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This hack could save you £300 a year on energy bills

Isobel Lawrance 11th Aug 2022 One Comment

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A TikTok influencer has given his followers a great hack which could save them almost £300 a year on their energy bills. It is simple too – by making just one change in your home, you could make some great savings – around £268 in savings, in fact.

User @_mikeslife talks all about finance and savings on the platform, discussing clever ways to save you money. Recently, Michael created a video talking about an easy switch Britons can make to the lighting in their homes, saving them a nice chunk of cash annually.

Within this TikTok video, Michael talks about how the cost of living has risen sharply, meaning people are having to pay drastically more for their energy usage. The energy price cap is set to reach over £4,000 annually in 2024, energy regulator Ofgem have announced.

The hack? Change your halogen lightbulbs to LED bulbs. “Trust me when I say it makes a huge difference,” says Michael. Halogen bulbs use 50 watts of energy, claims Michael. This is enough energy to power 10 LED light bulbs!

The Energy Saving Trust backed this, suggesting you can save up to £4 per bulb per year by making the switch. With the average home having almost 70 lights, this could save you a nice sum of £268 per year on your energy bills.

Michael suggests looking at the wattage when buying light bulbs. Anything over 10 watts tends to be a halogen bulb. Plus, they produce much more heat than LEDs.


Will you be making the switch this winter?

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Lee Newsum
1 year ago

Personally, no – but that’s ONLY because I already use LED bulbs.

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