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Save money by doing winter things in the summer

13th Jun 2017

If the sun is shining start thinking of boilers because you can save money by doing winter things in the summer. Yes, weirdly enough, the height of summer is the time to get home improvements done for the winter. As well as being a fantastic opportunity to clear out and cash in on unwanted items, you…

25 wonderful ways to make money and save money this Summer

7th May 2017

Whether you’re planning a cheap getaway this summer or simply want to spruce up the garden we are showing you 25 wonderful ways to make money and save money along the way. Summer is here and the sun’s out… so lets get going!   June – Be happy and make money 1. Be happy this month….

Cheap Holidays on your Doorstep

1st Feb 2017

We know how hard it can be to scrape together the cash to go abroad. So why bother with the stress when there are loads of great ways to have a lovely time on the cheap right here in the UK. Whether it’s a holiday by the sea, a city break or an escape to the country,…

5 secrets to saving money without giving up everything you love

23rd Mar 2016

Want to know our secrets for saving money? It’s quite simple really; the less you spend, the more you’ll save. And more importantly, the more you’ll be able to put into paying off your debts. The quicker you pay them off, the cheaper it’ll be in the long run and the sooner you’ll be free and able…

LED lights and why you should be using them

16th Dec 2015

LED lighting is increasingly being seen as the next generation of lighting. They save energy, last a lot longer than traditional light bulbs (and therefore cost less in replacements) and, because of their efficiency, help save the environment. Some think LEDS might just save the planet. For many who remember trying LED lights out before…

Save yourself £200 in half an hour this evening

24th Feb 2015

I’ve been on a load of TV and radio programmes this week talking about how loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to utility companies – or any other company come to that – and you should switch now. It is true, seriously, that you could save yourself around £200 (depending on what your bills are…

Get paid up to £250 for being part of a focus group

3rd Feb 2015

Make extra cash for sharing your opinions in focus groups. There’re hundreds of companies and public sector organisations that’ll pay for your thoughts on their products and services. Focus groups have been around for decades, effectively shaping what our world looks like. It’s not just about what type of washing up liquid we use or…

Top 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK and the reasons we love them

15th Dec 2014

The Brits are a nation of animal lovers but it’s dogs with which we share an extra special bond. As we come up to Christmas you may be thinking about getting a new furry addition for your family. But before you do you need to think it through carefully. Rob Young, Head of Dog Rehoming at…

You could be losing thousands to fraudsters if you run a small business

25th Oct 2014

If you run a small businesses be warned – you’re a major target for fraudsters trying to defraud you out of hundreds of thousands of pounds. Common fraud in business  What do the scams involve? Real life examples Financial Fraud Action UK’s (FFA UK) intelligence bureau has reported an upsurge of two scams in particular invoice fraud,…

How to Get Out of Debt After the Summer

15th Sep 2014

When you’re struggling to pay interest on credit cards, loans or an overdraft – let alone paying off what you owe – it can seem like you’ll never get out of debt. Fortunately, there is a way out. If you follow these four easy steps, you can ditch the debt, and start living again. Step…

How to make money and save money in 2015

6th Jan 2014

Make money and save money every month this year. Look through these tips and you can make some notes in your diary to help you get ahead of the game and rake in the cash each month this year! January February March April  May June July August September October November December

Student Confirmation

16th Nov 2012

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