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Apr 07

Mystery shopping: Become a mystery shopper and get paid to shop and eat out

Reading Time: 8 mins

Editor’s Note: This mystery shopping article has been updated on 7th April 2020 to reflect the UK lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The information on shopping in-store isn’t currently applicable and is for reference only. The sections on online shopping and giving feedback over the phone, internet, etc. are more relevant at present. Check the NHS website for information on staying safe.


Become a mystery shopper and get FREE meals in restaurants, FREE stays in hotels and FREE drinks in bars.

Many mystery shopping companies will provide you with different assignments depending on who their clients are. We show you here how to get mystery shopping jobs and bag lots of freebies as a mystery shopper.



What is mystery shopping?

Mystery Shopper

Nowadays, all industry sectors employ mystery shoppers – retail, automotive, financial services, hospitality, property, call centres, public services, travel, and even the voluntary sector – so there’s a huge range of work available.

If you become a mystery shopper you could be enjoying a weekend break one month and phoning a call centre to complain about your gas bill the next.

You don’t need any formal qualifications to be a mystery shopper – but you do need to have good observational skills and a good memory.

Mystery shopping (sometimes known as secret shopping) has been around for 60 years and is now highly regulated in the UK. The Market Research Society has created a code of conduct, and standards are maintained by trade bodies such as the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.


Good part-time work

how to become a mystery shopper

Mystery shopping is very flexible and not usually suitable as a full-time job, but it can be good to fit around other jobs in your life.

And remember that mystery shoppers count as self-employed, so you’ll need to declare your earnings to HMRC. Find out here about paying tax when you make extra money.


Want to get a FREE MoneyMagpie eBook about how to be a mystery shopper? Download it HERE



Jasmine’s experience of mystery shopping

See here what Jasmine thinks about mystery shopping after her experiences of it.

Check out our bumper article on freebies and bag yourself even more free stuff.



Different types of mystery shopper jobs

Report-only mystery shopper

how to get freebies

This is the most common option. You’ll be given a brief and a checklist of things to look out for. You need to follow your instructions (without letting anybody know you’re testing them), evaluate the response and then provide feedback, usually by way of an online questionnaire.

Telephone mystery shopper

get paid for feedback

If you’re better at playing a role on the phone than in person, you might prefer this option – there’s plenty of work available. You’ll be given a company to call with a set of questions that a typical customer may have. Again, you’ll need to assess the response and provide feedback.

Postal monitoring

what is postal monitoring

This one requires minimum effort. Your home address is simply used for receiving brochures and other promotional material. You return the items, and the content and speed of delivery is measured.

N.B. don’t be conned by ‘mystery shopping’ scams that get you to receive money into your bank account and then send most of it on to a foreign account to ‘test’ the money transfer company.

These are totally bogus and should be avoided and, ideally, reported to Action Fraud. Be careful only to use the mystery shopping agencies we mention on MoneyMagpie so that you’re not scammed.

Note that you should take care when handling items coming through the post during the coronavirus pandemic. Ideally you should use disposable gloves and throw away outer packaging. Clean objects down with a soapy cloth (or, even better, use 70% alcohol spray), or put soft items through the washing machine if possible. Also wash hands thoroughly afterwards. You could leave items aside in a safe place (like a high shelf set aside especially for the purpose) for a while before handling them, too.


Email mystery shopping

email mystery shopping

You’ll be sending specific enquiries to websites and monitoring the speed and content of the response. Depending on your personality, writing emails is potentially much easier than talking to businesses in person or on the phone!

Again, you’ll need to assess and then pass on your findings.


Covert video mystery shopper

how to get freebies

This is specialist stuff and only for well-trained shoppers. Essentially, you’re given a brief; you enter the premises as a customer, and then you record the entire process using covert video cameras. Companies need clear pictures, so don’t go for this if you record your feet at family events!


giving your opinion online

get paid to do surveys


It’s not mystery shopping as such, but giving your opinions about products or services through online survey companies is the same type of thing.

It’s another easy and quick way of making some extra cash in your spare time.

You have to be careful which online survey companies you join though. These are the ones that we like:



Make sure you set up a separate email address before you sign up to any of these. Give this separate email address to them when they ask for contact details so that your usual inbox isn’t flooded with offers and ads (that’s one of the ways they make their money).

Find out more about online surveys and how to make the most money from them here.



How to get involved as a mystery shopper

Step 1: Find the right mystery shopping agency for you.

save money shopping

Check out the list below and sign up with one of the many mystery shopping agencies on offer. It’s not a complete list, the full list of genuine agencies can be found in our mystery shopping eBook (which is absolutely free!)

Some specialise in specific industries, others are more general. You could try investigating the major department stores – Selfridges for example has its own mystery shopping panel.

Be sure to check out…



This list contains some of the better mystery shopping agencies in the UK. We have the complete list in our Mystery Shopping eBook.

Most of the agencies will get you to take a test before they’ll let you in. These can be quite tricky so you might have to do them a few times before getting them right. Don’t be put off though – persist!

If you want to find a company on your own…

  • Make sure they’re based in the UK with a UK phone number and address.
  • Don’t just put ‘mystery shopping’ into your search engine. All sorts of dodgy companies could come up.
  • If you see a company you haven’t heard of before, put their name into the search bar and see what websites like ours say about them. Check the forums too as people who have had experience of them will say what they think.
  • Make sure you keep an eye out for the small ads too. Local papers and recruitment agencies often carry mystery shopping adverts.
  • You should be looking for the ones you’ll get the most out of, whether that’s the pay you receive for the jobs you do, or the freebies you get from the places you inspect.
  • It should never cost you to join a company – they should be paying you for the work you do.


Step 2: Go out in the field.

Mystery shopper in disguise

Once the agency accepts you, you can begin looking for jobs on their website.

You need to go and shop – or eat – or enjoy a show – but the main objective is to follow the guidelines exactly, without having the instructions in front of you.

You’ll need to report on products and services, which can include anything from aspects of the decor, cleanliness, atmosphere, how the staff deal with other customers, how many staff there are and what they’re all doing.

Most mystery shopping agencies ask that you don’t write notes or make what you’re doing obvious while you’re ‘on the job’, as it can affect the way you’re treated by the staff. The company’s main objective is to get an impartial experience.

Note that at time of writing, the UK is on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic and you should only be doing minimal shopping trips for essential groceries right now. You can however make a note of the in-person mystery shopping opportunities available and apply for them when life returns to normal!


Step 3: Report on your mystery shopping experience.

save money shopping

This will usually involve filling in an online questionnaire with short or longer answers about your experience as a customer.

You’ll receive payment/reimbursement after you’ve reported on your job, which you’ll ideally do within 24 hours of completing the task.

Pay rates differ from company to company and depend on the complexity of the work.

Generally, you can expect to earn £5 – £25 per task plus expenses (but as little as £1 – £5 for phone work).


A Money Magpie’s mystery shopping Experience

Make money mystery shopping

Our Publishing Editor, Marc Crosby, decided to join up to a mystery shopping agency to see just how easy it was to earn money. Here he tells us about the experience:

“I joined up to one of the online mystery shopping agencies and, after putting in a few details, was asked to do a mystery shop for a fast food chain in my local area. It didn’t take long to be offered the job and they were willing to pay £20 for completing it.

It really did feel like going undercover, little did the staff know I was watching their every move, mwahahaha…well, except, they probably did, because mystery shopping takes a little practice. I was told to note down how long it took from asking for my order to the meal being handed to me, which meant using my phone as a stopwatch. That’s easier said than done when you’re juggling your wallet around.

By the time the meal was handed to me and I’d fumbled for the ‘stop’ button, they probably knew what I was up to (which might explain why a member of staff held the door open for me as I left, wishing me a good day – not a normal procedure at fast food stores!) But, hey ho, good service and I gave a good score. All I needed to do was go back and quickly answer a few questions that took no longer than half an hour to complete.

I was paid within two weeks and was offered loads of mystery shopping work after. Honestly, it could have been a nice little earner if I had more time to do it.

So if you’re in doubt, I’d say give it a go. Mystery shopping really is quite easy money, plus the company usually pays for your food/item, so that’s another bonus!”

Whatever you do, don’t miss our number one article 10 easy ways to make quick cash – featuring the very best money makers around including mystery shopping!


Find a mystery shopping job




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Gemma Aktekin
Gemma Aktekin
6 years ago

I am already signed up to a mystery shopping site, it’s really interesting I like to give feedback knowing it will be used.

6 years ago

I’ve done it before, its a great way to earn some extra cash

6 years ago

I was doing mystery shopping about seven years ago. I did enjoy it, especially the food and post office jobs ( 🙂 ) The pay gradually got less though so it stopped being worth it for me. I would consider it again in the future though

Susan Race
Susan Race
6 years ago

I used to mystery shop several years ago, but now I find I don’t have the time as the assignments are always really short notice.

Claire toplis
Claire toplis
6 years ago

I haven’t tried it
I suppose my shyness is putting me off

Jenny Rogers
Jenny Rogers
6 years ago

I joined a site on the recommendation of friends, but I haven’t completed any assignments yet. They always seem to be too short notice, or require a lot of information for quite a small payment.

Kristy Brown
Kristy Brown
6 years ago

I’d love to get paid to shop and am actually signed upa s one – but they are always crazy things they ask me to do

6 years ago

I did a few mystery shops some years ago but found that the company asked for information in the online questionnaire that they had not alerted me to in the preparatory notes (staff names for example), payment was tiny and items were to be purchased and returned on the same day at an out of town retail park store – they might as well have asked me to identify myself as a mystery shopper! The online form gave no space for other comments and so often real problems with the shop could not be highlighted.

Jun Mo
Jun Mo
6 years ago

A good way to earn some extra money and to experience some new things

Greig spencer
Greig spencer
6 years ago

id love to get paid to shop!! what a fantastic job to have!! so looking inti it lol

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