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Ask Jasmine 8: Where can I sell Star Wars figurines?

Isobel Lawrance 17th Nov 2022 No Comments

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Welcome to Ask Jasmine, the column where I round up some of the questions I have received from readers. In this edition, I answer many questions about cleaning, complaining, selling Star Wars figurines and how to contact Amazon when locked out of you account.

I hope these answers can help you with any questions you may have. Don’t forget to leave any questions you have in the comments below or email me on [email protected].



What is the best vinegar for cleaning?

Dear Jasmine, 

Vinegar is mentioned a lot as a cheap cleaning tool, but not which vinegar. I suspect most people have only malt vinegar in their homes. Is this what we are supposed to use or should it be white (not so easy to find) or some other type of vinegar?


Thank you for your email. 

You should use white vinegar which is generally seen as the best vinegar for cleaning because of its high acidity level (5%). Most supermarkets do stock this product however they usually sell out very quickly online.  

I have managed to find that Wilko also sell their own branded version, please see here. 

I do hope this helps. 



Hey Jasmine, I want to make a complaint about a company but I’m not getting any response from them. What’s the best way to proceed?

Most of us don’t like complaining, but sometimes it is vital we do to get the service we deserve.

My Ask Jasmine columns are now sponsored by Resolver, and they’re a great service to use if you want to make a complaint.

Watch the video below to find out more about Resolver.


How can I remove a lipstick stain?

Dear Jasmine

I read your article in the Saturday Daily Mail. Very impressed. I would be grateful for your advice of removing a lipstick mark on a gilet I purchased.
My other request is from your article from some weeks ago about Iceland voucher. I called too late to receive these vouchers. When are they going to do it again? Look forward to hearing from you. 


Unfortunately, I am not an expert, but having had a look online I did come across some suggestions. Please do bear in mind they do not give advice on which fabric this is suitable for. 

Using rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser gel 

First, place the item on top of a paper towel with the stain facing downwards. Use a cotton ball or clean white cloth dampened with your chosen alcohol to blot, but not rub the stain. Rinse the stain with cool water before washing the fabric as usual. 

For dried in stains, try hairspray 

Hairspray works as a degreasing agent, so if your item has already been washed and dried this method is for you. Spray the hairspray directly onto the lipstick stain and allow it to sit for around 15 minutes. Use a damp cloth to wipe away the hairspray – and stain – before washing your garment as normal. 

Cut through the stain with a little washing up liquid 

Spray a little water onto the fabric to dampen it, before applying a small amount of washing up liquid directly to the stain. Leave it to work for 15 minutes then use a clean cloth to gently rub the liquid, in a circular motion from the outside in. Rinse the area with more water and allow it to dry. 

I do hope this helps. With regard to Iceland vouchers, I’m afraid I don’t know when they will be doing this again. 


Where is the best place to sell Star Wars figurines?


I have some Star Wars figurines and other items. Do you know where is the best place to get a valuation or to sell them?

Thank you in anticipation. 


Unfortunately, I am not an expert in this field, and the value will very much depend on the condition of the item and whether they are boxed or limited editions. 

Having had a look online I did come across a company called C&T Auctioneers and Valuers based in Kent. It would be worthwhile giving them a call on 01233 510050,to see if they could provide you with a valuation.  

I do hope they will be able to help. 


How can I get back into my Amazon account?

Hi Jasmine, 

I have been selling my books on Amazon for over 7 years. I have never received any royalties. 

In August this year on two separate occasions my son and myself spent over an hour on the telephone speaking to Amazon staff in America. While they were helpful, they too were unable to get into the account. 

Because I want to open my own web page to sell my books, I tried to open an Amazon KDP account, so I could have all my books made into Kindle books. 

However once again I was told that this was not possible as the account was locked. I telephoned the number on the screen. When I tried to contact Amazon on that number, the operator said the number was unavailable.   

Can you help me? 


I’m so sorry to hear of all the problems you’ve incurred. Unfortunately, Amazon would not be able to discuss your account with us due to Data Protection laws. 

Have you spoken to the UK Customer Services? They can be contacted on 0800 279 7234. 

Amazon should be able to take your through security questions to verify who you are, and then take you through the steps needed to unlock your account. 

I do hope this helps. 


Do you have a question for me? Leave it in the comments below, or email me your question on [email protected]. I may just answer it in next week’s Ask Jasmine column.


Disclaimer: MoneyMagpie is not a licensed financial advisor and therefore information found here including opinions, commentary, suggestions or strategies are for informational, entertainment or educational purposes only. This should not be considered as financial advice. Anyone thinking of investing should conduct their own due diligence.


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