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Your (sealed) Pokemon Game could be worth over £2000!

Rachel Hazelwood 7th Feb 2023 No Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Experts have revealed 7 video games that could be worth a fortune in the future!

Currys looked at over 100 retro video games to see how much they are worth now and how much they have increased in value since their release. (You can read the full report here.)

They then spoke to Roy Raftrey, a trading card and video game specialist at Ewbank’s Auctions, who shared his predictions for which games are worth investing in today for future gains:

Pokemon: Sun/Moon, Nintendo 3DS (sealed)

All sealed Pokémon titles have been rapidly increasing in value over the past two years. Ewbank’s recently sold a sealed Pokémon yellow for £2100! Roy suggests people should pick up sealed copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS as a future investment.

Games considered poor on the PS3 and Xbox360

Some of the worst games in history are some of the most expensive because of how bad they are! They often come up in YouTube videos or articles – it makes players want to experience them. ET on the Atari was the start, Superman 64 followed.

Look at picking up Sonic the Hedgehog aka Sonic 06 on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It ticks all the boxes, a beloved character, franchise and developer in Sega, but it was nearly the death of Sonic and was notorious for bugs.

God of War: Trilogy, PS2 (sealed)

God of War Ragnarök was the fastest selling first party title, in December 2021. Roy recommends getting the original PS2 God of War trilogy sealed, as soon as possible.

Super Mario: 3D All-Stars, Nintendo Switch

Games produced for the current generation of consoles are usually printed in the tens of millions. 3D All-Stars had a limited print run and was only available for a 10-month window – now it’s not possible to order with video game distributors and the current retail price is already £10 over what it was on the day of release.

Resident Evil, Xbox/PC

Games that were the start of a new genre should be on anyone’s radar. Resident Evil coined the phrase ‘survival horror’ and has over 20 titles to choose from. Picking up mint condition copies of these games is likely to be a worthwhile investment.

Dino Crisis/X-Files/X-Files Resist, various consoles

Over the last couple of years developers have been pushing the age of digital games more and more, for this reason older games that can’t be ported over digitally for reasons such as licensing issues or soundtrack ownership should naturally go up in price.

Games like the Dino Crisis series, or games tied to shows like the X-Files. The PS2 X-Files Resist or Serve are the ones Roy recommends the most.

Mario Sunshine/Mario Galaxy I & II/Mario 3D world, Gamecube/Wii/WiiU

Earlier this year Super Mario Bros on the NES sold for record breaking amounts – I would look at sealed Mario Games from the last 20 years, Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 on the Wii and even lesser-known games on the WiiU like Mario 3D world.


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