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10 Scrap-booking Tapes For Just 35p!

7th Jun 2018

Ever fancied trying out scrap-booking as a new hobby? Maybe you already scrap-book and need to cut back on how much you’re spending on supplies? These Kawaii tapes may be just what you’ve been looking for! They’re just £0.35 for 10 and you don’t even have to pay postage!!   ABOUT THE PRODUCT A high…

What is an unsecured loan? The truth

7th Jul 2017

Have you ever asked yourself “what is an unsecured loan”? I mean, as opposed to a ‘secured’ loan? It sounds dodgy but, weirdly, an unsecured loan actually less dodgy than a ‘secured’ loan. With an unsecured loan you’re not likely to lose your house or your car whereas with a secured loan you might. If…

Can you get your debt written off after six years?

29th Oct 2015

Guest article from MoneyAware When we’re faced with a debt problem, it can feel overwhelming, so of course we’d all like to wave a magic wand and make our debts disappear. Being realistic, while you can get help with your debt, it’s unlikely that’ll it just vanish. However, in some circumstances a debt can become…

5 habits of successful savers

19th Oct 2015

Everyone wants to know the secrets successful savers have to make them rich in life. But there’s no secret to it – saving is all about living within your means and putting whatever is left over into a high-interest savings account. It’s simple really –  living on less is much easier if your money’s out of…

Interview with founder of LatestFreeStuff

20th Jul 2015

Deepak Tailor is the founder of www.latestfreestuff.co.uk, one of our favourite freebie sites. We caught up with Deepak to ask him a few questions about freebies, online business and the future. What lead you to setting up latestFreeStuff? The website was launched in 2012. The UK was deep in a recession and I know household…

Why “your debts written off” adverts are too good to be true!

6th Jul 2015

Guest article from StepChange   From flash games to fad diets, Facebook has a way of ‘knowing’ what kind of content is likely to catch your eye. Let’s face it, debt and money problems are things that most people can find pretty relevant to their lives. With this in mind, it’s little surprise that some…

Watch out for the pump and dump, Ponzi and the Spanish prisoner Cons

20th Oct 2013

I have just finished reading The Con Men: A History of Financial Fraud and the Lessons you can Learn by Leo Gough. Before reading, I didn’t have much knowledge of scams and fraud within the financial sector and I also had no idea how long some of the cons ran on for, or how much…

First-time buyer mortgages – light at the end of the tunnel?

1st Oct 2012

I’ve been writing and talking about the difficulties the first-time buyer (and some ‘second-steppers’) is facing in this tough mortgage market. Here’s the piece I wrote for Metro last week  (about the 5th one down) and I was also on the Alan Titchmarsh show with Martin Roberts, talking about how people can get on the…

How to get the cheapest holiday possible

16th Aug 2012

We all like to save money on holiday but did you know you can get an iPad at Gatwick Airport for £38 less than on the high street? Or a Hugo Boss blazer for £50 less? No, nor did I until I started my term as a member of the Gatwick Passenger Panel, representing shoppers….

Safe savings alternatives

25th Feb 2012

Are you fed up of all the same old problems with banks? Dismal interest rates, needless charges, poor customer service… the list goes on. You’ll be happy to now then, that you don’t have to put up with it: There are actually some very viable alternatives. Here are our top five favourite savings alternatives.

Find Love in 47 steps: from small talk to free dating sites

10th Feb 2012

Here at MoneyMagpie we know that finding love can be a long journey filled with many ups and downs; that’s why we’ve put together this indispensable guide covering everything from free dating sites to working on your chat-up lines.  So be safe, have fun and let us know how you get on! 1. Join dating…

Cheap Office Stationery: Our Pick Of The Best Buys

10th Jan 2012

Are you setting up your own business? It’s important to find an affordable, reliable supplier to avoid any last-minute envelope crises or stapler emergencies – and most importantly – save time, money and effort in the long run. Read on for our top tips to get cheap office stationery: