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The ultimate guide to scoring part time or casual work this summer

Kelly 4th Jul 2019 No Comments

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Summer is seen as a fun time when the sun comes out and people relax a bit. However it’s also when many part time and casual jobs become available.

This is because of things like open-air events that want staff, or smaller opportunities such as offices that need holiday cover.

But competition for these roles can be fierce. It’s a boom time, either for those wanting extra income or the armies of students looking to top up their finances on a break from their studies.

So how do you go about scoring part time and casual work during this seriously busy period? Our guide gives you some tried and tested advice on what to do…


5. The right time and place

It won’t be a surprise to learn there are lots of places you can find work. The internet is packed with helpful sites like Indeed or Student Job that connect you to vacancies.

Here’s the thing. Before you do anything, check your CV is up to date and in the best possible state. The requirements for this can change so make sure you’re clued up.

Once you’ve got that and your cover letter sorted, you can begin the business of applying. Do so as early as possible, to get the jump on other job seekers.

In addition to dedicated job sites, you can register with an agency to get work. And if you’re a student it’s well worth checking internal (and convenient!) vacancies on campus.


4. What kind of experience do you want?

With part time and casual work, it’s accepted you’re not pursuing an ideal job. You’re really there to earn a bit of cash, then move on to the next stage of your life.

This is important. With a variety of roles out there and lots of people trying to get them, it’s worth working out in advance what you want to do over those weeks.

It’s all well and good applying for everything, but there are advantages to narrowing your options. For starters, you reduce the risk of getting a job you can’t stand.

Many jobs give you essential work experience, and transferable skills for other roles. So clearly an office job would be helpful if you wanted a career in administration.

By focusing on stuff you don’t mind doing for a few weeks, it makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Of course you may just want any job, and that’s fine too.


3. Where to work

Having an overview on the types of work available is helpful when planning your job-hunting activities. Knowing the key areas makes it a bit easier to focus your efforts.

Here are some pointers. Retail jobs in places like supermarkets are worth looking into. Why not pop along to your local branch to ask about summer opportunities?

A popular option for students and general job seekers is the Royal Mail. It’s hard work and the hours can be unusual, but it’s a long-established source of part time income.

If the great outdoors is more your thing, then a range of open air events and festivals ask for staff. The jobs aren’t easy, but the scenery and music make up for it!


2. Work for yourself

You can go out and work for other people, or you can make things happen for yourself. Using your established skill set has never been easier, thanks to the internet.

This is great. Freelancer platforms like Upwork have helped creative types, from writers to artists. Much of the work on offer is part time and geared toward extra income.

If you’re a good communicator, then online tutoring might be the right path for you. Teach someone to speak a different language, or how to play the guitar.

Not relying on an employer is very liberating, and means you can do part time or casual work when you decide. Who knows, you might get a career out of it too…


1. Making spare cash

Finding part time and casual work is great, but that doesn’t mean your earning potential stops there. Topping up your income with spare cash never goes amiss.

What are your options? You’ll be pleased to hear there are many! For example, online survey sites pay you small amounts of money for offering your opinions.

Matched betting is a proven way of using the “free bet” offers from major betting outlets. If you don’t mind a bit of gambling, the results can surprise you.

Selling stuff online can net you a tidy profit, provided you know what to look for. In today’s marketplace, making money is a tough business but also thankfully a flexible one.

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