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Try something new and get paid up to £250 for being part of a focus group

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Do you want to find a new way to make money in 2015?

Fancy making between £40 – £200 just for sharing your views?

Well with Take Part in Research you can – there are hundreds of companies and public sector organisations who will pay generously to get your opinions on their products and services.


What do focus groups involve?

The aim of a paid research is to get your honest opinions about products and services – this means that you could be shaping the future of these companies and services.

There are several ways you can get involved with Take Part in Research to get paid for your opinions, but the most popular are group discussions. These are usually made of eight to ten people and typically last anything from thirty minutes to two hours.

Locations are chosen on the basis of convenience and comfort, and refreshments are provided – always a clincher! You are generally paid between £40-£250 for your time, which is a great return for the amount of time you put in.

Other ways you can take part are face to face interviews, telephone interviews and even online focus groups. So if getting to a focus group is difficult for you or you’re in any way immobile, you can still earn money for having your opinions heard.


Why use Take Part in Research?

Make money with take part in research - focus groupsTake Part in Research are a market leader in responder recruitment with over 60,000 respondents.

They have major clients, such as the charity Cancer Research UK, and are particularly good for car fanatics as many of their projects are automotive focus groups. This means that you can get a sneak peek at new car models and features, and then giving feedback which will help shape the course of the industry.

They also put emphasis on fun focus groups and finding original ways to gauge your opinions. For example they recently ran a Googlebox-Style research session for families. This simply involved asking the families a few questions and then filming them whilst they watched TV. This took place over two hours and the families were then given £100 as a thank you. Watching TV – not a bad way to make money!

Take Part in Research always gets good feedback from people who enjoyed giving their opinions on products and services.

For example, Claire from London said “Really enjoyed giving my feedback and was paid £60 for doing so, great!”

For your chance to make money for your views, sign-up to Take Part in Research here.


Are focus groups for me?

If you like to share your opinion and like to make some extra money on the side (and frankly, who doesn’t?) then you should definitely sign-up and give focus groups a chance.MoneyMagpie_Thinking-Thoughtful

This isn’t a quick way to make a load of money – you’ll only be able to take part in a few focus groups and only be selected if you meet the criteria they’re looking for. But as a way to supplement your income, focus groups are a really great way to do so.

Plus focus groups are great because they require a diverse range of people. No matter your age, sex or profession the chances are there will be a focus group suitable for you. In fact if you’re part of a minority or niche that is underrepresented then your opinion might be even more valuable!

The only requirements to sign-up for Take Part in Research is that you’re 16 or over and live in the UK.

So why not try something new for 2015 and sign-up so you can make money for your opinions.

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