Luxury Christmas gifts for less

Reading Time: 4 mins Updated: 21 November 2013 Money’s tight for everyone this year, but we’ve worked out how you can have a luxury Christmas for less. Whether you’re after designer beauty products, posh jewellery for the Christmas party, or getting pampered like a celeb, we’ve been trawling the web for great deals without a hefty price tag.

Watch out for the pump and dump, Ponzi and the Spanish prisoner Cons

Reading Time: 5 mins I have just finished reading The Con Men: A History of Financial Fraud and the Lessons you can Learn by Leo Gough. Before reading, I didn’t have much knowledge of scams and fraud within the financial sector and I also had no idea how long some of the cons ran on for, or how much … read more

Is the iPhone 5c worth it?

Reading Time: 3 mins Apple is marketing their new iPhone 5c as a cheaper alternative to their more expensive models, but is it actually worth buying? The downsides of the newest iPhone Looking at their comparison chart for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s, there isn’t too much of a difference between the 5c and 5s as far … read more

How to avoid boiler room scams

Reading Time: 2 mins I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – watch the movie ‘Boiler Room’. It’s a good view and it will give you an idea of how these nasty, fraudulent operations work. “Boiler Room” scams involve bogus stockbrokers, usually based overseas, cold calling people to pressure them into buying shares that promise high returns. In … read more

How to get Cheap currency for your holiday

Reading Time: 10 mins Everyone wants cheap currency right? Right now the pound is pretty strong against the euro, which means you get more money for your sterling! This makes it a great time to stock up on holiday euros, but getting the cheapest foreign currency possible is still a must. Don’t be fooled by high-street claims of ‘commission-free’ … read more

eCommerce: 10 steps to start a company

Reading Time: 7 mins We’re sure you’ve heard about eCommerce by now. It may be something you’ve looked into but you’re unsure if it’s worth getting involved in. Read on to discover is eCommerce is for you: Thinking about starting an ecommerce company? Here we have ten steps that will help you to start an eCommerce company, attract customers … read more

Cheap, green cleaning products you can make yourself

Reading Time: 6 mins Cleaning products – we can’t do without them can we? But cleaning supplies are notoriously expensive – and they can contain as much as 90% water! How do we get duped into buying these products instead of making our own cheap green cleaning products. Once again, clever marketing has tricked us into buying expensive and … read more

Find Love in 47 steps: from small talk to free dating sites

Reading Time: 12 mins Here at MoneyMagpie we know that finding love can be a long journey filled with many ups and downs; that’s why we’ve put together this indispensable guide covering everything from free dating sites to working on your chat-up lines.  So be safe, have fun and let us know how you get on! 1. Join dating … read more

Tips for starting a business

Reading Time: 5 mins Are you thinking of going self employed? If so then follow our tips for starting a business below. Courtesy of Victoria Atherstone, Founder & CEO of Love2scoot Ltd. She’s still developing her business but she has learned a lot in the process! Here are her top tips for starting a business: Tip One: Don’t run … read more

51 ways to save money in your home

Reading Time: 20 mins We could all do with cutting our household expenditure, so we’ve come up with 50 easy ways you can save money in your home. Starting with these tiny changes to everyday life, you will notice a difference. Start by having a go at just half of them and you’re bound to save a healthy amount! … read more

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