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Should the UK put the clocks forward to save on energy bills?

Isobel Lawrance 22nd Apr 2022 No Comments

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Liberal Democrat peer John Lee is calling on the government to put the clocks forward in the UK by an hour to match with Central European Time. His reasoning for this, he says, is that moving the UK to Paris time would reduce household bills and help to ease the cost-of-living crisis for many.

He argues it would maximise the length of daylight time in the evenings, reducing people’s needs to use lights and heating as early in the day, particularly in the winter months. As inflation reaches its highest level on record in 30 years, Lord Lee is suggesting the government must consider a “double summertime” to combat soaring energy bills.

He also stated he would question the government about its position on this issue later this month when the House of Lords returns from recess. Lord Lee is the president of the Association of Leading Visitor Attraction and a former tourism minister and suggests he doesn’t think double summertime would costs the government much, if anything.

Supporters who are on board with this idea are suggesting it would give the UK an extra hour of daylight for11 months of the year. Campaigners have also estimated extending daylight hours would sae each household up to 152 hours’ worth of electricity each year, thus saving them a great deal of money on their bills.

On a similar note, a study from 1993 from the Policy Studies Institute estimated this move could save £260 million in the electricity bills of homes across the UK, and staggering figure even 30 years ago.

Do you think the UK should put the clocks forward? Leave your views in the comments!

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