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HyperJar – a game changer for savvy living and shared spending!

Reading Time: 4 mins HyperJar is the new money management account helps you get ahead ... read more

How to teach your kids to be financially literate

Reading Time: 3 mins Conversations about financial issues can be challenging to have with children. ... read more

How not to be poor after a No-Deal Brexit

Reading Time: 4 mins There are dire warnings about a No-Deal Brexit. Even ardent Brexiters ... read more

Is social media breaking your budget?

Reading Time: 3 mins Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing tools out ... read more

Savings – What to do with your money in a recession

Reading Time: 5 mins It’s now 2020 and the recession that started in 2008 is ... read more

Make money, save money, and beat the big squeeze

Reading Time: 7 mins The big squeeze is on. Household income has been under pressure ... read more

Discounts and freebies for fabulous city living on a budget

Reading Time: 7 mins Life in the city is packed with fabulous possibilities: from eating ... read more

How should married couples split finances? And co-habiting ones?

Reading Time: 12 mins How should married couples split finances and is it different for ... read more

Brexit predictions one year on. How did I do with my crystal ball?

Reading Time: 9 mins Do you remember the Brexit predictions I made in this article ... read more

8 ways to protect your money this year

Reading Time: 10 mins Think of the effort you put in to earning your money ... read more

9 money questions you need to know the answers to

Reading Time: 4 mins Here at MoneyMagpie we love helping you out with all your ... read more

Managing your finances to help you make money

Reading Time: 4 mins Click Here to Sign up with Experian’s Credit Matcher to get your ... read more

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