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Netflix Looking For People To “Win Big” in Squid Game UK

Vicky Parry 29th Jun 2022 No Comments

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Now here is a story we never thought we would be writing. Netflix have put out a casting call to entice people to play a UK reality show version of their famous Korean series Squid Game.

Following on from the announcement that season two is on its way, the announcement says they want people “to take part in the UK’s largest social experiment” – and for people who have seen the original show, this obviously causes some alarm. In the series, we see a very deprived society, in such alarming contrast to the wealthy, that they are scrambling around for money and willing to be degraded and lose their humanity to escape their crushing debt and existence. Therefore it seems an unusually tasteless opportunity in the midst of our own economic crisis; especially when people like Chrissy Teigan were so widely criticised for hosting a “Squid Game party” after seeing the original show.

Regardless, the producers are offering a chance to ‘win big’: “You’ve seen the drama, now it’s your chance to take part in Netflix’s biggest ever social experiment! This supersized unscripted show turns the scripted world of the drama into reality. Real-life players will be immersed in the iconic Squid Game universe and will never know what’s coming next. Here they’ll compete in a series of heart-stopping games in order to become the sole survivor* and walk away with a life-changing cash prize.

With a fortune up for grabs, who will be an ally, who will you trust, and who will you betray in this ultimate test of character?

*Please note: Win or lose, all players will leave unscathed. But if you win, you win big!”

So, while we don’t know the exact amount up for grabs, we do know that it won’t be such a horrifically amoral free-for-all as the original!

If you fancy your shot, in a non-death wish arena, you can apply here. 

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