Make money as an in-store demonstrator

Make money as an in-store demonstrator

29 November 2019
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Whether you figure yourself as a bit of a salesperson or not, being an in-store demonstrator can be a great way to make money.

Don’t be scared off by horror scenes of Bridget Jones’s mum promoting the ‘WiseCrack boiled-egg peeler’! Being an in-store demonstrator can offer an easy way to make a little extra money simply by using your free time and your sales skills.

What is a product demonstrator?

Demonstrating kitchen appliance

Demonstrators are employed to illustrate the function and usability of a product. They are used to grab keen shoppers and get them to buy one.

The types of items you can demonstrate varies. One day you could be handing out food and drink products in a supermarket or applying make-up in a department store and the next you could be showing shoppers how to whip up a culinary feast or demonstrating power-tools.

Essentially your job is to sell a product by convincing the consumer it’s something they need or want.

Product demonstration is one of the most marketable ways of raising awareness about a particular brand or invention, so companies and shops are keen to do it.

Tesco says that on demonstration days, the average sales uplift is 400%. So when you get offered free chocolates whilst doing your weekly shop it’s not because the shop is feeling especially kind – it’s to get you to buy some!

Who can become aN IN-STORE demonstrator?

Woman demonstrating make-up in-store

Anyone! There really are no limitations. Traditionally the larger brands used to employ out-of-work actors to endorse and represent their products, but nowadays agencies are taking on large campaigns from brand ambassadors and recruiting their own staff.

You don’t need any formal qualifications either. Some agencies may require you to have basic numeracy and literacy skills and qualifications such as GCSEs, but the only real assets you need to perform the job well are:


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