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How to save money on almost anything

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With everything increasing in cost these days, spending less (or receiving more for your hard-earned money) can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many tricks you can use to help with clawing some cash back and getting things for free: the following are 7 of the top methods that you can begin with.

Claim student discounts even if you aren’t attending uni

It isn’t necessary for you to pay tuition fees of 30 grand in order to be able to receive student discounts: there are some massively discounted or free online courses that are eligible as well for NUS membership. It will cost you £12 per year to get an NUS Extra card, and that will entitle you to receive a student discount at many places, along with a discounted or free Amazon Prime membership. Also, if you paid for Prime already you can request a pro-rata refund once you switch over to the student deal, then use the strategy below to double up on your rewards.

Build up rewards using Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime membership offers unlimited one-day delivery.  However, no-rush postage incentives (like the £1 credit on your next purchase) really can stack nicely.  In order to make the most of this, just make your Prime-eligible purchase one a time so that you earn a credit on every one.  Then you can either use your reward on the next eligible item that you buy, or if you are purchasing Kindle apps, music, or video, stockpile credits to save even more.

Receive all of the right discount cards

It is only worth it to pay to lock-in discounts if you will be making your money back.  Be sure to do your sums first.  Or you can get some discount cards for a lot less or even free:

– Tastecard: delay having to pay the £80 annual fee by getting started with a free card.  Or watch out for a trial offer – you can grab some for a few quid for months of membership.


– Coach and rail cards can make their purchase price back in only one to two trips.  With some student accounts, you can get them for free or for less.

Become a code hunter

You’re never too late to attempt to score a great discount code! While you are doing your online shopping, always check for a voucher before you pay: typing the name of the retailer plus “promo code” into your search engine of choice is usually all you have to do. Would you like to be more organised than that? Wait until you know what you want to buy before you sign up for the retailer newsletter – many offer money off for those who are first-time subscribers, so when you time it right it can really pay off for you.

Get the most out of your birthday

When it comes to getting money off, birthdays are brilliant, ranging from cut-price starters to complimentary cake.  What makes those offers particularly lucrative is that many of them are good for your entire birthday month. You will have to sign up for the retailer newsletter, and then get one of their loyalty cards or app in advance.  Next, plan the offers out that you would like to receive. Don’t miss out on:


– A free sweet treat at Patisserie Valerie, Krispy Kreme, Subway, and Gregg’s!


– Benefit brow wax free of charge from Debenham’s beauty club


– A third off at Yo! Sushi

Free Stuff Websites

There are plenty of websites where you can hunt for the most recent free offers. From pet food to perfume, everything is there as long as you don’t mind jumping through all of the hoops first. It’s a great way to try out freebies first before buying the full product, and an excellent way to save money as well. Most have coupons that also can be used with your weekly shopping.

Our favourite sites:

WOW Free Stuff


There are also discounted or free TV licences covering the entire household.  Also, if you happen to live with someone over 75 years old or who is registered as blind, then it’s worth having the licence put in their name since there is a cheaper deal that you can take advantage of.


One of the easiest ways to receive a discount is the simplest ways: just ask!  Retailers don’t always give you one, but it’s worth a shot:


– Compare prices ahead of time.  If you see like-for-like, find out if the store will throw in extras or beat the deal.  This also works with broadband providers.


– Are you purchasing accessories as well or more item?  A discount might mean you could afford to purchase everything instead of only the cheapest item.


– If the store won’t agree to a discount, walk away. That could end up triggering a better deal.  Also, telling utility, broadband, and phone providers that you are switching to a different service can end up getting you a call from their customer retentions department – and those are the people who have the power to cut prices!


– There are some retailers that offer their largest discounts on financing, plastic, or cash.  Therefore, don’t show your hand before receiving their best offer.  After you have locked your discount in, you can then choose the payment method that works the best for you.


Just one of these ideas can earn you a great benefit. However, in order to truly benefit, begin at the top and continue working your way through all of them. Make this the year that you stop paying more money than you have to!


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