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Get paid up to £250 for being part of a focus group

Marc Crosby 3rd Feb 2015 No Comments

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Make extra cash for sharing your opinions in focus groups. There’re hundreds of companies and public sector organisations that’ll pay for your thoughts on their products and services.

Focus groups have been around for decades, effectively shaping what our world looks like. It’s not just about what type of washing up liquid we use or where we go on holidays – they’ve also affected our political and media landscape. Focus groups have become a powerful tool. You can be a part of it by joining one of the many focus group companies.



What do focus groups involve?

In basic terms, companies need your honest opinions about their products and services.

Paid research can involve a variety of things but focus groups are the most popular option. Typically, they’re made up of eight to ten people. The session can last between thirty minutes to a couple of hours.

Companies pick locations on the basis of convenience and comfort, and usually provide refreshments. They’ll pay you anything between £40 to £300 for your time – not bad money for a bit of a chat.

If you can’t get to the focus group venue for whatever reason, there’re also face-to-face or phone interviews and even online focus groups.


Where to find work?

Take Part in Research

Market leader in responder recruitment, Take Part In Research caters for major clients in spaces such as tech, automotive and shopping.

You may end up getting a sneak peek at new car models and features, and your feedback will help shape the course of the industry.

The company likes to come up with original ways to gauge your opinions. For example, they ran a Googlebox-style research session for families, asking them a few questions, then filming them while they watched TV. Those families made £100 for watching TV.

Focus Groups UK

With over 15 years of experience and more than 250,000 respondents, Focus Groups UK offers money for opinions through focus groups, interviews and online surveys. Their database of clients include the NHS, Spotify, MaxFactor and HSBC.

The company looks for participants of all ages and backgrounds. You’ll be a particularly good fit if you represent a niche or ethnic group whose opinions may be underrepresented, or if you’re based in a remote area.

People for Research

This Bristol-based company offers a variety of projects you can get involved in. Share your opinions on managing energy bills, tell them how support for women can be improved and help their clients understand what matters to your local community.

People for Research is also a good starting place to find out more about research in general as they share tips, explain the industry jargon and blog about trends in the field.

There’s plenty more online – try Paid Focus Group, Research Opinions or Fieldwork Hub.

Are focus groups for me?

To be clear – focus groups won’t make you millions. Due to the criteria for each individual focus group, you’ll only be able to take part in some of them, depending on the type of demographic the company is after. But it’s an easy way to make some extra cash.

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