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I agree. I’m a big fan of cash (although, being an urbanite, I use cards a lot more). My interest in cash is that it is anonymous and ‘they’ (the Government, the big tech companies and others) can’t monitor our use of it as they can with cards. I think it’s very important to keep cash going if we as individuals are to have any autonomy over our lives.

I also feel that it would put us all in a vulnerable position if we became a cashless society. Think of how easy it is for a country like, say, China to do a big hit on our web and broadband systems. There was a day a couple of years ago when the O2 system went down and shops, taxis and more couldn’t get paid with cards. This is all too possible and I would like us to have a back-up of cash. I think the Swedes are wishing they hadn’t gone cashless.