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Free Fast Food to Celebrate National Fast Food Day

Vicky Parry 14th Nov 2022 One Comment

National Fast Food Day is an unofficial holiday observed annually on the 16th of November, we take a look at this popular phenomena and how to access free fast food.

Fast food started dominating the world in the 1970s and experienced a worldwide boom in the 80s, with McDonalds restaurants coming to many UK towns and cities.
Whether you partake of this cuisine or not, fast food culture is something that everyone is aware of, and on National Fast Food Day this year, millions of people will be zooming up to their favourite drive-in or sitting in a fast food restaurant to pick up a burger, (chicken or beef) a box of chicken nuggets or some other greasy fave.

Sure, a lot of fast food doesn’t have the healthiest reputation, and most of us are aware that you can’t live on the stuff, but for a quick, cheap treat with friends, family or workmates, this is a fun way to get some grub.

The easiest way to celebrate National Fast Food Day in the UK is:


free fast food
Sharing is caring! Grab some treats on your way in and share with your colleagues, or take some orders and collect some money and pop along at lunch to get everyone something.


free fast food

We ask the MoneyMagpie team for their faves:

McDonald’s. Whether you love nugs, burgers or fries, a Maccy Ds is a treat for a lot of people, and they’re hard to miss. Just check your map app and there’s probably one nearby!
KFC. The Zinger Tower Burger is a cracking, spicy, juicy chicken meal in itself.
Subway. Lots of these in smaller towns as well as cities, and although you can still go for the meaty treats, they also offer healthier options for non-salad dodgers.
Burger King. A lot of these joints are now found at stations, and sometimes you just have to grab a flame-grilled Whopper before a long journey.
Five Guys. These chaps may be on the pricey side for some, but they do some of the tastiest, most filling burgers, fries and shakes you can get in this country.

DEALS and Free Fast Food

free fast food

In honour of fast food day, many restaurants offer special coupons and discount deals! The best way to get these is to rock up to your place of choice, ask what deals they’ve got, and pick the best sounding one.


You can get a free side just for signing up. When you submit your details when downloading the KFC app, you’ll receive 3 chicken stamps, or enough for a free side: Small Popcorn Chicken, 2 Hot Wings, Soft Drink, Sundae or Regular Fries.


Get a free crunchy taco at any restaurant and 50 Taco Bell Supreme rewards points – which makes you 150 points away from free Churros or Cinnamon Twists – when you download the Taco Bell mobile app.


Become a McDonald’s app user get a freebie added to your deals tab by signing up, click on the ‘deals’ section, select the offer and choose your nearest McDonald’s to collect your freebie worth between 99p-£1.49.


Download the Costa Coffee Club app and get 100 bonus points (worth £1): if you enter a referral code, and make your first purchase, you get a bonus 200 points added to your account (worth £2).


The BK app is full of deals which rotate each week, getting you money off pretty much everything on the menu. They also give away free food from the app: sometimes free fries and a free Whopper (£4+). Free food is usually publicised through push notifications. More details here.https://www.moneymagpie.com/save-money/free-burger-king-for-everyone


Hashtag #NationalFastFoodDay and tag MoneyMagpie on social media and pos tpictures of the meal you picked up.

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