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Pollpass: Earn money by chatting

Fabian Broeker 1st May 2018 3 Comments

Reading Time: 3 minutes

How many hours a day do you spend chatting on your phone? Probably quite a few. Wouldn’t it be great if you got paid to do that?

Welcome to Pollpass. Talk to the Pollpass chatbot at home or on the move, wherever you are, whenever you want. Answer questions about things you like, how you feel, what you think, what you hate… For every opinion you get awarded points which you can turn into Paypal rewards or Amazon vouchers.

What is pollpass and how does it work?

It’s a nifty bit of technology that comes in the form of a chatbot which you can talk to on all your favourite devices, no matter where you are, and answer questions, dynamically and in real time, as if you were having a normal conversation – which you are. You can start and stop as much as you want, just like you do when you’re chatting to your friends.

Why am i getting paid for chatting?!

Believe it or not, your opinion matters! A LOT. Researchers are interested in finding out what you think about a wide range of topics. It helps inform decisions and gives them an opportunity to measure how popular something is. It’s not just what you do, but what you think and that’s why you get paid to use Pollpass.

How do I get paid?

Through Amazon vouchers and Paypal. It’s quick, easy and reliable. Better yet, this is only the start. There will be cool new rewards coming as the year goes on, and by signing up you’ll be the first to know about them!

How does it work?


You spend about 45 mins chatting to Pollpass and that should give you 5,000 credits which you can exchange for a £/$ 5.00 Amazon Voucher or Paypal cash. You are rewarded immediately.

What does it look like?

Just like any other chat. Say goodbye to surveys!

Chat on your phone:


Or larger device:

What do people say who’ve tried it?

“I really enjoyed doing the surveys, it was so easy and quick, think I had completed it all in about 3 days! The payout was so quick as well. Thank you for giving the opportunity.”

Kim Wall


“I love it, it’s a lot quicker to get rewards. Also it offers a more unique way of answering questions.”

Chloe Brill


“Pollpass is one of the best sites I have come across, very easy and enjoyable, you won’t get bored. It’s much easier than the other survey panels and easy to cash out. I am looking forward to more surveys from you guys”


Fernades Mel


How quickly can I start earning?

You can cash out in under an hour after sign up. That’s some seriously fast cash!


What sets pollpass apart?

No one gets Screen Out. Everyone can chat.

You can leave the chat anytime for 30 minutes and come back exactly to where you left off. Even better you don’t have to come back to the same device, so you could be chatting on your tablet, and then take a break and return to the conversation on your phone.

It’s the highest incentives vs shortest time taken to complete a survey in the industry. Take a moment to absorb that, because it means more money, less time.

It’s so so simple. Everything happens within the chat, no links to other sites or surveys. And your rewards are ready for you whenever you want.

How do i start?

Sign up now and see for yourself.



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5 years ago

Is there an App you can download for Android phone ? Thanks

5 years ago

I have signed up, will see how it goes.

6 years ago

Love the I idea, but after two sessions all I am getting are three dancing dots at the bottom of the page and the bot will not fire up and talk to me

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