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Make £100 a month with ads on your car.

You can have ads on your car, just like taxis and buses do.

Unbelievable? Not really.

If you’re someone who drives around a lot, then loads of people see your car. It makes sense for an advertiser to splash their logo across your bonnet. They’re going to get a lot of eyeballs on that space!

The concept has been widely used in both the US and Europe, where advertisers like Gillette and the Transformers movie have worked with Moscow based Stickerride.

So, if you don’t mind driving around with ‘Vimto’ or something similar spread across your car, you could make around £100 a month for very little effort.



What’s involved in getting ads on your car?

First things first, you’ve got to get the ads on your car.

The company that you sign up to will do this by applying an adhesive vinyl wrap to all or part of the vehicle. Special transparent vinyl is used on the windows so it won’t interfere with your driving visibility.

Full insurance is provided against any damage to the paintwork of your vehicle caused by the advert’s placement, so you don’t even need to worry if something does happen.

Such ‘vehicle wraps’ can be added and removed easily without spoiling the paintwork. In fact, it’s been shown to actually protect your car’s paintwork from UV rays, corrosion and light scratches.

Another bonus is that you reduce the risk of your car being stolen with such unique bodywork. You may even get freebies from the advertisers such as samples and discounts. Most car wrapping companies will also pay you if you refer other people to them.

So a win-win situation!

Some car wrapping companies will then require you to drive a certain amount each month before paying you.

Others won’t ask you to change your driving habits, but will match your driving routine to their advertisers’ needs.

moneymagpie_make-100-a-month-with-ads-on-your-car_race-car-advertMost companies accept vehicles of all sizes, from large vans to small hatchbacks or even flashy convertibles. All the adverts are custom made to fit your car and the specifications of their clients.

Saying this, many do prefer cars that are newer or in good condition. You will also be required to keep the outside of your car clean while the advert is on it – you should report any damage to the ads or your car immediately.

Also, you’re free to turn down any branding allocated to your vehicle that you would not feel comfortable advertising.

Find out more about making and saving money with your car by reading our car guides.


the ideal ‘vehicle wrap’ driver

In order to be considered for a wrap, most companies require their drivers to have:

  • a clean driver’s licence
  • a current MOT and road tax for the vehicle
  • valid insurance for the duration of the contract
  • no convictions for drink driving, manslaughter or dangerous driving causing death.

Remember, you will be expected to always drive responsibly. An erratic, speeding driver is probably not going to create the best impression for the advertiser!

You can still become part of the scheme if you happen to drive a company car, providing your company gives you permission of course.

Car wrap companies can also offer corporate packages if you have a fleet of cars, vans or trucks that you are interested in registering.

Still interested? If you meet the above requirements, and think you can handle a little artwork on your car, then read on to find out just how much vehicle wrapping is worth!


How much can you make from ads on your car?

moneymagpie_make-100-a-month-with-ads-on-your-car_car-adThe rate of pay varies according to the company you go with and how much of your car you’re willing to get wrapped.

There’s, which says it has over 5000 drivers registered, and offers anything from £50-100 per month for having ads on your car, depending on model and where it’s driven. Register here

Then there’s which claims to pay up to £200 a month for ads on any sort of car.

Drivers are paid monthly so it’s a nice way to supplement your income, plus there’s the chance to get freebies or samples from the advertisers you are working with.


Can anyone do it?

Well now, there’s the rub.

In a word – no.

Obviously a lot of people want to do this – and there’s nothing to stop you signing up – but the advertising companies are often looking for a specific type of car and driver. They could be looking out for someone who:

  • Drives a LOT (like a travelling salesperson)
  • Has a really cool or expensive car
  • Drives in a certain area (maybe the South East only or the North West only).

So don’t be surprised if you sign up and then never hear anything. Don’t let it put you off as it’s worth a try but just be realistic. If, like me, you have a tired-looking Citroen C1 and you only pootle about town every now and then, you’re not going to be top of the list.

Ho hum, we can keep on trying!

And, while you’re waiting to hear back, read our 10 real-world tips for cheaper driving.


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Have you had ads on your car?

Do you think it’s a good idea or have you had a bad experience with it?

Let us know about your vehicle wrapping experience in the comments below.

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118 thoughts on Make £100 a month with ads on your car.

  1. Having just received an email about this from Money Magpie, I thought it was such a good idea I registered with Comm-motion and Money4Space.

    I was a bit concerned about the information being requested for data protection purposes and certainly Comm-motion asked a lot of ‘market research’ type questions. I decided not to provide my bank details during the registration and I am glad I did not as I never actually received a confirmation of registration from Comm-motion as they promised on the end screen. So I have chased them.

    Upon checking up on Money4Space after receiving their confirmation email, I note that the company has been dormant for a number of years according to Companies House. Just a wee bit worried about these companies as I have not been able to speak with anyone from them or confirm they are actually still trading.

    Has anyone else made contact and can provide me with a bit of reassurance please? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Hazel,

      We’re sorry about your concerns regarding these companies and have made some enquiries for you. Although you have not received a confirmation of registration from Comm-motion, their site has this to say:

      “Once your completed online Registration Form has been submitted we evaluate your vehicle suitability, journey habits, location and individual compatibility. Once your vehicle has
      been selected for the scheme you will be contacted, assigned an identification number and then arrangements will be made to accommodate the vinyl application process.”

      It could be that your vehicle simply has not been selected for the scheme but it was a good idea to chase them. If you do not hear anything from Comm-motion do let us know and we’ll try to contact them.

      We have emailed Money4Space regarding your concern and we’ll let you know here as soon as we get anything back.

      Kind regards


      1. is Comm motion still in business ?
        I filled in the extensive form out a number of weeks ago but no confirmation email. I tryed to contact them from there website and it would not go through ? no phone number to speak to someone ?

        1. I signed up last week and had the same experience. In fact it came up with what appeared to be some form of IT error message after I clicked SUBMIT on the final screen. I then tried to contact them (They only offer an email portal -no phone number) and got a similar error msg. I think the company must be dormant nowadays.

  2. Hi all, I realize this is an old post but thought I would try my luck.

    I am wanting to convert a van into a small camper. Maybe a merc Sprinter or something similar.

    I need a scheme close to what’s being talked about here but with a difference.

    I would require around £5,000 to purchase the van and complete the project.

    I have some designs of the interior completed on a 3D modeling program and I have rough prices in my head which can be put onto paper for a company if required.

    Once the van is complete I could then have as much advertising as the company can fit on the van. Also, as well as general driving around, It would be going to key motor events as that’s the main purpose of the van. Also I plan on going to Manchester arena for Maroon 5, BTCC at Croft And F1 at Silverstone. All in June. If I get sponsorship soon enough, there is no reason the van can’t be ready for June, (Also it’s worht mentioning I will be staying at there events not just going for the day)

    If your a company owner or a potentioal sponsor looking at this, please consider it. Please contact me to work on more details. [email protected]

    I look forward to working with anyone willing to help 🙂

  3. hi i have a vw polo estate and drive all around birmingham city daily. my question is do you have to tell insurance companys that you are pimping your car out for advertising? i currently have small magnet advertising on the car and was told i had to have business insurance, which i find stupid as they are magnets! obv if i have a vinyl print aplied i dont want to have my insurance going up more than it allready is as would supercead the cost of the print in the first place :/

  4. Hi i drive a Honda Civic fully legal 23 years old no convictions anyone reading this, willing pay to advertise on my car get in touch please i live in london Brixton and drive to almost everywhere i go i am also doing a doing a food delivery job with my car so if interested no matter who what company let me know please. looking forward to hear from you. [email protected] or 07857887133.

    1. Hi Ruhul,
      We’re looking to expand our database in preparation for campaigns to be launched in February. I’d like to personally ask you to register your car on our database, it would be great to have you on board with us.
      Pro-Motor Founder

  5. Hi, I drive a Toyota Starlet GT Turbo, Im 23 years old, I have one conviction SP30, which means I have 3 points. I have learnt my lesson and I am a very confident and good driver. I live in North Wales, but do around 74miles a day to work and back. If you would be interest in advertising on a head turning car for the right reasons. give me a shout. email me @ [email protected] I look forward from hearing from you.

  6. hi i drive a Citroen saxo vtr in gold and am fully legal 32 years old no convictions anyone reading this willing pay to advertise on my car get in touch i live in Manchester stalybridge and travel everywhere if i go out i drive i never walk so if interested no matter who what company let know ty [email protected] or 07521262541 ty

  7. With the cost of fuel edging towards record levels, we think this is a great way to offset running costs – has anyone tried it?

  8. hello im really intrested in advertising on my car.
    I live in london, and im driving around all the time to local shopping centers and busy towns. I also commute to work every day atleast a half hour journey through . Parked in a sainsburys car park where its always very busy!! vauxhall vivaro 2010.


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