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What is negative interest?

Reading Time: 5 mins You’ve heard of interest rates – it’s the amount you pay ... read more

Are consolidation loans worth it?

Reading Time: 5 mins Struggling with debt can cause a huge amount of stress. This ... read more

Credit Card Types Explained (And How to Choose)

Reading Time: 4 mins Credit cards are a necessity for most of us. It’s a ... read more

Cash Flow Management Tips for the Self-Employed

Reading Time: 5 mins Cash flow is tricky at the best of times for the ... read more

How does coronavirus affect your credit score?

Reading Time: 6 mins With so many changes to financial services in the last month, ... read more

Payment Freezes on Credit Cards and Loans Explained

Reading Time: 7 mins Payment freezes on credit cards and loans – and the introduction ... read more

Borrowing for the self-employed

Reading Time: 7 mins Being self-employed can be a liberating experience. Think about it: there’s ... read more

10 easy ways to improve your credit score

Reading Time: 5 mins Loans are hard to get if your credit score isn’t perfect. ... read more

Should I lend money to family and friends?

Reading Time: 7 mins Should I lend money to family and friends? It’s a question ... read more

Give me money! How to get a cheaper loan

Reading Time: 7 mins When the financial markets are volatile – and when your own ... read more

Is bad credit preventing you from keeping warm this winter?

Reading Time: 5 mins The annual “Big Freeze” weather scaremongering reports are starting to appear ... read more

Gambling on credit cards banned from April

Reading Time: 2 mins We recently wrote – at length – about the impact addiction ... read more

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