Millions of us, both within the country and across the globe, have been mourning the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her funeral was seen by billions of people, making it the most watched television event in history. 

As we looked back on her life, we fondly watched her grow from a bright, beautiful young woman at her coronation in 1953, to her Platinum Jubilee in June of this year, when she became Britain’s longest reigning monarch. She has been a constant throughout our lives, making history. 

But as people mourned, they bought marmalade sandwiches for Her Majesty. Why? Because of her brilliant friendship with none other than Mr. Paddington Bear. In fact, so many sandwiches were being left, people were asked to refrain from bringing anymore! 

Thus, from this, the Let Them Eat Sarnies initiative was born. What if we gave those sandwiches to those who truly need them? 

As food banks closed for the day of the funeral, 700,000 who rely on them were left short. But fear not. You can help them! 

The cost-of-living crisis has pushed people to a breaking point. Many people cannot keep up with the ever-soaring cost of food. More people than ever are choosing between heating and eating as we turn to colder months. The number of people who rely on food banks, community kitchens and social supermarkets has grown rapidly. 

The Let Them Eat Sarnies fundraiser allows you to ‘buy’ a marmalade sandwich. You can gift the equivalent of one marmalade sandwich (or ten, or one hundred or one thousand!) to people who really need them. Starting at just £3 for one sandwich, a few pounds could help someone in need.  

100% of donations go to Food Bank Aid, a registered UK charity. Food bank Aid is a grassroots charity tackling food poverty in North London. They collect and purchase food, toiletries and other essentials goods and distribute them to food banks that need them. 

If you would like to buy a marmalade sandwich, check out the Let Them Eat Sarnies fundraiser now. 

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