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Hi Kiera and Paul,

You need to agree the payment freeze with your credit card company first. Delaying or not paying without that agreement will hurt your credit score, and means you’ll be charged interest, too.

It’s a really confusing time at the moment, so it’s worth giving your provider a call now to see if they’ll let you freeze payments. They might also refund any interest or charges on your late payment if you ask nicely, too! There’s no guarantee, but most providers are being understanding about the confusion of it all lately.

The most important thing is that you need to get the freeze agreed in writing. They’ll write to you to tell you when it starts and ends, and if they are charging interest during that time. They’re allowed to charge ‘reasonable interest’ while your payments are frozen, so be aware of that as it will roll up into your next bill that you do pay!

This article might help, too 🙂