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Make Money with these Summer Jobs in 2020

Moneymagpie Team 2nd Jun 2020 2 Comments

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We’re all feeling the pinch right now – but the good news is, as businesses reopen after lockdown, there are plenty of opportunities to get a summer job. Whether you’re a student unsure of the future of your studies, or a parent coping on furlough, summer jobs are a great way to earn quick cash.

Look for these top summer jobs of 2020 in your local area to start making money!

Cleaning Services

Summer jobs include cleaning services

Hygiene and cleanliness is The Big Thing right now as lockdown eases and we start to go back to school, work, and leisure activities.

From cleaning retail shops to offices, homes to parks, there’ll be a huge demand for all types of cleaners and cleaning services. You could set up your own business sanitising offices, or join part of an established cleaning crew.

Cleaning summer jobs can be found in the usual places, such as online groups, but also check your local authority’s website and the NHS website. These organisations have a higher demand than most, so are a good place to start looking for cleaning jobs.

Social Distancing Officer

A whatty-what? This is a new type of job role as part of the easing of lockdown. The Government’s 2-metre ruling is set to be in place for a long time after everything opens up.

This job will look different depending on where it’s based. For example, some retailers want merchandising consultants to re-design their store layout for best social distancing practice. Or, television and film studios are calling for those with healthcare experience to ensure social distancing happens on set.

You may need some experience for the above examples. However, other places will need social distancing officers to make sure people adhere to guidance. Summer festivals, events, or other outdoor arenas such as horse racing will require stewards to maintain social distancing regulations. These jobs won’t require qualifications – just attention to detail and a people-first personality!

Waiting Staff

The hospitality industry has taken a huge blow in recent months. However, as takeaway services turn into in-house dining again, the summer rush will mean lots of temporary evening and weekend jobs for waiting staff.

Everyone’s been looking forward to the day they can get together for a night out of dinner and drinks! If all goes to plan with the easing of lockdown, the sudden rush of loads of customers means cafes, pubs, and restaurants will be desperate to hire extra workers.

Dog Walker

Summer jobs as a dog walker get you fit AND paid!

We’ve had the luxury of being at home a lot more lately – but now many of us have to go back to work. There was a boom in puppy purchases this year as people realised they had the time to train a young puppy while on furlough.

Those puppies need walking! Dog walking is a brilliant way to make quick cash, spend the day with animals, and get paid to take a LOT of exercise. Check out our article for more details about becoming a dog walker.

Promotions and Fundraising Officers

As businesses reopen, they need to grab their share of the returning economy! Every business type from cafes to sports centres need to attract the attention of still-wary customers.

Casual promotions staff often do one-off daily or weekly stints to generate interest in a product or event. You’re paid by the hour and get to spend the day talking to people!

Charities will desperately need fundraisers, too. Many have seen a significant drop in donations lately – which they rely on to keep going to provide services to the vulnerable. You’ll need to have an outgoing personality and be able to connect with people quickly – but it’s a fun job for the right person!

Park Staff

We’re now allowed to spend time in parks with our (socially distanced) friends and family. Yay! But that means there’ll be lots more in terms of managing social distancing, litter cleaning, and ensuring everyone has a good time.

Park staff keep everything in good order – it’s a perfect job if you love being outdoors! More staff will be required than usual to make sure Government distancing guidelines are adhered to. You might find additional cleaning duties as part of your role, too, such as disinfecting benches and other areas regularly.

Summer School Tutor

Summer jobs as a tutor is a great way to earn money

With some schools open, some closed, and many parents hugely aware of the pause in education recently, there’s going to be a huge demand for extra tutors this summer.
If helps if you have some kind of teaching qualification – but real-world experience counts, too. University students on maths degrees can teach school-age children arithmetic, while experienced actors can teach students about drama and English.

We’ve got an entire article about how to become an online tutor here.


Many parents now have to juggle their return from furlough with reduced opening of schools. Some will have children both at the age of going back to school and those remaining home (for now).

You could set yourself up as a professional childminder – but if you have local parents you know will need a helping hand, offer to babysit while they’re at work. This is particularly useful for anyone still on furlough, students waiting to return to university, or those who already work from home on flexible hours.

Babysitting is one of those summer jobs that often starts out slowly, but as you get a great reputation for being reliable, more parents will want to hire you!

More inspiration

These are just a few ways to make money this summer! Check out these articles for more ideas:

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4 years ago

Good options for summer jobs.

4 years ago

Some great ideas here. Can personally recommend dog walking!

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