Make money answering the phone

Make money answering the phone

29 August 2019
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If you’re looking for a new way to make money, perhaps as a way to combat unemployment or as a change of scenery from your current job, one option is to set up a call-handling service and make money from answering the phone.

This would suit just about anyone with space for a desk and a pleasant telephone manner, and means that you can earn cash just by answering the phone.

Why make money answering the phone?

The shift in working patterns has encouraged more people to set up small businesses, and to register themselves as self-employed.

This means there are a lot of prospective clients who would benefit from a call-handling service as smaller businesses often don’t have the resources to fully employ someone to manage their calls. Often small businesses won’t have an office, let alone a secretary.

Self-employed skilled workers are particularly worth targeting, as they will be out all day and unable to answer the phone.

This is where you come in, by:

  • arranging for their unanswered calls to be diverted to your home phone or mobile
  • answering in a professional manner
  • taking a message and passing it on to your client.

You can sell your service by assuring businesses that their callers will receive a much better, more personal service from you than if they were left to talk to an answering machine.

Things to consider

Make money answering the phone

Do you have any experience of working over the telephone?

It’s preferable that you do. Your telephone manner should be impeccable and you need to have good grammar and clear diction. You also need to be very organised, responsible and pay attention to detail. If you lose messages, omit key details or forget to pass information on, you’ll soon find yourself with no customers.

Do you have space?

Although you’re working from home, you’ll still need an office to set up your equipment and organise your documents properly. A small, unused room should be adequate if you’re working alone.

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