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Debunking ‘urban financial myths’

21st Jan 2016

Guest article from the Financial Ombudsman Service. When it comes to personal finance, there are many myths that can fool even the savviest saver, and we have come across many of them here at the Financial Ombudsman Service. Confusion reigns due to a number of reasons – jargon,  policy terms and conditions like a financial…

Why digital downloads are a rip-off

27th Dec 2015

The digital world is taking over our lives. We download music rather than buy CDs, we choose Netflix over DVDs and we can even give up our yoga classes at the gym for free videos on YouTube. Over half of Brits were given ‘virtual gifts’ at Christmas! But have you stopped to question whether this digital…

Benefits for carers in the UK – Carer’s Allowance

13th Nov 2015

Across the UK there are 6.5 million people caring for a loved one who is older, seriously ill or disabled. Carers Rights Day, organised by Carers UK, brings together more than 900 organisations across the UK every year to help carers in local communities to know their rights. If you’re a carer there is financial…

Commute for less

3rd Nov 2015

It’s an unavoidable fact of life that we have to work. That means we also have to get to work, and the commute can eat up a fair whack of our hard-earned cash. But the key word there is ‘can’. In fact, there are ways to do it for less. Read on to learn how…

6 ways to afford childcare

18th Sep 2015

The bottom line is childcare is something most families need and the worry of how to afford childcare plays on many a parents mind. The older your child gets the more money you will have to spend on childcare. No more so than during those periods when you and your partner have to work –…

Holiday Scam – Feel flush but don’t get rinsed!

14th Jul 2015

Right now the exchange rate between Pound and Euro is at its most favourable since 2007. For the past month rates have been hovering at between €1.3 and €1.4 per pound. For businesses exporting to the Eurozone this is not good news. But for tourists going to a Eurozone country for a holiday (Spain, Greece, France…

How to avoid the most common phone scam in the UK

23rd Jun 2015

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) has launched its annual national awareness week, with a focus on phone scams in partnership with Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK), as criminals increasingly focus on scams that avoid face-to-face contact. The campaign will involve 173,000 volunteers will be helping to warn those in their community of the dangers of phone…

How will the new benefit cap affect you?

21st Jun 2015

  Do you receive benefits? Are you concerned about what the the benefit cap cuts might mean for your finances? Then read on to find out how the new benefit cap the government plans to make may affect you. What are the planned changes? Who does it affect? How does it work? I’m worried! What…

Are you suffering from a financial STD?

11th May 2015

As if there weren’t enough things to worry about when you have a new partner, now there’s a whole new type of STD to beware of: a financial STD, or Sexually Transmitted Debt. It’s silent, insidious, and you usually don’t know about it until it’s too late. Your partner’s debts can be a devastating blow…

Why debt consolidation isn’t a way out of debt

19th Mar 2015

A guest article from StepChange.  When you’re dealing with debt, a consolidation loan can seem like a smart idea. The adverts make it sound all so simple: who wouldn’t want to roll all their debts up and make one single monthly payment? What the adverts neglect to tell you is that debt consolidation can often…

11 celebrities who have been to jail and come out the other side

10th Mar 2015

If you get thrown in the slammer, does that mean your career is over? Not for these celebrities, who are still very successful and very much in the public limelight, even after spending a couple of years in jail. If you’ve got a criminal record or you have spent time in prison at some point,…

Why you should never shop at a rent-to-own store

12th Feb 2015

  What do you do when you really want something that you know you can’t afford? For some people the answer is to visit a rent-to-own shop such as BrightHouse. They offer you the chance to buy goods such as TVs and washing machines by paying in weekly instalments. Sounds too good to be true? It…