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Make money playing with toys

Isobel Lawrance 14th Jul 2022 No Comments

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Wait – you can make money playing with toys?

The school summer holidays are looming. The kids will be super excited for six weeks off school – result! But it is not so exciting for parents, who have to find something to keep the little ones occupied for 30 full weekdays. Trying to plan fun activities is harder than you think. We may just have the solution!

Outdoor toy specialist TP Toys are looking for applicants to become their first ever official toy tester. That’s right – you and your child could make money playing with toys this summer. A dream come true for them, and a relief for you! Not only will the kids be occupied, you can relax knowing they are having a blast.

The warmer weather means your children can have fun in the sun – and you can soak up the rays whilst they do so. Plus, getting them outside in the fresh air not only gets them away from their screens but after being stuck in the classroom for so long, gets them much needed vitamin D and quality outdoor time.

TP Toys want their toy testers to play with their best toys during the holidays. They are looking for some talented young testers to report back on which toys they enjoyed the most!

Not only will the lucky applicants receive £1,000 worth of TP Toys for enjoy but will get paid a cool £500 cash for their time. Plus, you can keep the toys after the job has finished – they are yours for the little ones to continue to love!

All your kiddos need is a passion for toys and have a brilliant imagination. They must be given the freedom to play with the toys in any way they wish, as honest feedback will be required.

The toys received by the official toy tester will be catered to their preferences and the type of toys they enjoy most. Some of the potential products the lucky winners will be able to test are:

To apply for this wonderful opportunity, you will need to fill out the application form here. You will need to briefly describe what your favourite toy or toys were growing up and why your child would be the best toy tester for the role.

Your little ones must be aged between 4 and 8 and must have at least 10 hours available to take part in toy testing during the summer holidays. Applications are now open. You have the chance to apply until 23:59 on 21/07/22.

Good luck!

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