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The fastest growing industries for 2019

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Despite the uncertainty around the economy over the past two years, and the year ahead due to Brexit, there are still industries in the UK which have enjoyed exceptional growth and have big projections in the future.

It’s becoming clear the UK is transforming into more and more of a service economy, meaning we are making less things like cars and goods, and selling services instead.

Though some industries will struggle and may eventually disappear in the UK, this does not mean it will kill the economy, it simply means that the UK will adapt.

This is exemplified by the massive growth of newer industries which are employing more people and contributing money into the coffers.

As a result, opportunities are arising for people to learn a new trade and make serious money.

To help you understand how to capitalise, here is everything you need to know.



finch startups

Fintech is an acronym for Financial Technology, and the industry has exploded in size in recent years.

However, this is not an industry full of bankers, brokers and traders – it’s actually a long way from that.

Fintech companies include businesses such as;

  • Monzo 
  • TransferWise
  • ReciptBank
  • Tide
  • Chip 
  • Curve 

These businesses have been generating millions of pounds of investment over the past couple of years and the projections are that the money will continue to pour in during the next couple of years.

These are only six businesses out of an entire industry which is growing by the month.

Therefore, more and more positions will be open for applicants who want to join the boom.

Once more, these are not businesses which only employ banking types, there are a huge variety of roles for people to explore.

Even if you have never worked for a financial institution, your skills will be valued if you can prove to be a hard worker and willing to learn, as these are the most important characteristics in an industry which is still in the early stages of development.

If you get in early, you could become an industry leader in a few years time.


Advertising and Marketing

marketing industry growth

More and more business are investing money into their online advertising and marketing as it is becomes obvious they need to spend in order to attract customers.

This is good news for people looking to get into the industry as it means there are new types of roles being created, as well as more openings all together.

Furthermore, as a Campaign Live article highlights, there is actually a skill shortage, which is driving up the salaries of junior roles as firms compete to get people into roles.

There are even marketing agencies which run their own marketing courses in order to train a new generation of marketers such as The Agent Academy.

There are hundreds of entry level roles in marketing and advertising if you’re looking to get into the industry and a simple google search will deliver a huge number of options.

Marketing agencies are also famous for providing employees with great benefits such as unlimited holiday, free lunch and flexible working, which are all important for achieving a strong work life balance, so do some research and find out what kind of roles may suit your skills.

You can learn more about making money as a marketing professional by reading one of our dedicated articles listed below.

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Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

creative industry growth

The UK Government recently announced that the creative industries are now worth £268 billion to the British Economy.

The creative industries consist of TV and film production, as well as theatre and any other form of art produced in the country.

Many people believe that the creative industries are closed off, but there are hundreds of jobs and positions available for people working in other sectors to move from.

The BBC alone has a huge number of openings available at any one time, just take a look at their careers page by clicking here.

Pinewood Studios is one of the most successful and impressive film studios in the world, as recent movies such as Star Wars have been filmed and produced there.

It also employs a huge number of people, from Sustainability Managers to Electricians, so if you want to play a part in making films, check out the Pinewood careers page here.


Virtual and Augmented reality

vr industry

It’s expected that the virtual and augmented reality industries will be worth £160 billion by 2020.

Although that figure is for the global industry, the UK is has one of the biggest creative industries in the world, meaning that AR and VR will see a big increase in popularity.

It’s likely you’ve seen people wearing virtual reality headsets, playing games and sometimes completely losing their cool as the virtual world seems a little too real for comfort, like this reporter on Good Morning Britain screaming his lungs out in a video you can watch by clicking here.

Though the sector is a long way from being as developed as the others mentioned above, there are likely to be more and more openings in the near future as the technology develops.

Some of the latest openings can be found on Indeed by clicking here.

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