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Don’t get trapped by Thomas Cook fraudsters

Moneymagpie Team 28th Sep 2019 One Comment

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We’ve all seen Thomas Cook all over the news recently and please do get in touch if you’ve been affected in any way.

But what we’ve just found is that nasty fraudsters are pouncing on those caught in the chaos.

Holiday Nightmare

With plenty of people stranded and a huge amount adversely affected by delays, changes and unforeseen circumstances, holidaymakers are in a really vulnerable position right now. For many people looking to get away for a nice break in the sun horror as struck. Seriously, no one saw this coming. Thomas Cook, which has been a staple for many people’s annual holidays has really flummoxed us all. Spare a thought for those losing jobs, but also those caught up in the chaos on holiday.

Sadly, as is always the case, when things go bad, they go really bad. As such, certain nasty people have seen this catastrophe as a way to make a pretty penny off everyone else’s misfortune. We don’t like that. Therefore, we urge you to spread information on staying safe at this time. Safety first. Holiday second. And hopefully this will all blow over before too soon.

How you can protect yourself and your family

Tom Clementson, Director of Consumer at secure payments solution Shieldpay commenting on the Thomas Cook collapse and the risk of fraud commented: “Holidaymakers left stranded by the collapse of Thomas Cook are sitting ducks for fraudsters. Fraudsters who have absolutely no shame when it comes to parting people from their money and prey on those in vulnerable situations. Holidaymakers attempting to organise flights home, accommodation and compensation must be extremely vigilant. Unexpected phone calls with promises of compensation if bank details are provided are, in the vast majority of cases, too good to be true and people returning from holiday could see their bank accounts emptied before they step foot on home ground.

“Simple steps like never giving out bank details on the phone or clicking a link in an unexpected email should help people keep their money safe and avoid adding to holiday woes. Anyone who believes they have been targeted by fraudsters already should let their bank know immediately and report it to the Police and Action Fraud.”

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4 years ago

More should be done to catch these fraudsters, they are thieves the same as any others.

Jasmine Birtles

Your money-making expert. Financial journalist, TV and radio personality.

Jasmine Birtles

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