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Some airport security rules to be scrapped

Isobel Lawrance 16th Dec 2022 No Comments

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Airport security liquid and electrical rules are to be relaxed by June 2024. It has been announced that many security rules surrounding liquids and electrical goods will be scrapped.  

The government has set a new deadline of June 2024 for most UK airports to install new, high-tech 3D scanners, which show far more detailed images of baggage. This will change the way liquids and some electrical items such as laptops will be scanned by security. 

The scanners are similar to CT scanners used within hospitals. It has already started to be used within many airports across the United States. These airports include Chicago’s famous O’Hare airport, which has used the technology for a number of years.

The current rules allowing a maximum of 100 millilitres of liquid per container and up to 1,000mls in total will be scrapped. This will be increased to two litres. Additionally, passengers will no longer need to removed electrical items from their bags when passing through security. 

This was meant to come into force previously, however, the pandemic pushed back the deadline for installations of the new technology. When he was Prime Minister, Boris Johnson pledged this would come into force by the end of 2022. Low traveller numbers during lockdowns at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic meant this was futile at the time. 

As it stands, passengers are required to remove electrical items such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops from their hand luggage when going through airport security. They are also limited to 100ml of liquids such as sun cream and shampoo and they must be in a clear plastic bag. 

These rules came into force in November 2006. This was accompanied by a ban of liquids within the plane altogether. This is due to British Police suggesting over 10 plots to blow up planes had been foiled. These plots all consisted of explosives hidden in drinks bottles, hence the ban.

The new legislation is being bought in across the country. It is imperative you check the rules before your journey. This is due to different airports bringing in the new technology at different times. Thus, the rules may be different between airports.

It is suggested that the new rules will make traveling an easier and more stream-lined process for passengers. However, it will also allow greater safety measures to be bought in due to the new expert technology.

Christopher Snelling, policy director at the Airport Operators Association said:

“It is a great step forward for UK air travel, matching the best in class around the world. It will make the journey through the UK’s airports easier and air travel itself more pleasant.”

What are your thoughts on these changes to airport security rules? Leave your comments below! 

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